Pros: Great feel and a great shape from address.

Cons: The graphics are very busy on the back of the wedge and grip.

Overall: The 588 Forged Wedges have a great look that can be customized by each golfer through My Custom Wedge on Cleveland’s website. They also have outstanding feel with several bounce options to fit each golfer and their varying needs.



Amazing is the easiest way to sum it up. Cleveland offers a wide variety of bounce options to help with our varying needs. I play a wide variety of shots with my wedges and every shot I attempted these wedges executed to perfection. Out of the sand, especially, and fairway bunkers, these are fantastic. I have found that the spin off of these wedges is up there with anything on the market today.

Looks and Feel

I went with the Black Pearl finish on my wedges and it is fantastic. It has a bit of shine to it but has a muted face due to the milling on the face. After three weeks of play, it does show some wear on the face and sole however the finish has stood up very well.

The wedge head itself has a very round profile which suits my eye perfectly. The only negative I have found with these wedges is in the looks department, however. The graphics on these wedges are just to busy for my tastes. Cleveland should have gone simple instead of putting so many logos and writing on the wedge.

I do not need to see laser milled outlining the faces of my wedges. I prefer a nice clean look and this somewhat takes away form an otherwise great looking wedge. This however can be customized through the Cleveland My Custom Wedge program as well.

The wedges are forged from 1025 Carbon Steel, which provides great feel. The area the Cleveland 588 really shines is the Tour Concept Shaft. They feel fantastic and really help keep the ball flight down a touch but they increase spin at the same time. It is a great alternative to the Dynamic Gold Spinner.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a wedge that you can hit almost any shot with and has an outstanding look then the Cleveland 588 should be on the top of your list. Cleveland has done a fantastic job bringing custom options to the average consumer. It is a trend the wedge industry is starting and it is something that will be a huge help in finding the “perfect” wedge.

You can build your own custom wedges and check out all the options at http://www.cleveland…/mycustomwedge/


Review by L. Bolt


Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums


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  1. Liked all the ideas surrounding the 588 series 2 60′ wedge. Changed the grip for a midsize and cannot stop shankiing.
    Centre of gravity is far to close to the hosel. Tried different swings also stand furthur away,even had the club bent flatter then more upright,grip it shorter, make sure hips are cleared and still hit it a inch from the hosel no matter what I did I would shank at least one in five . Worst club I have had anything to do with.

  2. Got two (56 and 60 degree) the other day from my pro shop. they went fro $75 each. excellent wedges with a solid feel. a little excessive detailing on the back of the club but i think Cleveland did a great job with these wedges. I really enjoyed the stock tour concept shafts (by true temper). A point to note is that after a few rounds with these wedges u might notice that the laser milling, especially at heavy contact area on the club face, begins to wear off. not sure what cleveland had to say about this but there are forums saying that the laser milling is actually not meant to be seen. But anyway i didnt really notice much difference with the spin (or maybe im just not good enoug to notice) however i feel that overall they are very good wedges and , for the price i got it, was well worth it.

  3. I used to pay the CG15s. The only complaint with the new 588 is the 54 degree is heavier than my 15. I think I’m going to look at vokey as they’re the same weight as the old cg15s.

  4. I had an old 588 57 sand wedge, regretted selling it. Just bought an old 588 53 wedge, love it with PX 6.0.
    Hope the new model is as great as the old Classic! ps love my DST 17 hi launch, 64 Diamana ! Wow!!

  5. While they may have improved the manufacturing process. There is nothing different about this wedge. Its the same chassis they’ve been using for the past 3 wedge lines. The company’s spiraling down the toilet so they’re back pedalling to their backbone products to try and right the ship. I give them another 2 years before srixon dumps them.

  6. I have played Cleveland 588’s for 4 seasons, before recently switching to Edel wedges. I wont compare the 2, because the edels are custom fitted, custom ground, etc etc, and I have been getting more spin from them, even with conforming grooves. Bu8t I do not have a single bad word to say about the 588’s. Great feel, great profile, great performance. Just solid all around wedges.

    I still prefer my 588 Sand Wedge to my Edel Sand wedge though, but that may be because im used to its feel in the sand. Bunker shots arent generally something I get to play more than 2-3 times a round, aside from the practice greenside bunkers. Overall, i would reccomend these clubs to anyone.