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Mizuno’s new T7 Wedges are Japanese-Forged with Boron



Mizuno has been strategically adding a material called boron to several of its new forged irons in recent years, the benefits of which have been longer-flying, more forgiving irons that retain the company’s signature feel. With its new T7 wedges, Mizuno is claiming that boron isn’t just the answer for better forged irons; it can also make better forged wedges.


Instead of adding distance and forgiveness to the company’s new T7 wedges, trace amounts of boron were used to create a forged wedge with more durable grooves.

“The one drawback with a traditional soft, forged wedge is that the
grooves compress more quickly than a harder, cast wedge,” says David Llewellyn, Mizuno’s Director of R&D. “A very small trace of boron in the steel means we can now maintain the forged feel and precision, but maintain the performance of the grooves and the wedge’s stopping power for a longer period of time.”


The T7’s grooves have also been improved with a new milling tool, according to Mizuno, which allows their Quad-Cut grooves to be machined closer to the USGA/R&A limits. The result is more consistent grooves with tighter tolerances, which creates more spin around the greens.

The configuration of the new grooves also varies based on loft; they’re narrower and deeper in the lower lofts (44-53 degrees) for better performance on square-face shots, and wider and shallower in higher lofts (54-62 degrees) for better performance on open-face shots.


The T7 wedges ($149 each) are forged in Mizuno’s Hiroshima (Japan) plant, and use the company’s “teardrop” club-head shape. They’re available in lofts from 44 to 62 degrees in 1-degree increments, and are offered in two finishes: Blue IP, which wears to a chrome finish, and white satin.

The stock shaft is True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex. The stock shaft is Golf Pride’s MCC Blue/Black 60 Round. Custom stampings of 6 characters and 12 colors can also be added.

They’ll be in stores on Sept. 16.

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Zak is the Editor-in-Chief of He's been a part of the company since 2011, when he was hired to lead GolfWRX's Editorial Department. Zak developed GolfWRX's Featured Writer Program, which supports aspiring writers and golf industry professionals. He played college golf at the University of Richmond (Go Spiders!) and still likes to compete in tournaments. You can follow Zak on Twitter @ZakKoz, where he's happy to discuss his game and all the cool stuff that's part of his job.



  1. Billy M

    Aug 4, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Chlorophyll? More like Borophyll!

  2. Jafar

    Jul 30, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    What happened to the MP-T6? There was the T4, T5…but no T6?

  3. Tom

    Jul 30, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    hawt damn…daddy’s got new toy’s!

  4. Mark

    Jul 30, 2016 at 4:04 pm


  5. Christosterone

    Jul 30, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Wilson had awesome blue wedges a few years ago….love these too


  6. Adam

    Jul 30, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    9:03am PST and no one has clicked “shank” or “flop”

  7. Take Matsuo

    Jul 30, 2016 at 10:09 am

    For Japanese market,T7 is GFF1025E.
    Not a boron.

    • Fl

      Jul 31, 2016 at 11:51 am

      Exactly. So everything that Llwellyn says about how a forged wedge compresses the grooves so they added Boron – makes no sense at all. Don’t these manufacturers understand that people can surf the web and find info?

  8. Sloop

    Jul 30, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Was at their flagship store in Osaka today. Other than hitting the 5s, the 55s, the fli-his and seeing all the new woods, hybrids, bags, clothes and shoes… I was gonna make a joke. I’m totally horny for some Mizuno.

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Chief Engineer Chris Voshall on Mizuno’s approach to the Tour and some of the most insightful pros



Mizuno’s Chief Engineer Chris Voshall chatted with Johnny Wunder on the latest episode of the Gear Dive.

Voshall offers innumerable interesting anecdotes–particularly interesting is the development of the JPX 900 iron for Brooks Koepka and Voshall’s discussion of his work with other Tour talents.

In the excerpt below, however, Voshall discusses Mizuno’s approach to Tour players and further, whose feedback has proven particularly valuable.

“We’re not making them something special. If they’re coming to us, it’s because the product is that good…They come to us instead of us having to go to them…that’s one of the really exciting things.”

Voshall indicated that players on Tour play essentially the same Mizuno products that are available at retail.

“If the Tour van is out of inventory, they can reach out to us…and we’ll get them more heads. There’s nothing unique about what they’re playing, which I think speaks to the customer…you can almost not trust marketing around the whole world these days, but for us to say ‘there’s nothing different’…that’s something we really hang our hat on.”

With respect to excellent testers on Tour, Voshall sang Luke Donald’s praises, as well as Jhonny Vegas and Brian Gay.

“I love working with Luke. Luke, especially when you’re talking irons…turf interaction, that’s the thing he’s looking for. So with Luke, you’ve really got to speak to him about how it feels, how it enter, how it exits [the turf] and how that’s causing the ball to launch. You could give him the exact same head with a slightly different sole grind, and he will love or hate one versus the other. He’s really cool to work with on that front.”

“Jhonny Vegas…he’s raw power. He goes at it. He wants to slam the club into the ground as hard as he can and see where it goes. He very much on the opposite end of the spectrum as Luke, who’s very much an artist out there, trying to work it, trying to do different things.”

“One of my favorite guys to work with, even though he’s not on staff anymore, is Brian Gay. He knows his game. He knows equipment. Speaking to the fact that he’s been out on Tour as long as he has and has the wins he has with the length he hits the ball, it shows that he does not miss a shot. And he knows everything…when he makes a comment on a club, that’s the one that I take most serious.”

For the rest of Voshall’s insights and perspective, give the full podcast a listen below.

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SPOTTED: Srixon Z-785 driver, Z-U85 utility irons



We recently spotted new Srixon Z-785 drivers and Z-U85 utility irons, which are likely future replacements for Srixon’s Z-765 driver and Z-U65 utility irons. Srixon is staying hush on the tech details at the moment but did allow us to take photos of the new equipment.

Released in 2016, the Z-765 driver was a smaller-profile, lower-launching counterpart offering to the Z-565 driver, so it could be possible that there is also a Z-585 driver, counter to the Z-785 driver that we spotted. Also, it appears the Z-U85 utility irons come in at least 5 different lofts: 2-6 irons.

See more photos below, and check out discussion on the Z-785 drivers and Z-U85 utility irons.

Srixon Z-785

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Srixon Z-U85


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Apparel Reviews

Brooks Koepka’s Winning Outfit: 2018 U.S. Open



Brooks Koepka played like he dressed on Sunday at Shinnecock Hills for the final round of the U.S. Open; his outfit was athletic, well put together, boring with a bit of flash (those shoes!!), and most importantly, it got the job done.

See the golf clubs and shafts Brooks used to win.

A great representative of the new age of golf, Koepka has the frame of a baseball player, and he’s not afraid to accentuate it with tight-fitting polos and an athletic look. For Sunday, he chose a white-on-gray-on-gray look that was understated, but clean — just like his scorecard. He really made the Nike Golf Tour Premiere PE shoes, with hits of electric orange, the star. Check out the details on his full outfit below.

Brooks Koepka’s Winning Outfit

  • Hat: Nike AeroBill Classic99
  • Shirt: Nike Zonal Cooling polo
  • Belt: Nike Stretch Woven
  • Pants: Nike Flex
  • Shoes: Nike Golf Tour Premiere PE
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