After my successful switch to the Miura CB-501 irons, I saw that Miura had come out with a new driver and I knew I had to give that a test as well.  I have played the last driver Miura came out with the Precious Edition 390cc and liked the distance and feel of it, but for me it was too low in cc’s and I needed a bigger head with more forgiveness.

Enter the SIT460 into Miura’s lineup of great equipment.  SIT standing for Strong and Ideal Trajectory. Miura’s first attempt at a 460cc driver head.   I first was able to see this driver head at my local Miura Dealer, Aloha Golf Center and after eyeing it up a few times, had the owner Joey fit me for a shaft.  Since Joey has fit me multiple times in the past and knowing the characteristics of the head, he suggested the Graphite Design DI 6X shaft to me, straight in with no tip.  Joey said the head would launch lower with less spin and he didn’t want to tip the shaft as he’s done with other heads I’ve used that had higher launches.

Pros: For Miura iron fans, finally a driver that can actually compete with the offerings of the masses. Simple classic looks that you would expect from Miura but with the added forgiveness of a 460cc head yet a compact look that many prefer.

Cons: Many people would probably like to see adjustability in the head considering pretty much all the other companies are now offering it.

Bottom Line: Even without the Miura name stamped on the bottom of the head, this driver is worth a test drive. The compact overall look, deep face, solid feel and low spin amount to a great driver to play

Miura DriverSIT 460

Club: Miura SIT460 Driver
Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6X
Loft: 9.5*
Length: 45.5”
Head size: 460cc

Looks: Upon first glance you’d never guess this driver was 460cc’s. Shinei Miura, Katsuhiro Miura’s youngest son designed probably the most compact looking head at 460cc’s on the market.  The SIT460 features a 60mm deep face.  This feature alone allowed Shinei to design a 460cc head without all the usual mass behind the face you see on much of the other brands.  Heel to toe, the SIT 460 also seems shorter than other brands.

The matte black paint on the top is a nice contrast to the full on flashy chrome look on the sole. When I first saw the head from address,  I have to admit my initial thoughts were of a  Callaway FT Tour, a driver I also had a few years ago. Not that it’s a bad thing because I appreciate the look of the vertical distinction on the head versus having an alignment mark. The top design actually aids in aligning the head much like an iron.  I’m not sure if that’s a feature the worlds most renowned iron maker had in mind but it works.

At address the SIT460 sits very square and just looks super next to the bal  I understand Shinei designed the sole so that it would sit square when laying the club down at address with no added manipulation.  It’s a nice feature because I detest heads that immediately fall open or shut when resting the head while attempting to align it.

The SIT460 is all titanium cast in two pieces.  The face is laser welded to the crown.  This process allowed Miura to produce a driver with tight tolerances and with a head weight of 196 grams.


Performance/Playability: This is an area where the SIT460 really surprised me. I have played many drivers from Japan going all the way back to the 80’s Seiko S Yard driver which I actually consider some of the best metal heads I have ever hit.  They weren’t the most forgiving but they sure hit the ball a mile. Many other drives I’ve had from Japan, although I’d give them high marks on traditional looks, none have ever stayed in my bag for too long.  Many just were there for the cool factor of having it versus the great properties of it.  After hitting the SIT460 it seemed to bring me back in time to the my old S Yard but threw in some forgiveness that was missing. It also definitely had a cool factor as well to add to my bag. ;)

The performance of the SIT460 was as cool as it looked.  The ball flies very hot off the face and yes, the name of the driver is displayed in the shot trajectory. The combination I’m playing with the Graphite Design DI and SIT460 gets my ball up pretty quick and the ball just penetrates the sky.  I’ve been experiencing a ton of roll as well that really surprised me. I’ve played the DI in other drivers in the past but the roll out was easily visible and greater then I’ve had in other drivers.  So much so that I’d definitely say the head contributed as much to the results as the shaft.

The ball launches from the face with very low spin. The head is forgiving to a point but they haven’t taken the playability and shot creativity out of it. It’s a head that’s very easy to flight the ball as well as move left to right.  A great feature here in Hawaii when it can get windy with the trade winds and on some of the tighter courses.

Feel: I always find it tough describing feel.  It’s a personal thing and drivers are as difficult as putters to describe. Some like a driver that explodes at impact to me meaning a higher pitched sound making the ball feel like a cannon shot if off the face. Others like a more muted sound and even add hot melt to a head to deaden the sound a bit and that equates to a solid feel for them. Personally I like something more in the middle. A muted sound but enough “pitch” at impact to give the face an alive feeling.  The SIT 460 in my opinion fits right there in the middle. It has a very solid sound to it which is muted much more so compared to other drivers I’ve recently played, tested.  Not a dull thud of a hot melted head but less clinky than most others.

Overall bottom line: The SIT 460 was a great surprise for me.  I was extremely pleased that Miura could produce a driver on par with their irons.  It fits perfectly in the bag for me.  I love the feel and forgiveness of the head in what appears to be a smaller package compared to other 460cc heads on the market.  The extra deep face is confidence inspiring and looks gorgeous behind the ball.   Distance achieved was a bonus in this beauty. If you can find the SIT460, I highly recommend a test drive!

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  1. One of my buddies just got this driver a couple of months ago. Honestly, I was giving him a hard time for buying it. I’ve bought a new TM driver pretty much every year (currently playing a R11s i got down at The Kingdom), and I can honestly say this driver is one of the sweetest feeling clubs I’ve ever hit! He’s now laughing at me!