Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver Review

Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver
Loft tested (degrees): 10.5
Shaft: Matrix RUL 60

From Tour Edge:
Truly unique, the XCG5 features Tour Edge’s one-of-a-kind, combo-brazing to join the titanium face and body to an ultra-thin beta titanium crown.  In fact, no other driver sold in the United States uses brazing. It’s too expensive and time consuming. Instead, most companies weld face plates to the body.  This method doesn’t allow for full face flexion and maximum forgiveness like brazing…Its beta titanium crown material is ultra-thin and lighter than the previous carbon crown found in the XCG4.  This material dramatically improves sound while allowing more weight to be added to the rear of the sole through our new Six-Point Perimeter Weighting System.  This system features six weight pads that lower the center of gravity and move it deeper and further back in the sole for a lower center of gravity and greater accuracy.

Easy to hit and long. Near off-the-charts forgiveness.  Solid hits produce a generally straight flight with just a touch of ‘country club draw.’ Dependable, repeatable results.

Not the most ‘workable’ driver. Lack of alignment mark might turn off more. Long stock shaft may be a turn-off to some. Loud impact sound.  Higher price than some in its class, especially lacking adjustability.

Bottom Line:
A sleeper in the ultra-light driver category, the Exotics XCG5 driver is another quality offering from Tour Edge.  It’s loud, long and a heck of a lot of fun to play.

Let’s be honest.  There are many entries in the ultra-light, forgiving, distance-first, workabililty-second driver category.  Some are prettier than others, and the XCG5 certainly is on the attractive side.  The plain, classic shiny black finish with small alignment aid will appear to most.  Somehow the head looks a tad bigger than 460cc, but it is not.  It looks forgiving at address (and is), and sits nice and square.  If it was pear-shaped, you’d swear it was a true ‘players’ driver.

Performance/Playability: Exotics gets knocked sometimes on their price point, and while it may be more expensive than some, that is the price you pay for technology…and this is packed with it.  Using a chemical brazing process, the head has NO welds.  This not only allows the TEE to save weight, but allows for a stronger face and larger sweet-spot.  Translation: Easy distance.  It’s as long as anything out there — even with a shorter 45-inch shaft I tested with.  Check out the ‘exploded’ photos of the club head from the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show.  NO WELDS!  Amazing!

Despite the square clubface, the club works best with a draw. That’s not to say you can’t work it, but the club knows its roots. Want to hit a 5 yard draw all day?  This driver is your best friend.

What’s really nice is that generally terrible swings produce better-than-average results.  Slices tend to be under-exaggerated.  The toe of the club is VERY forgiving.

“What’s that?”  That may be the guy next to you on the range after you smoke one with the XCG5.  Yes, it’s pretty loud.  No, not the loudest I’ve heard, but it has volume to it.  It’s not distracting though (I’m not a sound snob, but I know some are out there, so take it for what you will).

For a driver this light and forgiving, you can definitely tell when you’ve hit the center of the clubface.  Toe hits are more than feel (and distance).  Heel shots have that ‘sting’ but are not harsh by any means.  All in all, very solid.

Big hits feel powerful. You know when you’ve tagged it for sure! It’s one of the best feelings in golf.

Bottom Line:
Tour Edge Exotics has a bit of a cult following and it’s easy to understand why. The Exotics XCG5 driver is typical Tour Edge: a handsome, forgiving cannon on the tee box.  It’s designed to pound the ball, and it does it well.  While it may be priced higher than some in this price point, there is a lot of advanced design packed into the clubhead.  If you’re looking for an ultra-light driver and big distance, don’t overlook the XCG5.

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  1. I am 65 years young with a 88 mph swing. 8.4 index I hit my XCG-5 driver avg carry 260 with roll out to 275-290 GPS measured. I hit my XCG-4 4 wood 230 carry with roll out 245-255 GPS measured. I work at a golf course and have hit just about everybody’s Top Name Stuff. The only club that out performs my TEE is the Callaway Deep 3 3 wood. But I can not control it, it is however very long. You would be very surprised at how many Tour Pros use TEE clubs. And true they do not sponsor any Pro.

  2. I have had the first generation TE exotics (driver 10.5 through 7 wood) in the bag for years. And I like them to bits. I have had drivers from Titleist (905R), Callaway and Wishon and even though these were good too I would not change my TE driver for anything else. Long, straight and easy to hit.
    The week before last I unfortunately broke the shaft of the driver during hitting the ball. One email to TE was enough to have my driver repaired (new shaft to my specifications) free of charge under the life time warranty. Name me another brand that does this!!
    P.s. I am a 8 handicapper.

  3. Shockingly (at least to me) the tour edge has added 30’yards to my drive. I always thought all these drivers were all alike, because i have hit a lot of them and they all seemed to go just about the same distance, With an unimpressive swing speed I now out drive my regular foursome and they aren’t happy, but I am!

  4. I must be in the minority but I have played TEE forever. I am happy with them. Irons are forgiving, fairway woods are fantastic and I have never had any complaints about the drivers. I had the XCG V and switched to the XCG 5 and do not see any major difference in distance but my shots in the fairway have increased. I agree that the longer shaft feels a little odd but will work through it. My complaint was TE used to be a great club at a reasonable price. A lot cheaper than the major brands and just as capable. They have raised their prices where it gets me looking at other brands because of the cost factor. When they were $100 cheaper than others and would out do them, it was never a doubt what I bought. JMHO

    • Tour edge woods in particular are excellent. I’ve had a couple of their driver at various times and also good. Very accurate. Some of the tour boys use their woods and do so by choice .. no ‘cos they are paid. That’s a pretty big tick in my book.

  5. Tour Edge doesn’t pay pros to play them. B Snedeker was playing the CB4 3 wood when he won earlier this year.
    On a recent trip to Florida I was at the Eagle Creek driving range and there was three collage age players with Tour Edge drivers and woods in their bags One was hitting the driver and he was bombing it straight down the middle.
    I’m sure we will see more out their. as I said previously my XCG5 3 wood is the best feeling club I ever hit. I also picked up theXCG 5 hybrid and am looking for a 5 WD. I demo. A lot of clubs and TE make some of the best.

  6. If these clubs are so good why don’t any Touring Pros use them? I have never tried them so I can’t comment but I can say none of the people I play with plays these clubs. I got roped into buying the F2 Face Forward Wedges because they were suppose to be the best thing that has ever happened in Golf and no touring pros used them either.

  7. I own the XCG5 driver and 3 wood and i have to say that i am very pleased with both. Prior to playing tour edge exotics i was using taylormade products. The Tour edge exotics line has outperformed anything else that i have played. Great products.

  8. Guess I’ll throw my 2 cents in here… I tech for a major manufacturer, play their irons loyally, but love the Tour Edge woods and have for years. Have the xcg5 driver and 3 wood in my bag now and they excellent performers!

    And I have to say…@Chris…re: spin, balloon, and that twang sound thing…..usually, the better players whose opinion I would trust don’t seem have those issues. Perhaps you sould try working on your swing eh?

  9. FYI Never hit the TE driver but, Just started playing LH xcg5 3 wood 15 degree with fujikura blur shaft Sweetest feeling club I ever hit . Almost as long as my D2 9.5 with aldila 60 red eyes. First time poster here, been playing since 1973 ,7 HC , tried lots of clubs, never heard of TE till two years ago .
    Their fairway wood is a winner!

  10. I took out the xcg5 3wood this weekend along with the RBZ and Adams XTD all considered the best by the golf shop. Therre was no comparison. For me the xcg5 was as long or longer and more consistent and forgiving thean the other two. I will be buying one.

  11. I recently hit the CB4 fairway wood. My Titleist 910f 15 degree is just as long. They have some balls saying I would get 20 extra yards out of their 3 wood. OK product at best, totally overated in my opinion.

  12. Chris: so you didn’ t hit it on 7 Aug when you first posted your dismissive comment? If you did, why would you hit again on the 16th? Not sure what ‘pumping’ is. I posted my comment based on my experience with it as I thought it might be worth something to someone looking for a new driver. :Worthless’ – ‘rather hit just about anything else…’? Overstating you’r dislike of the club surely. You made your point in your first comment and I made mine in mine. Let it go at that.

  13. I agree with the reviewer remarks. Works for me and is worth every cent. Not fussy about the sound – a bit ‘tinny’ to my ear but the results more than compensate for that. Well crafted and delivers on its attributes.

  14. Certain TEE products are awesome…xcg4 fairways, xcg hybrids, original cb1 fairways and driver. The TEE xcg5 doesn’t make the list. I hope TE will someday make a driver that is as good as their fairway clubs.

  15. I agree Chris, the products are grossly overpriced, seem to be pumped up by certain users on the board, yet consistently underperform. Stay away unless you want to sell it on eBay for 1/10th the price in a month.