First photos are in on the new JPX-825 line!

Irons show a mix of typical Mizuno good looks and technology and, from what we can see of the woods, they look very solid.  Maybe we have a sleeper on our hands?

JPX-825 irons replace the 2-year-old JPX-800 line, designed for the 8-30 handicapper.  Staying true to their roots, it looks like there is plenty of forgiveness while keeping the iron size down to a minimum.



JPX-800 woods and hybrids have a bit of a cult following.  From what these first pictures show,  we seem to be getting modern redesign of the clubheads.

JPX-825 Pro irons are replacing the much heralded JPX-800 Pros, which appealed to the better player, although are listed as playable for the 4-20 handicapper.  Forged?  You bet.





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  1. i have the JPX 800 pro reg , i just got fitted and need to move to a stiff shaft (300S).
    I tried the 825 series and its feeling harder and more clunky of the face than the 800 series in the same stiff shaft. is the the new 825 series not as soft of the face as old 800 series.
    anyone else has any thoughts please before i take the plung and change the entire set.
    my handicap is 13.

  2. I know the local Mizuno rep so I got these Irons a week ago. I had just bought some Callaway last Xmas however I have always loved the JPX 800. So I decide to take a leap of faith and just by the 825 without hitting them. I have played 4 rounds in the last week and I have lowered my score by about 5 strokes with these irons. The JPX 825 are so forgiving and long it is ridiculous. I am now shooting high 70’s and very low 80’s. I work at a golf store and I have told everyone who is between a 5 to about 15 handicap that they should try them out.

  3. Absolutely beautiful line of clubs! Mizuno has been the undisputed king of the single digit handicap player segment for decades. Now it looks like they are taking over the mid handicap segment.