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FTF: WRXers call Varner to dab, Height/Putter discussion



The GolfWRX forums exist so golfers have access to the latest equipment releases, hottest discussions, real equipment reviews, best instruction, new technologies and everything golf you can imagine.

So if you love golf, the GolfWRX forums are your sanctuary.

In the From the Forums weekly feature, we bring you the hottest, most buzz-worthy topics from our forums for your convenience. I’ll be your trusty tour guide to navigate the latest buzz.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain into golf’s sanctuary.

They were calling for the dab in forums…

User Llortamaisey started a thread with this post:

Dear Harold Varner III:

“I know you read GolfWRX so I wanted to send out a request for this week’s tournament. Would you please put on a Cam Newton jersey on the 16th hole and dab your way to the green. The Panthers need this. Cam needs this. Golf needs this.”

Now, we can’t confirm HVIII reads WRX. However, we can confirm that he did indeed dab it up at the 16th.

See the thread  for a full discussion of the etiquette of dabbing in golf.

GolfWRX swag giveaway!


From the site’s founder:

We are live in the WRX Store with a bunch of new swag. We have four new chips (USA, European, GoldWRX and Season Opener), new Koozies, Hats and Pins. Click here to see all the new gear.

We are also going to giveaway 3 bundles.  

By the way we went full monty of on the chips. We found the same source that makes chips for Vegas and Monte Carlo. They help us produce these four limited edition chips. All have a unique serial number.

Get in on the giveaway.

The great debate: Where do your clubs live in the winter?  


The car? The garage? Elsewhere in the house?

New user BonziGolf decided to make his first post a memorable one with this gem: “Keep them by your bed to annoy your significant other and remind them that golf season is right around the corner

Offer your take in the thread.

Height/ putter length discussion 

ck putter

A topic you’re unlikely to see discussed in such detail anywhere else: User kidkendo started the thread by indicating that he’s 6-feet tall and plays a 34-inch putter. Then he asked what other WRXers are gaming and what height they are.

This, of course, led into the discussion of wrist-to-floor measurements as dictator of club length versus personal preference. And personal preference is at a premium with the putter more so than any other club in the bag.

It’s an interesting discussion and one’s that’s seen a ton of traffic and replies in the few days since the first post.

Check it out.

Reactions to Bubba’s latest… 


You can always find chatter about the hot topics in the world of pro golf in the GolfWRX forums. User imakaveli linked the Golf Channel report about Bubba’s Watson’s curious comments at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Q: Why do you like this golf course?

His answer: “I don’t like it. I’m not going to be PC it. I don’t like it at all. I just mentioned why I’m here. I’ve got three beautiful sponsors that love it here.”

Predictably, users had a bevy of hot takes on the latest example of “Bubba being Bubba.”

Join the discussion.

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  1. Dave Gebhardt

    Feb 6, 2016 at 11:49 am

    We don’t have to like every golf course we play…

  2. Chuck D

    Feb 5, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    At the risk of upsetting golfwrx’er “Steve” for my less than stellar comments/opinions about his hero Sergio Garcia, I’ll keep my true venom to myself in regards to fan “un”favorite crybaby Blubber, yes,
    Blubber “after I win any tournament” Watson. Another ungrateful, entitled, spoiled, 1%’er, childish,
    overpaid whiner! Sick of these clowns!! Oops, sorry Steve, I couldn’t help myself and the spitting monster got out. I’ll try harder next time not to offend you, his fans, or interested family members. May you post a triple digit score this weekend!


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WRX Forum Buzzz

What GolfWRXers are saying about their most embarrassing moments on the course



In our forums, our members have been bravely divulging their most embarrassing moments on the course. WRXer ‘Jtalberda’ kicks off the thread with this beauty:

“Personally, my most embarrassing shot was during a tournament. I had a long 3w shot into a par 5 and swung out of my shoes. I topped the ball so badly that it somehow ended up going backwards and hit my opponent.

Later that round I ended up double bogeying a par 3 after a tee shot that ended up 10 feet below the hole. Embarrassing day!”

And our members have been revealing their most mortifying (hilarious and relatable too!) moments on the course in our forums.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Sixcat: “One of those “where the **** did that come from” shots that we all experience from time to time. Mine just so happened to land in a kitchen sink while the lady of the house was clearing the dinner table for her two children. Not ideal!”
  • leerob3: “Not mine but my buddy one time shanked his tee shot so hard, it ricocheted sideways off the wooden hole marker and flew into a wedding reception, was then picked up by a kid. We watched in tears as he shook down this poor 5 year old for his Pro V, I was embarrassed for him. What made it even funnier is before he hit his shot he said “shot of the year right here,” can’t make this stuff up.”
  • lefty1978: “Last year playing solo get to a short par 3. Foursome on the green wave me to hit. I proceed to shank my eight iron. While they are still waiting on the green, I find my ball and shank my wedge. I pick up my bag and move on to the next hole, didn’t even retrieve my ball. The walk of shame. I don’t think I’ve ever shanked back to back shots ever before that. Embarrassing.”
  • adl300: “My dad and I got paired with this one gentleman at a local course. My dad shanks a shot and nearly kills him. My dad says sorry, and I laugh. Then i realize that it’s my time to hit. And yes…. I shanked the ball right at him. Hit him on his thigh. My dad and I were very apologetic, but we couldn’t help but to chuckle at ourselves.”
  • pepo211: “St. Andrews Old Course hole #1! I was 27 at the time this was in 2007 I got so nervous on the tee box after they announced our group I got up there and duck hooked it almost up against the white fence coming up 18. I had to walk allllll the way over there with my caddie as ashamed as you could be. He tells me to grab a 5 iron and just get it back in the fairway of number 1. I tell him no give me 3 wood I am going to lay up to the water. I hit at least 12″ behind the ball, and it advances about 15 yards. Walked up and did it again with the same club but it probably went 40 yards. Now I am on the left side of 1 and going to lay up to the water, I grab 5 iron and hozel it straight to the practice area on the right of 1 where there is a kid camp going on……..Needless to say, I take a 9 on hole one at The Old Course and have been the butt of every golf joke my buddies have told since!!”

Entire Thread: “Most embarrassing golf confession?”

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What GolfWRXers are saying about the easiest to hit hybrids



In our forums, our members have been discussing the easiest to hit hybrids currently on the market. WRXer ‘Used2PlayAlot’ struggles to launch the ball with anything less than a five iron and reaches out to fellow members for suggestions on an easy to hit hybrid. Our members discuss.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • kcsf: “Ping G410. Consider going with a softer flex than you’re currently using too.”
  • mgoblue83: “Sounds like you are playing clubs that are way too heavy and stiff for you. Try something with a light R flex or Senior flex shaft in the 21-25 degree range. Choke up on it if needed, but if you can’t get that in the air it’s your swing, and no club will help.”
  • Tax77: “Adams 2014-2015 model hybrids, New Idea or Idea tech. The heads are massive, super-duper game improvement hybrids. You can find them for 20-30 bucks.”
  • Argonne69: “The Ping G30 and G hybrids can be found used for less than $100. Heck, I just sold a G30 4h for $60. Both models are available in 26 (5h) and 30 (6h) degrees. If you can’t get them airborne, it’s definitely a swing issue.”
  • txgolfer45: “Callaway Big Bertha hybrids.”

Entire Thread: “Easiest to hit hybrids?”

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What GolfWRXers are saying about accuracy vs distance with the driver



In our forums, our members have been discussing whether accuracy or distance off the tee is more important. WRXer ‘ShortSticks’ poses the scenario:

“Driver A (Accuracy): Hits most fairways and is a very straight hitter just not as long. Usually 10 to 15 yards shorter than Driver B, but not in near as much trouble. Not very workable, but can be coaxed into a slight fade or draw.

Driver B (Distance): Is long but can be wild off the tee. Can hit to places you have never been, but can also put you in some bad spots that make recovery more difficult. Is workable, but at times can get away from you.”

And our members are having their say on which element of the game is more important these days.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • juststeve: “I would say in general, as long as you can hit in play, longer is better. Keeping it in play means no O.B, no water balls, no balls deep in the woods and having an unobstructed next shot from a reasonable lie.”
  • mattavery727: “For me definitely driver A. I have 118 SS, and sure I can try to step on it and carry it over 300, but I also find trouble way too often. If I take a smooth swing and give up 15-20 but still in a fairway I like my chances at hitting the green or being close. My 7 goes 185 so as long as I am 185 in or less I have a pretty short club in my hand.”
  • gambit: “10-15 yards I’ll take driver A for accuracy. 30 yards and I’ll take my chances of going in the rough and bunkers.”
  • Tasals: “For 10 yards? Driver A. IIRC the tour average is ~30 yards for the benefit of being wild compared to be straight. So a gap wadge from 120 in the rough has equivalent distance from hole stats as a fairway shot from 150. Then you start seeing the major benefits when you hit a fairway or get a first cut lie, the proximity to the hole decreases pretty rapidly. The longer players over a season make more birdies than the shorter hitters, they make more bogeys, but the long guys tend to place better, and win more tournaments as well when they can get away with a few bad shots. I just don’t think the 10 yards is enough of an advantage.”

Entire Thread: “Accuracy vs Distance with the driver”

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