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Cleveland launches new TFi 2135 and Huntington Beach Collection Putters



In 2015, Cleveland launched a line of TFi putters that feature a raised sight line that was positioned at the equator of a golf ball to make alignment easier. After positive results and reviews, including one of our own, Cleveland has extended its line with new mallet options.

While the TFi putters have a less-than-classic look, Cleveland is also offering options for traditionalists by launching its new Huntington Beach Collection putters — named after the sea-side town in California where the company resides.

With two drastically different lines for golfers with different needs and preferences on the greens, Cleveland may just have a putter suited for everyone.

See what GolfWRX members are saying about the putters in our forums.

New TFi Models

For a reminder of how the technology works, here’s a graphic from Cleveland.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.45.54 AM

Like the original models, each of the new mallet heads have a milled, copper-infused aluminum face with a layer behind it made from polymer; the combination creates a softer feel. And since the face is significantly lighter than a face made from steel, weight was able to be distributed more rearward in the putter heads for greater stability and forgiveness on off-center hits, according to Cleveland.

Below are the three new models; Cero, Elevado (and Elevado Counter-Balanced option), and Mezzo.

TFi Cero


The new Cero has an elongated sightline, and a ring-like shape for stability and forgiveness. Its head weight is 370 grams, and it’s available in 33-, 34- and 35-inch lengths.

TFi Elevado


The Elevado has two wings for both added stability and additional assistance with alignment. It’s available in 33-, 34- and 35-inch with a head weight of 370 grams.

The TFi Eleveado also comes in a counter-balanced model, which has a head weight of 405 grams, and is available in lengths of 35 and 38 inches.

TFi Mezzo


The lightest of the TFi extension line is the Mezzo, with a head weight of 360 grams. It has a center-shafted design with slight onset, and has new-age, angular head shape.

TFi Specs


The new TFi putters will be available on Sept. 16 for $159.99 (the Elevado Counter-Balanced option will sell for $199.99). There will be a $10 upcharge for the Winn Pro X (1.32 inches) grip.

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Huntington Beach


The Huntington Beach Collection features three models (No. 6, No. 4 and No. 1), each of which are made from soft 304 Stainless Steel with a precision-milled face.

The diamond-shaped pattern on the face, which measures 0.012 inches, is four times deeper than the company’s Classic Collection HB putter faces (0.003 inches). The depth of the milling is designed to impart more friction on the golf ball for a truer roll, as well as a softer feel.

Learn more about each of the head styles below, each of which can be bent 4 degrees in each direction to fit your desired lie angle.

HB No. 1


The No. 1 is a blade with a plumber’s neck with soft, curved edges, and weighs in at 345 grams.

HB No. 4


Model No. 4 is also a blade with a plumber’s neck, but has more sharp edges and angles for a more-squared off look.

HB No. 6


Cleveland’s No. 6 model is a mid-mallet with a double-bend shaft.



Each of the Huntington Beach putters will be available for $99.99 on Sept. 16, and there will be a $10 upcharge for a Winn Pro X grip (1.32 inches).

See what GolfWRX members are saying about the putters in our forums.

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He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. Realist

    Aug 23, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    I rocked a Cleveland HB6 for a while. Really enjoyed the feel but the head felt so light. I then went to a Ping Piper S, Scotty fastback, and now I am hooked with my Nike Method Mod. It is the perfect combo of weight, milled feel but softness of an insert. Going to buy another one before they all but disappear from the market.

  2. lefty

    Aug 17, 2016 at 10:34 am

    no lefties for the tfi….Cleveland your killing us

  3. tlmck

    Aug 17, 2016 at 5:04 am

    I have used Clevelands in the past with good success. Did not care much for the brass faced versions. However, since getting my Bettinardi Queen Bee 6, I have stopped putter shopping.

  4. Pub

    Aug 17, 2016 at 3:21 am

    The Elevate looks GOOD! A nice play on the old #7 type. Good job, Cleveland

  5. christian

    Aug 16, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    I tried the TFi earlier this year on a whim the over-length conterbalanced model with an oversized blade-look head. It was automatic, I bought it and it’s easily the best putter I have had. EVERYBODY I know that tries it are hugely impressed too..It looks a bit odd, but the results speak for themselves. My buddy has a counterbalanced Scotty, also over-length, and he got this absent look in his eyes after trying my putter around the practice green.

  6. Justin

    Aug 16, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Honestly, aside from the sole of the putter, these look cheap to me. They almost have a “cast” look to them like the old original Ping Ansers (which I understand some people like). They just don’t have that refined look of Cameron, Bettinardi, Toulon, Edel, Lamb, etc.

    But then again, I’m not sure what more we could really expect for the excellent price point of $99. Those other putters I mentioned routinely sell for $300+ and in most cases much more.

  7. 4puttfor90

    Aug 15, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    Now I’m not going to sit here and comment saying I’ve used every putter on the market… However, I have used a large majority of them; from Betti’s to Topflite, (even the dreaded “Scotty faced milled’s). I will say that Cleveland struggles to sell putters, I don’t really know why because they are basically a cheaper version of the Scotty Cameroon’s you see flying out the door with an almost $400 price tag? Please.
    I am not the best putter in the world hence why I have garnered the nickname “4puttfor90”. Cleveland is actually trying to help people save strokes off their putting game by trying new technology. Applause please. While Scotty Cameron is thinking of new ways to make putters at a cheaper cost, that feel worse, and at higher prices. (Go find me a milling mark other than the face on this years Scotty Cameron’s). You won’t find one on the Cleveland’s but you won’t find the $400 price tag either.

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What GolfWRXers are saying about trying single-length irons after Bryson DeChambeau’s U.S. Open win



In our forums, our members have been discussing a ‘single length iron re-boot’. WRXer ‘disco111’ asks fellow members if anyone is now going to adopt the single-length iron strategy following Bryson DeChambeau’s incredible recent play, and WRXers have been having their say on the single length approach.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Lobber: “I played one length for a bit and actually did quite well with them. But I think the real key to success is bulking up and adding 40 lbs!”
  • puttingmatt: “I would say try them, to each his own. That said, thinking success in the professional ranks rarely passes down to the everyday amateur, especially in equipment. I would suggest golfers stop comparing themselves to the professional players, and while you may think you can play like the new U.S. Open champion with clubs like these, reality, begs to differ.”
  • sdedalus23: “I set about this summer to make the game easier through club setup. To do so, I was going to either get the cobra forged tec blacks one length or the Ping G410’s. I went with the one lengths (4-G) to give them a try. I haven’t found problems with gapping thus far, but the short irons are a bit of a challenge. I am a high ball hitter, and they hit it incredibly high; so high that I have had a bit of a problem in the wind. I also found that my 54 and 60, which are still variable length, became less consistent with half shots due to the differences in length. Overall, my scores haven’t changed much (still mid to low 70’s) as they are generally predicated on how I am driving the ball because my iron play generally sucks. “
  • scotterhd2: “This thread got me. Have a set of F8 OL irons in the backup bag. Just ordered a JumboMax Ultralite grip. I think I’m going to put it on the PW and give them another test.”

Entire Thread: “Single length re-boot”

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GolfWRX Spotted: PXG Blackjack putter



Bob Parsons has always done things his own way, and just a little bit earlier today he hit send on an Instagram post that debuted a brand new PXG putter—the Blackjack, a high-MOI “winged” design featuring a wrap-around tungsten weight bar to boost forgiveness.

Since that debut earlier today, the putter and all of the details surrounding it are now live at

View this post on Instagram

Ready to get lucky? Our amazing new Blackjack Putter launches on 10.13 but I'm giving you and a friend the chance to win one before you can buy it! To enter, like this post, then you and a friend both follow me here. Then, include your friend’s Instagram handle (including the @) in the comments section of this post. MAKE SURE YOU And YOUR FRIEND BOTH FOLLOW ME! If both of you don't follow me, it's not an official entry. That's it! You're in! 10 people will win PXG's all new Blackjack putter (5 contestants plus their nominee). 1 of those contestants will *also* win a full bag of custom fit, latest generation #PXG clubs plus $1,000 just for fun! Jackpot baby! Here are the details: Employees and 3rd party contractors of PXG are NOT eligible. Sorry! Winners will be drawn 9.29, 10.2, 10.6, 10.9, 10.13. The winning entry drawn on 10.13 will take home not only Blackjack Putter, a FULL BAG of PXG clubs, and $1,000. Some restrictions do apply. Grand prize goes to both individual posting here and the friend. Click the link in my bio to read the rules and good luck! #PXGTroops #GolfLife. @PXG. Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period!

A post shared by Bob Parsons (@drbobparsons) on

If there is one underrated part of PXG’s club lineup, it’s the company’s putters. They pack a lot of technology into both traditional-style putters and more modern designs.


  • Optimized face pattern – Like with previous PXG putters, the pyramid face pattern optimizes the ball speed across the putter face by reducing speed on center strikes while also retaining speed towards the heel and toe, all providing a soft feel. The face ensures consistency in all parameters that affect roll including; initial ball velocity, launch angle, spin rate, and skid.
  • Tungsten weighting – For maximum stability, the putter has an added tungsten frame along the perimeter to boost MOI and create a deeper center of gravity. The Tungsten works alongside the lightweight aluminum frame to remove mass away from the center while still having ports for weight customization.

Specs, price, and availability

Based on Mr. Parsons’ post, the putter will be available for order starting October 13th, although a retail price has not been set yet. Like other putters in the PXG line, it will come with a number of hosel configurations, and thanks to the adjustable weighting, it can be built exactly to the desired spec.

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