Easy to align, aided by the 3 alignment lines and the 2 wings. I like the feel of the stock Lamkin 3Gen grip, I would consider keeping it over something aftermarket.
The midnight black finish helps reduce, eliminate sun glare, and helps frame the ball nicely. Nice click at impact.

Wish we could get the product to our specs. Nice click at impact but still not the same click of a milled putter. Compared to other putters the face height is smaller so the ball looks a little bigger at address.

Bottom Line:
Being a mallet guy I like what I see so far.

Good alignments lines, clean sharp look, good feel and a nice click off the insert at impact.  Great weighting of the head keeps the putter on plain and smooth through finish.

Product information from Odyssey’s website:
The Metal-X 7 specs are; 34”, 3* and 343g. The midnight black face balanced modified mallet has weighted alignment wings and a double bend shaft with a full shaft offset.  The intent of the metal X insert is to provide crisp feedback with a perfect blend of friction and feel. The dual layer insert consists of a urethane inner layer with a 6061 aluminum striking layer. The pattern on the 6061 aluminum striking layer creates a mechanical lock with the golf ball’s dimples at impact, creating friction and imparting a consistent roll on the ball.

Click here to see more pics and read the discussion in the forums



I like the Midnight Black finish and the 3 white lines really pop which makes the putter easy to align. Even the aluminum insert looks high tech-ish.  I think Odyssey did a good job with the milling as all lines look clean and sharp.  The weighted wings are shaped nicely and also help with alignment.




As mentioned I like a mallet putter.  For the past 2 years I have been gaming a heel shafted milled putter with a SuperStoke grip. Prior that I played the Odyssey white hot 2 ball and even though I liked the soft insert, I always felt it was too soft and would occasionally leave putts short. However, with the #7 and the 6061 aluminum insert, Odyssey has addressed that issue.  Even though there are 2 inserts the feel is much improved, it is still soft but firmer than the White Hot 2 ball.  I think the dual insert put a very nice roll on the ball and distance control was pretty consistent as well and I think the outer insert of the 6061 aluminum has a lot to do with that. When you hear that click at impact you pretty much know you have hit a good solid putt. Hey, we all know that in putting sound translates to feel.  I felt alignment was very easy with the #7.

The 2 outer white lines continue all the way to the end of the wings which helped makes those pesky 3 footers a little easier to go at knowing I was aligned properly.  I had the putter out yesterday for 9 holes and my distance control on long putts was very good and the putter felt comfortable all around.  I didn’t make anything outside 10-12 feet, but did manage a couple in the 7-8 foot range. All putts had a nice click at impact and my seconds putts were at least round the hole for tap-ins.

Click here to see more pics and read the discussion in the forums

Overall Bottom Line:

Overall, I think the Metal-X 7 is a solid putter.  I don’t think this it is going to replace my current gamer just yet.  With a couple of changes, lie angle and grip; I think this will be a solid back up.  If you’re in the market for a mallet you should absolutely give Metal-X 7 a try.  With its face balanced head, much improved insert and easy to align lines and wings there is nothing to not like about this flat stick. On the upside, if the aluminum insert ever falls out I’ll use it to zest some lemons and limes!

Click here to see more pics and read the discussion in the forums

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  1. i just picked up the same putter in 41″. i had a problem with the t.m. manta leaving a putt short about 50% of the time. the metal – x has solved that problem ………