I have been playing Cushin (by Ping) inserts in my previous set of iron shafts for well over two years and was quite used to their extremely smooth feeling at impact. In fact, after playing several rounds with my new i10 irons, I felt something was lacking in the Ping AWT shafts. For me, the ball flight was ideal, but they lacked the smoothness that I was accustomed to. I was left wishing that I had the Cushin inserts in my new AWT steel shafts.


Not wanting to be without my irons during peak golfing season, and not wanting to pay over $200 for all new Ping AWT Cushin shafts, I decided to spend $30 large online and use an aftermarket shock dampening system instead.

I figured that even if they failed to work as advertised, i would send in my Pings over the upcoming winter anyway. My research led me to Myostrichgolf.com (strange business name for sure) and I ordered a set of 15 Pro Soft inserts with their specialized installation tool. Upon opening the inserts I was shocked to see some low-density foam tubing, and I immediately thought, did I just waste $30 on these?

I quickly scanned the one page typed directions, then looked at the simple forked tool,  which is the farthest looking thing from a professional tool. However, the tool, although simple, works great. The tool does exactly what it was intended to do.

After removing the old grips I attached the forked tool to the foam insert and slid it into the butt end of the shaft until I reached the pre- measured washer on the insertion tool. Twist the tool and back it out and the Pro Soft inserts are in place, without affecting the swing weight at all. I weighed one of the Pro Soft inserts on a digital scale, and it did not even register a weight. You’ll still be wondering if these things really do work. I know Ping uses a silicone and ball bearing system to dampen vibration and it does wonders. I am sure that True Temper’s Sensicore is a little more high tech as well, Well, although I was skeptical at first, these Pro Soft Inserts really do work quite well.

My Ping AWT shafts now feel much smoother than before. In fact, from the very first swing they felt nice and smooth. For the money, the Pro Soft inserts cannot be beat. Quite honestly, they are very easy to install and anyone, and I mean anyone can do it in a matter of a few short minutes. If you are looking for an inexpensive and alternative way to dampen unwanted steel shaft vibrations, these just may be for you.

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