Update: The European Tour shared close-ups of Rory McIlroy’s new clubs on social media. The photo shows at least three Vokey SM6 wedges in his bag, as well as an Odyssey putter cover. 

As reported by No Laying Up on December 31, Rory McIlroy has made wholesale changes to his golf equipment at the European Tour’s South Africa Open, which begins January 12. A photo from Golf Central Daily‘s Facebook page shows McIlroy with a set of custom Callaway Apex MB irons in his bag, confirming the validity of the photo that was posted in our forum four days ago by GolfWRX Member ghost5.

Photo from GolfWRX Member ghost5.

The photo also shows McIlroy with at least one Titleist Vokey SM6 wedge in his bag. He is said to be playing a Titleist Pro V1x golf ball as well.

15977488_1111465598964055_6641995258022000623_nAn Instagram video posted by the European Tour also confirms that McIlroy is using Callaway’s new GBB Epic Sub Zero driver with a Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage shaft.


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  1. We all know he is a Titleist guy. Those blades could easily have Titleist written all over it. And the Epic woods are a 915 Hasbeens. You can pain those “irish” green as you like and they will still look like Titleist.

    • No, he is not a Titleist man,otherwise he wouldn’t of switched to Nike,plus Titleist woods and irons are so tired and lack any ground breaking tech,wedges are the only clubs i use,and the forged version.

  2. All of you people are morons if you think this has anything to do with spin, brands, etc.! It’s about the money! Nothing he will ever play will be close to what 99.99% of us will ever use let alone ever see.

  3. Question: If the PROV1X spins too much with the Nike irons, then what ball works best with the Nike irons? Anyone have any insight? Im guessing Nikes ball, but since they no longer make them…. what ball works best? Maybe this is really a question for Crossfield

  4. Just showing Callaway is making the most superior equipment right now. All the years developing a similar face technollogy and not jumping from gimmick to gimmick like Tailormade.

  5. These are fully custom irons. Nothing like the Apex MB’s. Looks something like a cross between Mizuno MP33 and Taylormade Tour Preferred MB. Why then would he have Calloway make these for him? His comments to NLU said he knew he was going to play ProV1X, that his Nikes would be too spinny with that ball and that these irons work the best with it. But these aren’t a known club so why Calloway? Is he considering a full Calloway bag? He’s pretty close as it is right now.

    • Only the Nike guys. Everyone else is under full equipment contracts, except the Nike guys. They’re the only ones with the contractual freedom to play whatever they want, generally speaking.

      • I think what you would find if you were able to actually read all of these contracts is that the majority of them are not “full equipment contracts” but rather a number of clubs in the 8, 9, 10, 11 range.

    • Many might not need the money, but few has as much as Ror’s, where it’s entirely possible that anything that isn’t a 9 figure contract might not be taken as seriously.

      Plus, with his Nike contract, he still get’s the entire contract, less what any other company pays him, so if he gets paid by Callaway or not isn’t really relevant, unless they’d pay him more than Nike, which isn’t likely. He worked out a pretty sweet deal with Nike in that regards. If they were paying him $250M, and he took $100M from Callaway, he would still get $150M from Nike, on top of the $150M from Nike.