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For those who have seen my forever rotating and updating WITB you probably noticed I like to try a little bit of everything. I doubt there’s been many brands since GolfWRX started that haven’t been in my bag at least once.  Probably not a putter either. I love trying new equipment.  I have had my favorites through the years and no matter what they come out with, it’ll be in my bag at least for a few rounds.

There has been one brand that I have played way before I ever came to GolfWRX and loved it so much that I told myself never to get another set.  Why?  Simply because I’d be an idiot to ever change from them again.  Part of my love of golf is the equipment that is made.  I love trying everything.  Going to this brand for me is like ending half of the fun of the game for me.  So why did I do it?  Due to my association with GolfWRX I get asked many times what I feel is the best club or brand. I’ve recommended this brand and their models so much, it was about time I took my own advice.

When Miura came out with the CB-501 it immediately caught my eye.  Like many of their other sets, the looks alone draw you to it. I fondled the head….yes..I said fondle.   The head was so pretty I had to try it.  Luckily for me, the shop that I hang out pretty much daily Aloha Golf Center is a dealer for Miura.  I asked to demo the CB-501 and the owner Joey Tadeo asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this?”.  Joey knows affliction with equipment.  He knew that my last current set was in my bag for quite a long time.  He knew that by handing me the demo club it would be like a drug to me.  Sure enough after the first hit, I was addicted.  Days would pass by and every time I’d drop by the shop I’d grab the CB-501 and hit a few balls in the net.  After a few months Joey told me, “You know you want them!” and give me an evil laugh at the same time!


About a month ago, I walked into Aloha Golf Center and said, “Build me a set of CB-501’s”.  Joey shook his head at me and said, “It’s about time.  You practically wore out the demo club!” and then followed that up with an evil laugh again!

You may ask why I posted this review in the General Equipment Section instead of the JDM section. Miura now has dealers throughout the US and the world. Although still entirely made in their Himeiji forging house, Miura clubs are sold in the component form to approved dealers who can custom fit players to their clubs.  As a GolfWRX reader, you know how much a custom fit club can work for you over something bought off the shelf.  This factor alone is what I feel helps separate them from many other brands.

At Aloha Golf Center, the owner Joey has been a friend, instructor and golfing partner for years.  He probably knows my game better then anyone else. Sometimes I think he knows it better then me.  He had noticed that I have gotten shorter in my irons through the past years.  I’ve been playing Dynamic Gold X100’s for the longest time.  Joey recognized that although on the launch monitor my driver speed was still high enough for an X shaft, he hasn’t been tipping it as much as he used to. Joey put me on the launch monitor and had me swing a 6 iron.  Sure enough, my iron speed had dropped to a stiff shaft.  Sad as it may be to me, I’m getting old. I had already gone to stiff shafts in my fairway woods and hybrids. Joey said it was about time I go to a stiff shaft in my irons.  I hated this thought. I’m pretty vain and getting old is not something I enjoy admitting to.  Joey had me try several shafts from many brands.  After testing everything from NSPRO Modus 3, NSPRO 1050, KBS Tour, Tour 90, C Taper and Dynamic Gold, the feel I was used to and liked the best was the Dynamic Gold.  Joey suggested Tour Dynamic Gold S400 shafts to me.  He said he know’s how much I’d disdain S300’s and S400’s would still be soft like the S300 but a tad bit heavier to give me a slightly beefier feel that I liked in the X100 yet get me some yards that I was missing.

Sole grind image

I reluctantly agreed to the S400 shafts.  Still I was afraid that I’d end up missing my X100’s immediately but I trusted Joey to know best as he’s fitted me a number of times. A static measurement was taken and to my happiness I didn’t shrink with old age YET and still needed clubs .5” longer.   For grips, Joey showed me the new Lamkin REL grip.  He explained the properties of the 3Gen material to me and told me that they would be a lot easier on my hands cutting down the vibration to my fingers.  He said I wouldn’t get all those stiff fingers after range sessions that I’ve been getting lately…alas again due to age.   Joey suggested I put on the grey REL’s. I asked why and he said, it’s the color that hasn’t been used yet and the one he thought looked the classiest. He said everyone’s been putting on the bright blue, green, purple grips and plain old black grips but he said like a nice grey suit, they would look classy on the ends of the Miura’s.  Since I always tease Joey about being Mr GQ, I figured as always, he knew best in what looked good and agreed with him.

Joey went to work immediately on my CB-501’s and promised to have them ready the next afternoon knowing that I’d be playing the day after.  The next day I was at the shop immediately after I finished work.  As soon as I flew in the door, Joey yelled out, “Sorry, ran out of epoxy! Your set’s not done!”.  I was like “What????????”. Joey giggled and pointed at the wall.  I could almost hear the angels singing ”Walllahhhhhhh”.   Leaning against the wall was my CB-501 set. The grey Lamkins looked really great on the clubs.  I thought they matched up with the frosty satin finish of the heads very well. The Tour Dynamic Gold shafts screens on the shafts were also really cool looking.  Lastly the CB-501 heads installed…just purely awesome looking.  I couldn’t see myself but I knew I was smiling from ear to ear.  I was like a kid at Christmas with a Red Ryder BB gun!

Looks at address with the 5 iron


I asked if the set was ready to hit and Joey pointed towards the net and said the balls were ready for me. The first hit and I was in love. The shafts didn’t feel too soft, the grips felt super and the heads were silk. I couldn’t wait to get to the course the next day.

My first round out the next day with the Miura CB-501’s was super.  The shaft change was immediately noticeable. I was hitting the ball farther and my trajectory was better then when I had X100’s.  For the front 9 I kept having to adjust as it took awhile to get my yardages down with the CB-501’s. I shot +4 on the front.  On the back 9 I pretty much had dialed in my distances.  I can’t count the amount of times I looked at my cart partner and said “$%$# that was soft!”.  The sound at impact was dreamy.  A clean “thwackk!” and away the ball went.  I ended up shooting -4 on the back.  Walking off the 18 I looked at my cart partner and said, “I guess that was a darn good decision!”.  Again, smiling from ear to ear.

I’m sure my curiosity of trying new clubs hasn’t ended for me.  This time though, I think I’ll be sticking to just one brand…Miura.

Now for those that haven’t seen or hit the Miura CB-501….The Review…..


Miura.  Really, is there anything else that can be said?  A name which has almost taken mythological forms in the golf world because of the heritage and purity of it’s forgings.  This is the brand that once you hit it, you’ll compare everything else to.

The price point may deter a few but the realization that this may be the only set you actually need is enough to convince me.

Bottom Line-  Miura, the name is legendary to golf equipment aficionado’s.  They say the irons are forged from the hands of god.  The feel alone is something from the heavens.



Miura CB-501 irons
Shaft- Tour Dynamic Gold S400
Lamkin REL Grips


I think it’s pretty obvious that Miura made their name with blades and in making the 501 they kept  the head very blade like yet added some forgiveness to it.  The 501 has a very thin topline, minimal offset and moderate soles, yet enough forgiveness in a cavity back to immediately inspire confidence.
A frosted satin finish that is done so well that you wonder why other companies can’t do it so cleanly.  In my opinion, the softer brushed silver color alone makes the head look softer.  You must see it in person and go ahead and compare it to the competition. The looks alone grab your eyes and scream perfection.

Simple and classy stampings in the cavity and very limited use of paintfill.  After all, the Miura logo and name is all you need to know and see and it’s the only areas that have black paintfill.


Coming from a set of cb’s with a wider sole, I did have some initial trepidations about the forgiveness of the CB-501’s. After playing my first round and then range sessions and more rounds, I shouldn’t have wasted the energy worrying.  The forgiveness built into the CB-501 was very surprising. Although at first glance the  design of the head does not appear to have magnificent properties of forgiveness built in like undercut  channels, huge perimeter weighting, adjustable weights, a large face heel to toe and gaudy badges and colored stickers claiming great yardage gains, the simplistic design of the 501 promotes much forgiveness. The grind on the sole worked very well for me out of the box as well. Although I saw Richard/easyyy had some sole work done on his set, which truthfully, I’m totally jealous of :D,


I’ve had absolutely no problem with digging or anything on my set.  Of course I’m not one to take huge divots to begin with but when I’ve had to keep the ball lower and do punch shots and knock downs, the sole grinds have worked well and the heads  performed exactly how I wanted them to do.
The heads are easily workable in all directions but yet still have much forgiveness.  The CB-501 is everything one would want in a muscleback with forgiveness of a cavity back thrown in.


Feel is such a personal thing.  I know golfers that actually like a clicky feel to their irons because to them it’s a more solid feel. That same brand I’ll test,  and not want to hit it again.  I’ve always been a fan of forged irons having grown up learning with forged blades but just because a club is forged does not make them all equal. There are a number of forged clubs that I’ve hit that I do not like at all.  There are also brands that have developed a feel in their heads that has been consistent for years and no matter what model comes out, you practically know how it’s going to feel before you hit it.  Miura is one of those brands.

Miura’s fourteen step forging and finishing process produces an iron head like none other.  There may be other brands that I’ve used that I’ve liked and have commented as being soft and a great forging, but there is no other brand US or JDM as soft to me as Miura. I’m sure some will think that’s a very bold statement but to any Miura user, I think I’ll have a lot of people agreeing with me.
The weight placed behind the sweet spot gives a very solid feel to shots.  It’s a feel that is tough to describe but more like the solid feel you get from a muscleback with all yet you still have the forgiveness of a cavity back.  The sound at impact is distinct and really unlike other brands.  It’s all what you may have felt on your best hit shot with other brands but add “clean” to it. I’ve read elsewhere people saying “buttery” is the feel but that seems too limited in what I feel is a Miura.   It’s really an indescribable feel that you must experience for yourself that I’m willing to bet after your first shot you’ll lift the club up, stare at the head and say “Wow”.   I’ve told my friends, I know it’s a solid shot when I practically felt like I was hitting a feather.  I’m sure there are guys who would like a more harder feel at impact but for me a solid shot with the CB-501’s seem to absorb the ball into the face and then shoot it off with no vibration returning to your hands and all you feel is the earth brushing against the sole.

Overall bottom line- 

It’s been about 10 years since I played my last set of Miura’s.  I had told many and myself many times, if I go back to them, what would I play next?  I’m a self admitted club “ho”.  Part of the enjoyment of the game for me is trying new things constantly.  Every time I looked at Miura clubs in the golf shops, I’d tell anyone within earshot, “that’s the best set here”.  Some people would ask what I’m playing and I’d give them the brand for the month.  It seemed that it was time I took my own advice and played what I though was the best brand in the shop.

The Miura CB-501 has the looks, feel playability and lasting nature that I know can last a long time in my bag. Sure, I won’t have the enjoyment of testing new irons every month, but really, I can’t see another brand made that will feel better then what I have in my bag.  The Miura CB-501 is the best investment you can put in your bag.

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Reid tries all the latest equipment in hopes of finding the latest and greatest of them all to add to his bag. He was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where the courses are green and the golf is great!


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  1. Just got a set to replace Mizuno MP 59. Heavenly feeling!!! Superb! Worth every penny. So happy that I make the switch. Hope to lower the score with one of the best weapon in the world! Finger cross…

  2. Just ordered a set and agree with all here. I never thought I could or would hit an iron that felt this good. I can’t wait to get them then have lie adjusted just right. For years I’ve been spending thousands on Scotty putters and finally decided it was time to put some real money in the others weapons of the trade.

  3. I just got fit yesterday for a set of 501’s. I cannot wait. I got 3-PW (-1 deg on each iron as i have a high ball flight) with the KBS Tour C Taper s+ shafts (the ones with the satin finish that look almost like graphite and no KBS sticker on the shaft). I also got them customized so they are one of a kind with the Miura logo on the back in Orange, the word Miura in blue, blue ferrules and orange iomic grips. I love they no one else in the world have the color combo. I hit them during my fitting and they were the best feeling club I have ever hit. But I still cannot wait to play a round with them. Thanks for the awesome review and confirming how much I am going to love these clubs for the rest of my life!!!!

  4. Being that I’m a lefty I only had one choice in either blade or cavity back but I had hit probably 30 or so different irons before I hit a Miura club. I immediately knew that they were the club that I was goin to play for a long time. The finish does look soft and even feels soft to the touch brushing across the face of the clubs. They are also incredibly durable.

    You will NEVER forget the feel of impact with a Miura iron. The best irons that I’ve ever hit….In all my other trials the ONLY irons that were close and yet still a very distant second was the Mizuno MP59 and the KZG tour evolution (Lefty not available but I tried them out right handed)

    Awesome awesome clubs.