A recent Demo Day at my local Roger Dunn Golf Shop was billed as the “biggest of the year” so I had to check it out.

Of course, I couldn’t resist seeing the latest clubs with a promise like that. These events are usually an exercise in patience for me since most manufacturers “forget” to bring left-handed clubs with them. Not today! Nearly everyone had lefties to try out and most had women’s lefty clubs as well. It was a great time for lefties and I even ran into three other fellow southpaws while I was there. Although I am a woman, I hit men’s regular flex clubs because women’s clubs are too short and “flimsy” feeling for me. Even so, I asked everyone if they had women’s lefty. Here’s the rundown on what I tried out and who had what:

Adams Golf – This manufacturer had a full set of men’s and women’s hybrid Idea irons and women’s Insight XTD in left-handed driver to try out. I personally gave the 4 iron a few swats and liked it just fine. I’ve not hit this type of iron before so I’m probably not used to it. They had no men’s lefty driver to try so I had to take my husband’s word for it. He tried tha men’s XTD Pro driver that has the discussion boards aflame with the recent price drop. I’m guessing he thoroughly enjoyed it since he promptly ordered one for himself.

Mizuno – This tent was quite busy when I stopped by so I didn’t get a chance to try anything out. They did have men’s lefty irons and CLK Fli – Hi hybrids in a few different sizes. There was no lefty women’s clubs at all.

Tour Edge – This tent had no lefty clubs at all but told me they were “on order”.

Taylor Made – I tried the men’s lefty CGB R7 irons here with a regular flex graphite shaft and liked them fine even though my personal preference is for steel shafts. The reps informed me that they would no longer be making a women’s lefty club but would have senior flex clubs. The challenge for women with senior flex is they can be a bit stiffer than the women’s flex and are a bit longer as well.

Cleveland – I hit the HiBore 8 iron and it was just adequate in my opinion. There is probably nothing wrong with the club, its likely just not for me. Cleveland also had no women’s lefty clubs to try. The rep was really quite helpful though and gave us a free sleeve of Srixon balls for watching the demonstration of their new bag. In a nutshell, it has technology that counts the clubs in your bag so that if you drive off and leave one at the green it will beep at you. The bag sells for about $300. I do really like Cleveland overall have a few of their woods now.

Cobra – As always, I can count on Cobra to have a good amount of lefties to try out. In addition, they have full sets of women’s lefty irons, hybrids, and drivers. I personally tried the S9 irons in men’s regular flex and found them to feel nice.

Nike – I can’t tell you how excited I was with Nike because of what they had. Granted, a limited women’s lefty selection but they had a lefty wedge to try out! I’ve never been able to try a wedge at a demo day. It was the 60° and I hit it like absolute crap, but it was nice to have the option! I probably hit it so badly due to my giddiness and excitement. The rep handed me a men’s Sumo hybrid and said I’d love it. He was right. You have to hit this club. In addition, the rep shared with me that Nike’s top priority was to get more involved with women in golf this year. Apparently they realized that they are missing something and are working to change that. Bravo!

Callaway – My irons today are the Callaway X18 men’s regular flex with the steel shaft and I really like them. I decided to hit the X20 in both the steel and graphite. What is interesting is that I used to only want the graphite but not anymore. The X20 steel were awesome. I am now itching to trade up very soon. This booth had a few men’s lefty options but no women’s.

Ping – I thought I was totally in love with the aforementioned Callaway until I hit the Ping G10. Wow. Each time I hit the ball it was straight and had distance. These clubs must be really forgiving because I am one that always hits best when I first pick up a club and then as time passes my swing gets lazy. Hitting these at the end of the day and not missing a one means they just might be the right one for me. They also had a decent selection of women’s clubs to try out.

Titleist was gone by the time we got to the event. Apparently our local rep is also a bartender and had to leave early. Maybe next time.

Overall, this event had the most left-handed clubs I’ve seen in a while. That along with the fact that I ran into other lefties that were asking for clubs means that manufacturers may stop “ignoring” us yet! My advice – keep asking reps for them when you see a demo and we will likely see more.

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