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WHAT UP GANG … Just got done watching a lil Celebrity Apprentice. Scarfed a few million pounds of crawfishies today … and now I’m moulting in the man cave .. Catching up – About to also go thru my PMs I can’t seem to keep up with.

OK … I’ve had these for a while now … Been bangin on em and carrying them. Played out of my mind for the last few weeks with them.

Look … I’m not the best at writing an UBER-technical review. I am all “Seat of the Pants” guy.

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This is the set I was fit for when I did my onsite COBRA write up. These ….

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Specs – 2 up – 1/2 over – KBS C-Tapers S flex.

OK … So my gamers for the last month or 2 have been a set of COBRA PRO CBS that Pavlet gave me. He has moved on and is now a staffer with Ping – so he gave me a bunch of his stuff – and I got a set of Pro CBs w/the Tour Issue Dynamic Gold X100s – and I LOVE em.

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So the AMPS. Obviously a little more GI than the CBs – which are probably the most compact head that COBRA has made – but HEY .. I got em so let’s see what happens.

Love/Hate … Well … It’s the shafts. Let me explain. I have to be honest I was so geeked up when I was in Cali – that combined with the fact that I had a 6 am flight out of Nawlins (so I was up at 4 freaking am) – flew to San Diego – as soon as I hit the tarmac I got a car – drove like a madman to Carlsbad – and the first thing I did was start my fitting. I was – for a lack of a better word – AMP’d up on about 5-6 shots of pure espresso – and so excited to be there – that honestly. I think I paid about 1/2 attention to all the detail. I was just swinging on auto-pilot and kinda didn’t pay attention to all the #s being thrown at me. But Mr. McGinnis/Agent Orange Posted Image & Mr. Flood/FUHGETABOUTIT Posted Image both recommend the KBS for me. They said it would help in the 2 areas I needed it – lowering the launch angle & spin reduction. I did hit the KBS when I was there – but the I just didn’t pay attention in great detail – I was just happy to be there – and I remember I was hitting a nice smooth 7 iron – 180ish and VERY consistently.

Forward to current. When I first got the set – I of course got all geeked up again – and by this time I was hitting the Pro CBs – which feel like butter. (I like weaker shafts in step-less shafts – I just do – so S in KBS & X in DG). I read that HUGE thread swanry did on these – and I was curious ever since.

SO i get the irons – and immediately go hit the range. I hit a few shots and I was just …. oh wow – I HATE em. They felt dead-ish – DEFINITELY !!! launched lower – but just a radically different feel from DGX. I texted CPD Posted Image and told him – and he said basically “Yeah – that’s the common complaint if there is one … but give them a chance). OK …

It has been a while now … and I did give them a chance … Gents – The KBS Cs are the REAL DEAL. My launch is down – spin is DEF down. They still don’t feel as silky as my DGX – but they FREAKING WORK. All the claims on swany’s thread are accurate. NOW I LOVE THEM !!! … I have shot my lowest 2 rounds EVER with these & the AMPs. I am sold – I still love DGX – but noone needs to sell me on these C-Tapers are the shizzle – Atta Bot KBS !!!!

So AMPs …. Welll .. I have shot my 2 lowest rounds ever with them. That tells me a lot. Again I am not the best technical guy – but my combo is really working. The heads have EXTREMELY good feel – I am learning each time I use them that feedback is very accurate. Of the things I do notice is that thin shots are virtually the same as a flush shot. They just go. I don’t know if it’s a correct thing to say about iron heads – but I am EXTREMELY impressed with how consistent each shot is. i.e. distance control & intended shot shape. Does that make sense. There are no hotspots or ANY inconsistency I can tell . Each 9 iron is like the 9 iron I hit 2 weeks ago – each 5 iron shots reacts exactly alike. For a slightly GI iron – I was pretty impressed with that.

Workability – They like to go straight – but I can easily get the ball to move left or right – not as much as with the Pro CBs – but they will move. I have actually gone back to more of a draw with these (and the CBs) afters years of hitting all cuts. I still have both – but these turn over nicely and go pretty well.

Feel … Well the arent forged heads with DGs .. but I have learned to REALLY LOVE IT. When I first got em – I was thinning a lot – and they let me know it. I don’t know why I was – but I was – they do feel liter than my CBs. What I have learned to love – and lot is the shaft – is that I know when I catch it – I KNOW WHERE THE BALL IS GOING. It’s sounds wierd – and probably dumb to iron purist. But flush shots feel great – confident – but I don’t know why – but when I hit em – I KNOW where that ball is going XXX yards and gonna stop right there. VERY consistent – so fell for me – is more confidence inspiring. They are telling me what I need to know – all the time. I like that.

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Distance – I think the distance subject with irons has gotten out of control lately. Look – I hit em long – but I hit long. What they are is CONSISTENTLY long – time after time. Distance is very very predictable. EASILY the most consistent iron I have owned in a while (excluding the CBs – which are a true players iron). Distance with the AMPs is the same day after day … ALL GOOD for me.

Appearance … That so personal … Here’s the PW at address – next to my AMP forged GW

Posted Image

AMP forged left – AMP right. So if you don’t like orange … cool … cuz you can’t see it anyway. I LOVE it … Actually the bottom scoring line is orange – so whatever. I LOVE the orange so nothing but positives for me. The quality of the construction of the head is TOP NOTCH. The machining / cavities / cosmetics etc etc etc .. It’s all on the money – Just a super cool looking high quality head.

I always say .. For “us” – The average guy who just wants a fun / well made / quality iron to enjoy his weekends – gang – Hard for someone who hasn’t made up their mind to not try these. COBRA is for real guys & gals – no more little brother to anyone. These do everything right. Can’t wait for more reviews to up. I currently mixing in my CBs & my Forged AMP GW. But my low 2 rounds lately .. all AMPs to the PW with the Forged GW & my Trusty Rustys.

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Here’s a few more of AMP vs AMP Forged just for an FYI – AMP PW / AMP Forged GW

Posted Image

Posted Image

Low round weapons ;)
Posted Image


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  2. I figured I would throw in my .02 here since I’ve been playing these clubs for about a year now and can give a good overall opinion of them. Basically, they like to go high and far. My yardages start at about 130-135 for my gap wedge and about 10 yards between each club as you go lower. My set includes the 3 hybrid which I can hit about 200 yards on the dot every time. The 4-5 iron is difficult to hit at first but once you figure them out you can smack them down the fairway with relative consistency. These clubs are very forgiving, sometimes too forgiving. Don’t be surprised to shoot one over the green when you hit one flush and crush it. Overall I love these clubs and look forward to moving up the AMP Forged soon.

  3. I am recently reached the Champions +10 age and am upgrading my 848-clone iron set after 20+ years. I have a TM 580 and TM Bubble 3 so I was leaning toward a 2.0 steel set especially at the current $249. I had a prejudice against graph-irons until I hit the 7i in the simulator at local Golf Galaxy about 10 yards farther than steel. It felt good without the vibration and easier to swing. I compared with the AMP-D and was very impressed with the feel, performance and how I hit the sweet spot every time. The salesman suggested trying the combo sets and I compared the TM and AMP 4h. The TM felt heavier than the AMP which I hit consistently full on off the mat at 190+. I obviously am getting beyond the intended $249 but this will probably be the last set I own so it will grow with me. I have not yet bought the clubs but am learning toward the orange combo set.

  4. Thanks Rob,

    I hit the Cobra Amp with stock graphite shaft (regular) last night and compared it to my MP-53 with PX 4.5 graphite shaft…..Not only did I like the feel, but the darn things went absolutely straight!

    As for Nawlins, it’s my fav for a mini-vacation. I love strollin’ thru the quarter and cathing The Smokin Time Jazz Club doin’ their thing on the street.