In a sea of sameness, clothing and accessory brand G/Fore provides a refreshing escape from the norm; owner and designer Mossimo Giannulli calls it “disruptive elegance.”

As the creator of G/Fore, Giannulli started by making leather gloves in nearly every color for golfers. Bored of all the white and black options that lined shelves in pro shops around the country, Giannulli sought to provide something different; a spark to otherwise drab golf outfits.

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Giannulli, a longtime fashion entrepreneur from California who is well known for the “Mossimo” brand, actually got his start in golf fashion when he sponsored David Duval in the late 90s. He’s the self-proclaimed creator of the mock turtle neck that Tiger Woods popularized (Giannulli had Duval in a navy mock turtle before the craze hit). In recent years, Giannulli has sought to bring the outside fashion world into the realm of golf through the G/Fore and the result is a fresh take on performance wear on the course.

The other shoe says “Fore” on the sole.

With a different outlook on golf clothing, Giannulli is making waves in the industry with his slogans and designs, whether it’s teaming up with Peter Millar on a fashion-first performance shoe, or a limited-edition headcover featuring a G/Fore glove flipping “the bird.” G/Fore is changing the game whether you like it or not.

Below is our Q&A with Giannulli, who gives interview responses like he designs golf clothes; disruptively elegant.

WRX: Why did you start a golf fashion brand? Did you intend for G/Fore to be counter-culture?

MG: I had sold my namesake brand and wanted to stay active and creative. I love the game and its traditions but wanted to be part of the movement making it more relevant for today’s fashion environment. I knew that whatever path I was going down it had to be decidedly different as the golf world has enough “me too” brands. Given my history and design esthetic I figured we’d play on the edges.

WRX: What statement are golfers making when they wear a brightly colored G/Fore glove? How should they coordinate a colored glove with their outfit?

MG: This was never about a statement as much as a great fashion accessory for the game. I liken a colored glove to a pocket square. You can wear a very traditional suit and add just a touch of color; for me it’s the same thing. Some folks like to be all color and some tend to be very neutral with a burst of color just on the glove. We make so many great colors you can also be very subtle with color if you prefer.

There are no do’s and don’ts as it relates to color…. It’s just a glove have fun with it.

WRX: What do you say to golfers who complain about non-traditional golf apparel? Hoodies on the golf course, for example.

MG: I guess you’d have to define traditional golf to me. The game and apparel have changed dramatically over the years. Technical fabrics are non-traditional but absolutely necessary. Our goal is to fuse proper fashion with great technical fabrics while always adding a sense of whimsy.

WRX: Tom Watson and Bubba Watson are drastically different golfers and have very different fashion tastes. What makes them both right to be G/Fore endorsers?

MG: I just like the name Watson.

WRX: What are your favorite fashion brands? Do you have any fashion idols?

MG: Idols…. not so much. I’m a huge fan of many designers from fashion to architecture and everything in between.

WRX: How did G/Fore’s relationship with Peter Millar start?

MG: The CEO (Scott Mahoney) and I are friends, and we started a dialogue and figured it would be very cool. Although we are both in the same space, our DNA and design esthetics are so different it felt like a natural fit. It’s been great working with them and we are both excited to get this product to market.

See more photos from the G/Fore’s 2017 PGA Show booth.

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  1. I looked on their website, and I can’t be the only one that thinks most of their stuff looks pretty basic… Nothing really stands out to me like I expected after reading the article…

  2. Colored golf gloves are not new. Most of the major brands supplied them about 20-25 years ago. Just wasn’t profitable… so many sizes, so many cadets, so many hands…

  3. As I predicted….go to the g/fore website and look at the shirts. pretty classy. look good. but of course the author sticks a middle finger headcover as the main pic. journalism is spiraling the drain… longer about the story. its about clicks.

  4. i’m wondering if the article picture is indicative of the actual line of fashion that g/fore represents or if its a lame attempt by the author to get more clicks. is this a rude and crude fashion line or simply an alternative style that many enjoy wearing. the shoes, although not my style, look to be just another type of fashion. the headcover looks over the top. i’m willing to bet its not representative of the entire line

  5. while I don’t yet wear G/Fore stuff, I applaud the position they are taking. Golf needs more of this. Make it more fun and let the young be young and the old hipsters be themselves. Make it cool. G/Fore is just that.