Duval gets “Bio-engineered in Germany”

We spotted David this week at the 2012 Wyndham Championship with some new digs. They are not your everyday clubs. First seen on the pga tour this irons are unique.

The little known company called B.I.G. claims on their website…

BIG have created the Golf Performance Cycle (GPC), the first holistic and continual system of performance enhancement in the golf industry.

Versus other fitting systems, the BiG Performance process is more extensive and holistic. We go deeper to reveal more information about your unique bio-mechanical performance dynamics. For example, BiG analyzes all impact-moment factors, setting a new industry benchmark.

With this wealth of valuable data, you can capitalize on two BiG advantages:

  • This data can be used to bioengineer golf clubs that are perfectly designed to match your unique Performance DNA.
  • The data can also pinpoint special training opportunities, which further empowers you to reach new levels of success.
  • BiG’s Production Engineers use your BiG Performance data to calculate the perfect combination of balance, weight, form, length, curvature, angle and material. The result: You receive clubs that are specifically engineered to follow the rhythm of its one and only owner.
  • As a final production step, your customer’s name and unique GPC code are directly engraved into the club shaft, a world-wide first in golf club manufacturing.

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  1. Won a set of irons at a charity tournament. Was very excited but….. Over a year later and dozens of phone calls still no fitting AND no irons!!!!
    Shame on B.I.G!!!!

  2. Great job B.i.G.
    I play the same clubs and improved my game tremendously.
    I am thrilled and would recommend to anyone to try it.
    Go David, the way to world class prepared.

  3. Absolutely the best approach to customized golf clubs out there! As far as I know, B.i.G. has a lot of new components such as aluminum shafts, unique adjustable irons heads and loads of other technologies that could revolutionize the industry…