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As one of five Regional Fitting Centers in the country for Titleist, one of our responsibilities is to take care of equipment needs for PGA professionals and top amateurs on staff with Titleist. We started to fit these players in November for the 910 drivers, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

This year’s line-up offers two head style’s, 910 D2 and 910 D3. The 910 D2 (460 cc) head provides slightly higher launch and spin over the 910 D3 (445 cc). Titleist has also added to the stock shaft offerings allowing club fitters and players a wide range of weights and shaft profiles. From a trajectory profile (highest to lowest) they are the Titleist Mitsubishi ‘Ilima 61, Titleist Mitsubishi Kai’li 65. Titleist Mitsubishi ‘Ahina 72, Project X Tour Issue X-7C3 and the Aldila RIP 60. Titleist will also offer over 80 Exotic shafts if a player doesn’t fit into one of these options. These five stock options have worked very well to date and we do not anticipate a need for very many exotic orders.

As the USGA continues to put limitations on manufactures, building a better driver from year to year is getting more difficult. Titliest has addressed this issue in different ways with 910. The first improvement made over the 909 drivers was addressing the ball speed issue on miss hits. The weak spot on the 909 was low and in the heel. The new 910 driver has a 15% larger ball speed area, addressing the heel specifically. We have seen, based on the player, an increase in ball speeds ranging from 2 – 6 mph. The 910 performs best when hit in the middle of the club face, as opposed to some other manufactures that are designed for higher impact on the face (vertically).

The second improvement, and arguably the most impressive, is the SureFit Tour hosel technology. This technology allows the fitter to set loft and lie angle independently to optimize ball flight. With this technology we can adjust spin rates up to 800 rpm’s. Each player that we fit has a preferred look that he/she wants to see at address with a driver. One of the benefits of the SureFit hosel is to achieve that look at address. The lie angle option in this product allows us to fine tune ball flight. In robot testing this feature allowed for 6 yards of movement. With our player testing it varied, but we have seen up to 14 yards of movement. The fitter or player will have 16 different settings with the technology ranging from 1.5 more loft/1.5 upright lie to –1.5 less loft/ -.75 flat.

All in all, this product has been very well received from not only the 50 plus Titleist staff members we fit, but also the large number of amateur players we have fit since the product’s release. In my opinion this is the best driver Titleist has come out with since the release of the 983K. In the past Titleist has always been thought of as a “better players” club. That is not the case with the 910 drivers. This driver works well with players that are in a 0-15 handicap range. With so many different combinations available to you, it is always best to come in and have one of the staff run you through a fitting if this driver sound like it might fit your game.


What a great launch. What are others saying and watch the video.

Thread to see what others are saying on the forums


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  1. Always been a Titleist driver man, had 905 swich to the 907, but after that one went with taylor made and after bought callaway ft tour, didn’t like it tried and tried, i change the shafts didn’t do better. but last july(2011), bought the new 910 d3 titleist and how! this one is going to stay in my bag for years. Titleist is back in the driver categorie, And not just in the categorie, it is simply the best driver i ever had handsdown. go try it you want be disapointed.