Callaway X Utility Prototype – handheld up close shots form WGC Bridgestone. This is the same utility that Ernie won the open with 2 in his bag.

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    • yes they do. although i cannot find a pic anywhere on the internet, i callaway to confirm they do come with a headcover, (probably the callaway sock), also they come with a 2 gram weight and later this year they will relase a weight set of 4gr 6 gr and 8gr for this haed. these weights are different from the razr fit weight. non compatible.

  1. Seveni… Actually hybrid’s help a lot of higher handicappers… but for me i’m a scratch player, I find long irons a lot straighter and more accurate.

    To say that any technology or club is going to change a 10 handicap to a 5 handicap is absolute crap. there is no magic bullet in the game of golf other then hours of practice at the range.

    I beleive technology helps… but it doesn’t get you scores… I welcome these clubs because they aren’t full hybrids but will help bridge the gap between hybrid and long irons better…

  2. Seveni, I can’t help but assume that you misspelled your name thinking about your handicap…because those BH Apex irons were crap and Ben Hogan would have never put his stamp on those were he alive…
    As for the Callaway X Prototype Tour Utility iron, it’s a legit piece of equipment. I’ve hit it a few times, I only wish they’d put it up for sale commercially.
    Maybe you’re the only one in the world besides TW that can hit a 1 iron, but I’d lay odds that if equipped with this, you’d be several percentage points more accurate on the range and on the course.

  3. @seveni, I presume that you are either joking, or posting this somewhere in the 1950’s.

    In the future there will be things called hybrids which is a hybrid between a wood and an iron, players at all levels will adopt them and start replacing their long irons with them.

    Older generations will scream ‘cheat’ as older generations adopt he stance of guardians of golf, reminiscing about how good players used to be compared to today’s meat heads sluggers. The problem is that they are not the guardians of golf, and as long as clubs conform to USGA and R & A standards then anything is allowed.

    Going back to being a discrace to the nature of the game of golf, why stop at Hogan? He was at a huge technical advantage over, say, Tom Morris who played with balls stuffed with feathers. Surely the marble halls of golf were simply baffled when Gene Sarazen invented the sand iron, but the game moves on.

    With courses getting longer and harder there is a clear correlation with advances in equipment, as the game evolves so do the courses. IsTtiger as good as Jack who knows, is Jack as good as Ben, different eras have different challenges, so you can’t compare. Would golf be boring if it didn’t evolve, yes.

    These guys really are good, and they earn their money week in, week out, things have moved on. Oh and Hogan Apex PC irons, take a Tom Stewart niblick To the range and come back tell me about technology in the Hogan era.

  4. Just making sure.. Is this a joke by astronomical standards?

    All these models are a disgrace to the nature of game of golf. It’s all about muscles and zero of skill. Take a look at good old Ben Hogan Apex PC irons for comparison. BH irons were all about skill.