Instant numerical feedback on golf shots is becoming essential for club fitting, practice sessions and game improvement. The problem is that many launch monitors in this space have price tags that are unrealistic for most golfers; they sell for tens of thousands of dollars. FlightScope’s new “Mevo” is golf’s latest affordable launch monitor, selling for $499 starting March 1.

MevoGolf500The Mevo has multi-sport capabilities, most notably working for golf, baseball and soccer. Specifically for golf-ball feedback, the mevo will offer:

  • Ball Speed
  • Club Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Carry Distance
  • Spin Rate (when metallic dot is used on golf ball)

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.43.29 PM

Connecting wirelessly through bluetooth, the Mevo will also offer “equipment selection for more effective performance analysis,” according to FlightScope, as pictured above. Other features include video, uploading and sharing capabilities, and automatic video clipping, as per FlightScope’s website.

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      • Yes I know that Dave, however this wasn’t the case until recently. Most of our american relatives (parents and grandparents) were not familiar with that vernacular. It was the British Open to them and still is. There are many Americans that call our national championship ” The Open”. Right or wrong it’s all a matter of perspective and how its used in the context of a discussion. I know one thing, our world has gotten so much smaller now that we have become slaves to the internet. My guess is that the name change or correction happened when our cultures and traditions were merged by the internet in the early 90’s. Yes the younger generation and discerning golf fans know the difference, however it does not bother me if the two are used interchangeably. For some its necessary. I could be 80 years old and this could be my first time on golfwrx. I may not watch a lot of golf or even have Golf Channel.

  1. I would love to have one on the range before my round to specifically get my wedges dialed in like DJ often does. all my hardcore analysis would be done with a fitter who has countless shafts all the latest club offerings.

  2. All I would want this for is to dial in carry distance on my own. That said, not sure where I would be able to do that properly (i.e. an outdoor space where I can hit all clubs with my gamer balls and then collect them).

    I don’t think this could ever be a good fitting or teaching tool because it lacks of lot critical information and you can’t use it for simulator practice which also sucks.

    For the little extra $ required, just purchase a SkyTrack and take the time to set it up properly or save even more and get a used GC2 – there should be plenty available with the release of GCQ.

  3. Just a thought, I hear people complaining about putting metal dots on range balls to track spin. Well, not sure where you guys go to the range, but where I go, they use limited flight balls so silver dot or not, you’re not gonna get good spin readings vs your gamer ball. That goes for any monitor, if the balls are junk your readings are junk.

    • Yeah, and why would you waste your precious dots on range balls at a local cheap range? And you’re going to spend the extra minute or two putting dots on every ball you hit every time? You’d be there for 5 hours just trying to hit a bucket of 120 balls from all the time you spend standing there putting dots on the balls lol

  4. About the only thing this is good for would be dialing in your distances. And if it’s accurate for that $500 is not a terrible price point. But Ernest Sports already has a personal LM that does that at a better price. Personally, I’d rather spend $1k more and go with a Skytrack that reads side spin so you can see how far left or right your ball is going. And also serves as a simulator.

  5. This will sell out for sure if it is any good at all. I will wait to see how accurate before I invest. So much more practical for easy fittings and simple base numbers. Instant feedback should help all the lost golfers out there understand A more accurate way of playing with today’s technology. Flight scope has the right idea lets see how good the execute.

  6. Just pull the ball, stand it on the piece ‘o wood, aim, and hit it for crying out loud!!! A personal monitor. That’s as wacky as a wrist watch to count your strokes on a par 3! A $500 personal
    launch monitor? Gotta be kiddin’ me. Not one hack on this site will EVER stand a ball on a tee
    in a PGA Tour event! And what does a 15 hdcp. need a launch monitor for? To get his/her own
    numbers and walk directly into a golf shop and demand this or that club? Oy Vay!! Where
    are the early 1990’s? We pulled butter knives from the bag and learned how to get it around
    with actual woods and liquid filled balls. I’m guessing a back pack version of the ME’vo will be
    available to use during play? “Hey Bill, my drive just ripped down the fairway with 2100 spin!!”
    Shut up!!

    • for someone who doesnt know how it could help their game, its useless but for me i can dial my wedge numbers which will help my game greatly, this is launch monitor will help me a lot. how many times have I a hit shots with my wedge trying hit 60,70,80 yards judging by the feel and either come up way short or go over the green? this will help me a lot in terms of getting right yardage. and I heard DJ’s success season last year was getting his wedge numbers right

      • I agree, for me the appeal is getting dialed in from inside 150 yards. I am a low handicapper but struggle from time knowing exactly how far I can hit certain wedge shots. I’m hoping the Mevo proves to do a good job of giving me accurate distances for short shots and it’ll be well worth the money.

        • ..too many variables even for a “low handicapper” when deciding how far to hit your wedges (lie, wind…where the pin is…). Are you saying you swing all your <150 yard clubs at a stock speed?

    • I love the reference to the maxfli liquid filled balata balls! And some of us still hit butter knives :-) (miura tournament blades) and I could not imagine using this often I get fit twice a year as a tune up to adjust lies lofts etc truly will the average golfer even know what they are looking at on a monitor? The trackman I get fit with has mounds of info that I trust my fitter to interpret and hand me a stick that works! :-) but good luck anyway!

      • would you not need to know spin rate to get distance? If I spin the ball at 8500 rpm or 1200 rpm with the same ball speed the ball is not going to go the same distance.

        I am curious how it calculates smash factor, does this unit measure club speed and ball speed? Would the club need dots as well much like the GC2 + HMT?

        will there be software with this unit to be able to play a round of golf?

        and to answer the question of why you would need this, if you don’t know how each of the measurable states relate to your golf swing then you are correct, I think this would be a great product to have if you know what flight, spin and distance you are getting from each of your clubs, mainly your wedges where you will most likely see the most improvement in your game if you know these. Also a great unit for small fitter/club makers

      • With the price & promised performance, $25 for 1K dots is irrelevant. If you’re shagging your balls, you’ll probably get several hits with each dot. If you’re putting em on range balls trying to ‘knock pins down’ from 150-110 the range balls will be off from your game balls anyway. If LA is <2 degrees off from the pro models with driver, this will be a huge hit! I'll have mine 3/3…

  7. I love the idea that these are coming down in price. But a 1.43 smash factor with a 6 iron? That seems abnormally high doesnt it? Tour average is 1.38 and in the smash factor world– .05 is a significant variance. Red flag to me but I’m gonna keep researching it because I want one.

    • If it uses the same doppler radar system as it’s big brother, then it’s tracking the ball til it lands. Now if you are hitting into a net, then I can see that being an issue, but then again, if hitting into a net, you can use a marked ball to read spin.

      • I would probably bet, as others are suggesting, that it’s probably a very limited range Doppler unit, which is why the price is coming in so low. You’ll probably get accurate tracking to about the same distance as the other units in “indoor” mode, so probably good to about 15-30 ft? That would be a legitimate reason as to why the target spots would be needed regardless of where the unit is used.

        • Why would you think that? If you looked on their site, the most logical thing would be taking their lowest price launch monitor and look at the features. Mevo won’t have “3D radar” so yea I don’t expect it to track lateral movements and as a result wont have a lot of other features. But to think that a launch monitor from a reputable company who makes pro grade launch monitors would come out with a $500 Swingcaddie is the most illogical conclusion ever.

  8. It is time that those devices drop in price especially when not for commercial use. Give is a “Home” edition for private training a capitalise on the extra units you will make up in sales. 500 $ sounds reasonable for real golf enthusiasts.

    • I think it was made for indoor use with the option of outdoor use. I never considered using this in my garage because I wanted to know spin numbers and most monitors were too expensive. Now because of the size and price I’m heavily considering it.

    • By putting a dot on each ball you use, it can track spin in the first few rotations and that is how it can see the ball. So you can use it indoors, as long as you have about 30 feet to the wall you’re hitting. The problem with this small unit is it doesn’t tell you what direction you hit the ball. So the only way to tell whether you hit a slice or a hook is by feeling your own hit, and seeing the spin numbers go up or down along with the launch angles. This unit can’t see if you hit a toe or heel hit

      • 30′ is a long distance. I use an entire bay of my garage for my range. I have about 12′ from the tee to the net. I could probably get 15 or 17 if I needed to.

        Also, will this work with a program to show ball flight on a monitor/screen. I would love to end up with a simulator where I could play golf courses virtually during the winter.

  9. Yeah you all say you’re gonna buy it tout de suite, but the fact is, you have to put a SILVER DOT on the ball – how you gonna do that at a public driving range with crappy range balls when you just to want to show up and pound a bucket or two with this thing behind you? You gonna put dots on every ball? Yeah, thought so

    • I actually have my own 150 yard range with a tee box and 4 different greens. I have two shag bags that i use to pick the balls up after i hit them……so basically this would be absolutely perfect for me……silver dot, green dot blue dot red dot i dont care! This thing will work perfect for my needs!

    • Yes…kind. The word is that a roll of 1000 dots (arbitrary number) was $25 (another arbitrary number). So yeah, if you want to put dots on 100 balls you can. However, if you want to hit some balls and maybe test a few drivers then putting dots on 5-10 balls isn’t out of the question. I don’t need to know the spin of every single shot I hit, but it would be nice to know on maybe 5-10 swings in a bucket.

      Most of the people that buy this are going to put the dots on their gamer ball(s) and then use a hitting bay in the garage.