At the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, Evnroll introduced a line of technology-driven milled putters. Following a successful initial campaign, the company’s unique face-milling pattern finds its way into a trio of new flatsticks for the 2017: the ER3 Wing Blade, ER7 Full Mallet and ER8 Tour Mallet.

  • The ER3 Wing Blade positions mass away from center with flare to the heel/toe.
  • The ER7 Mallet distributes weight symmetrically and has strong center sight lines.
  • The ER8 Tour Mallet is a more compact heel-and-toe weighted model.

The three putters are CNC milled from 303 stainless steel and hand-finished in Carlsbad, California.

ER3 Wing Blade



ER7 Mallet

RS53_ER7 Rear Heel-hpr

ER8 Tour Mallet

RS56_ER8 Rear Heel BASE v1-hpr


Evnroll putters are designed by putter guru Guerin Rife. They use a face-milling pattern that causes the ball to roll “virtually the same distance from center and off-center hits,” according to the company.

“This is by far the most performance-enhancing technology I have ever brought to market,” Guerin Rife says.

Evnroll putters also feature LineAlign technology: two small, unpainted dots on either side of the center sightline.

“This provides the golfer a subtle alignment reference for consistent lie angle positioning, while also helping with alignment on breaking putts,” Rife says.

The ER3 Wing Blade, ER7 Full Mallet and ER8 Tour Mallet are added to Evnroll’s four original head designs:

  • The classic style of the heel-and-toe ER1 and ER2 blades.
  • The ER5 Hatchback mallet.
  • The rear center-weighted ER6 iRoll full mallet. Originally the ER6 was only available deep red anodized aluminium finish, but it will now also be offered in black.

There has been no shortage of chatter about Evnroll in the forums. See UGA111384’s thread, “Evnroll Putters–Amazing!” in which he runs into Guerin Rife at a PGA Superstore.

The three new Evnroll putter models are available in 33-, 34- and 35-inch lengths. The ER3 retails at $329, while the ER6, ER7 and ER8 at $359. The putters will be available for purchase March 1.

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  1. Get them to more stores in the UK please. I want to buy, but i want to try-test first.
    One of the UKs biggest outlets American Golf have never heard of them!!!!

  2. Come on Guerin, how about an updated “Micro Groove Tour Blade”. That was a Guerin Rife early masterpiece, kinda like Vincent VanGogh “The Potatoe Eaters”.