Titleist have announced that they are bringing out new versions of both their NXT and DT Solo range of balls. Hugely popular with golfers looking to play a ball that combines performance at a more affordable price than premium balls, both series are some of the most widely played balls available. For the vast majority of golfers, the ball is the single thing that can make the greatest difference to their play and choosing the right ball can make the difference between finding the fairway and sticking that green versus being in the long stuff and chipping for par.

So what do Titleist have to say about the new range: “The New NXT Tour and New NXT deliver even higher performance and longer distance, further establishing each model as benchmarks in their respective categories,” said George Sine, Vice President, Golf Ball Marketing and Strategic Planning, Acushnet Company.  “Based upon comprehensive machine testing, as well as positive feedback captured during player testing with current NXT family loyalists and competitive golf ball users, we have delivered two exciting new ways for golfers to lower their scores.”

Both of the NXT balls are designed to be longer than the previous versions. The flip side of this is that you would normally see reduced spin but apparently the R&D team at Titleist has worked hard to deliver increased length off the tee and with long irons from both golf balls.

They say that a critical consideration during this process has been to ensure that the scoring shot performance is maintained – full short game shots and half wedge shots deliver the same levels of shot stopping spin that golfers expect from Titleist golf balls.

The new DT SoLo is a brand well known in the US but in Europe it was known as the PTS. For those coming to it from either of the PTS balls, it has been designed to combine the soft feel of the PTS Carry with the penetrating flight of PTS Roll and with a cut-proof guarantee. Combining what were separate micro-brands makes sense for Titleist as ‘red box golfers’ now get the same ball no matter where in the world they are.

While Titleist do not say that any particular ball is best suited to any particular swingspeed, it’s reasonably obvious that the the range typically goes from DT SoLo, NXT and then NXT Tour as your speed increases.

The new balls have already started shipping in the US but are due to ship in UK/Europe on 1st March.

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