Adams Speedline Tech Driver
Loft tested (degrees): 9.5
Shaft: Matrix RUL 54

From Adams:
The Speedline Tech Driver puts Adams’ latest performance and technology in a driver for the masses that adds up to 11 more yards in distance and up to 54% greater accuracy. This Speedline 2012 edition combines aerodynamic shaping, the FASTfit adjustability system, lightweight multi-material construction and high-speed face technology allowing faster swing speed, delivering faster club head speed to achieve greater distance.

6-4 titanium makes up the face and majority of the body. A new composite carbon fiber (half the density of titanium) goes into an outer wing that moves the center of gravity closer to the shaft and makes the club easier to release through impact. The wing also decreases unwanted vibration and even helps create a more appealing sound at impact, closely related to “feel” for a golfer.

The aluminum shaft shield has been re-engineered for added durability and redesigned for easy toggling between the 8 FASTfit Adjustability points to customize your loft, lie and face angle.

The first ultralight driver with adjustability. An easy to hit bomber. High lauching, but with a boring trajectory.  Long, predictable ballflight. Fun to play.  Handsome look, especially for a mulit-material club head. The carbon fiber ‘wing’ in the crown is masked well.

Loud. 46 inch club is longer than most, and may take getting used to. Adjustability markings only evident when the shaft is removed.  Shaft screw falls out when loosened so be careful when adjusting.

Bottom Line:
Ball. Go.  Far. If you’re in the market for an ultralight driver, this may very well lead the pack.  The adjustability and distance separate it from other ultralight drivers I’ve tried.  If you can handle the long shaft and light overall weight, you’ll love the Speedline Tech.

For such a large looking clubhead, it’s very handsome.  Traditional black, glossy paint.  No slots in the crown and no alignment aid (could be interpreted as a positive or negative). The clubhead looks larger than most, primarily due to the carbon fiber wing. This functional wing moves the clubhead’s center of gravity and Adams says helps release the club through impact.  The wing is masked well and in my opinion is not distracting at all.  It all adds to the ‘Tech’ in Speedline Tech.

Most ultralights strive to be easy to swing bombers and the Adams Speedline Tech is no different.  Ballflight is high, but still has a boring trajectory. The ball seems to have that ‘extra gear’ where the flight flattens out and the ball just keeps going.  It’s as long as anything out there and a lot of fun to play.

What separates the ‘Tech’ from others in the ultralight category is its adjustability.  Lie and face angle are adjustable .  You can dial it in for your swing or dial it open to make it workable.  It’s an amazing accomplishment for an ultralight driver.  Bravo to Adams innovation.

The Speedline Tech is loud.  Loud but not obnoxiously so.  I did not find it distracting. Feel is lacking a bit.  The driver is light, and feel is predicably in line with this.  There are some in this category which feel better, but overall this is not what the ultralight driver category is about.

Bottom Line:
The Adams Speedline Tech does everything you can expect in an ultralight driver and then some. It’s light, loud, long and packed with features that separate it from the pack. Adjustablilty in an ultralight is a huge accomplishment.  Go hit one and see for yourself.

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  1. Have to agree with the majority of posters on this one….I bought mine on a whim (9.5* stiff) used for $25.00 at my local shop, and now I’m afraid it’s the big dog in the bag and may be stuck there for awhile …I tried to knock it out by getting the previous big dog (an RBZ Tour) a new Aldila Tour Green reshaft, but I’m afraid that all I did was make the RBZ Tour harder to hit (and wasted $90.00)…jury is still out on that. Anyway, I played the Speedline Tech in my last scramble and this thing was nearly automatic for me….great ballflight when swung decently, and mostly just wants to go straight.

    • I have had all of the drivers out there.
      This driver is very long and very consistent.
      You will find yourself in the fairway most of the time,
      The shaft is also outstanding.

  2. I’ve contacted Adams Golf and did not receive a reply. I want to know wher you align your grip once you’ve repositioned the club head,because all it seems your doing is spinning the shaft in a circle.

  3. Sound matters a lot to me, and this was too loud and too high pitched – a “shrank” type sound that I just hate. I prefer dull, muted sound and feel, and this driver just doesn’t do that. If the performance was astoundingly better, I would consider putting up with the sound, but it isn’t – it was good, but others (Cobra Amp Cell for me) had better performance and much better sound and feel.

  4. How come they don’t mention the angled bulge and roll? Instead of top to bottom it is angle from top of toe to bottom of heal this is why it goes straighter or would help draw the ball more for a straight shooter or help a slicer – because the B&R is angled on the face where most golfers miss hit the ball.

  5. So is the Adams speedline tech newer than the fast 12? it’s cheaper in Thailand, though I would love to get a new driver since mine is a bit too light and i could not control the direction of this club.

  6. I have given away my tour issue RBZ and the RazrFit I had been trying, this is the longest driver I have ever hit. All of sudden I have a little draw which is 10 yards beyond my playing partners (those who used to outdrive me). Nice solid sound, stock shaft with no adjustment necessary for me. Thanks Adams…

  7. Purchased this driver 3 weeks ago. Best Driver I have ever had. It will deliver greater accuracy and distance. I previously owned 2 Adams Drivers after Using Ping, Calloway and Titleist Drivers when I was younger. At 60 years of age I can fly this driver 240 yds and hit it straight or with a slight draw with no adjustments necessary. It looks funky until you set it down behind the ball. Then all the fancy stuff ends. Its a great club and I got it $100.00 off at Golfsmith.