People always ask how do you pronounce the name of the site? Do you call it Golf Works or is it golf w-r-x?

The answer is Golf W-R-X. That is because that is our legal name and also allows people to find us because of the URL on the net. There has been many blogs on this same subject. Here is a LINK to one of the discussions in the forums.

GolfWRX stands for Golf and WRX. WRX is a short for the technical side of golf. Such as Suburu WRX and Ping WRX or short form of the older Public Works.There is another company called GolfWorks. They are a Clubmaking how to company founded by Ralph Maltby in 1976. That company has nothing to do with us.

So call it GolfWorks, Golf Works, GolfWRX or Golf W-R-X but know the facts and that we are two different companies.

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golf works


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  1. Has anyone read some of the reviewed on the R1 on Taylormade website . A guy from Australia a 22 handicap claimed to drove the ball 400 on the first drive with only 2 week with the club and drop 10 strokes all with the driver