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Bridgestone 330 RX and RXS:

Thank you to Bridgestone and GolfWRX for the opportunity to test the new RX and RXS golf balls. I am an avid golfer that is currently trying to break below the 10 handicap level. With a driver swing speed of 95 to 100 mph, I fit into the profile to which the RX and RXS golf balls are clearly aimed at. After 7 rounds with the RX and 10 rounds with the RXS, I am writing this review.

Pros: Both the B330-RX and RXS act and feel like “tour-grade” golf balls. The B330-RXS will hold a green in 100 degree summer heat.

None in playability or use. A dozen of each cost $45, and may be expensive for some amateurs.

The Bottom Line:
The B330 RX and RXS perform as advertised. I personally prefer the B330-RXS.


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The Review:

For the review, I chose to use the following clubs to hit the B330-RX and RXS:

  • A Callaway RAZR Fit with a Fubuki 63 Tour shaft. In June, I switched to a Taylormade R11S with a Matrix X-Con 5 shaft.
  • Adams CBs Irons with KBS Tour 90 shafts.
  • Titleist Spin Milled SM4 Wedges.
  • A Scotty Studio Select Newport 2 Putter.


Both the 330-RX and RXS look like regular golf balls from address. Only when you take a closer look does the Dual-Dimple surfacing become noticeable. The printing and paint of the B330-RX and RXS look top-notch, like what a “tour-grade” ball should look like.


In my opinion, feel with the golf ball is tested with the putter. In this case, a Scotty Cameron milled putter. Both golf balls have a soft feel off the putter. There is a “click” feel when the B330-RX is hit. The B330-RXS is “butter”, no click. Feels like a Pro V1. When hitting both balls with wedges, I can feel the click of the B330-RX at impact. Again, the B330-RXS has no click.

Durability on both the B330-RX and RXS was excellent for urethane-covered “tour-grade” balls. Partial and full wedge shots with the SM4 wedges produced on visible cuts or scuffs for a while. Hitting the cart path will put scuffs on both balls. Strangely enough, the B330-RX didn’t scuff up when I hit a tree.

Driver Performance:

Both balls offered low driver spin. When the ball lands, the B330-RX ran out about 5 or 10 more yards. Distance with the B330-RX was about the same as I would get from a Pro V1 (between 245 to 260 yards). I was getting a little higher flight with the B330-RXS and longer carry of about 5 to 10 yards over the B330-RX. Due to the higher ball flight, I was hitting the B330-RXS longer than both the B330-RX and Pro V1. Accuracy wise, I was about the same with the B330-RX and RXS as I was with the Pro V1.

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Iron Performance:
Off the CB3 Irons, I was hitting the B330-RX longer due to more roll out after the ball lands. It’s fine for hitting a large, wide-open green. The B330-RXS had less roll-out off the long irons and I was able to make the ball drop and stop with some 9, PW and AW shots. For accuracy on the greens, I would clearly prefer the B330-RXS.

Wedge Performance:

The differences between the B330-RX and RXs are most noticeable with wedge shots. As I noted earlier, the B330-RX has that click at impact. The B330-RXS is smooth. The B330-RXS stops quicker on the green. I must admit that Bridgestone’s marketing of these golf balls gave me a preconceived notion of what to expect. I was uncomfortable chipping and chipping with the B330-RX. But I was fully confident with the B330-RXS. I usually game the Pro V1, and the B330-RXS gave me the same performance pitching and chipping around the green.

The Bottom Line:

Bridgestone released two very nice and well performing golf balls in the 2012 B330-RX and RXS. These golf balls are marketed and aimed at the amateur golfer. But the $45 dollar price point may keep all but the avid amateurs from spending the money to play the ball. Between the two, the B330-RXS performs the best for me. For 2012, I wouldn’t hesitate playing the RXS for the rest of the hot summer. In the DC area, the greens bake in the summer sun and can get hard. Really hard. Especially at the public courses that I frequent. This makes a golf ball that can stop quicker on the greens a necessary commodity for my game.

I have an 11-year old son who plays golf and participates in junior tournaments. Since the B330-RX and RXS are made for amateur golfers with swing speeds of less than 105 mph, I gave him a couple of each to try and to see what benefits he can get out of the golf ball. Curiously enough, he selected the B330-RXS as his golf ball of choice to the 2012 season. He made the switch to the B330-RXS from the Titleist NXT Tour.

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The Pictures:

The B330-RX Box.

rx box.JPG

The B330-RXS Box:

rxs box.JPG

The back of both boxes have the same graphics.

back of both boxes.JPG
The B330-RX.

rx ball.JPG

The B330-RX at address with the putter.

rx with putter.JPG

The B330-RXS.

rxs ball.JPG
The B330-RXS at address with the putter.

rxs with putter.JPG

Both the B330-RX and RXS on the green.

two balls on green 2.JPG


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More info:

Tech Talk: As of this year, all four models use a dual-dimple design aimed at reducing drag at launch (for more speed) and increasing lift later in flight (for longer carry). The B330 and B330-S use a softer, thinner urethane cover to improve feel and distance; the RX models feature a softer ionomer blend in the mantle layer designed to reduce sidespin.

Bridgestone still makes the best case for using non-tour-speed balls (not that its elite balls are slouches, though). Still, even our fastest swingers liked the feel of the RXS best.

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  1. Srixon discontinued the Zstar-SL which I had played for several years. I have been searching for a similar ball for about a month. After comparing compression charts and reading reviews I came across the B-330 RXs. This ball out performs the Zstar-SL in distance, spin and feel around the greens. If you were left out in the cold by the Srixon switch. Here is your new ball. (FYI: I’m a senior, 12.5 index with a swing speed in the 90’s)

  2. I have switched to Bridgestone B330 RX ball as my main ball this year. I have also played the E5 and the regular B330 ball. All of the balls are great balls. I can see no reason to switch from Bridgestone. I am also anticipating the new 2014 ball line up from Bridgestone.

  3. If you mentioned Ping putter, Cleveland wedges and Ping driver then I would sense you are critical thinking man not taken in by marketing hype. The Adams tight lies is a gimmey. Your review of the ball is less convincing than the bridgestone marketing. Why bother to be their stooge?

  4. I made the switch to Bridgestone this year. I’ve been playing the RX model and find it very accommodating to my game. Previously played Titleist but was intriqued with the amatuer swing speed marketing after hearing a local pro say that most players can’t get the full performance of the Pro V line. Both driver and irons have good flight and are workable. My local track maintains the greens very well and wedges stick with 1 to 3 feet movement from divot. I agree the price point is a limitation and I will sub the e5 ball during practice rounds. I see no reason to switch away from Bridgestone.