Hard to explain how hard Oakmont Country Club is unless you play it.

Every year I am invited to play by a close friend who has a sales guy that has an out of state membership. Every time I am asked I say when and yes I will play.

We go up Sunday night and stay on site. At Oakmont there is three different areas for guests to stay. The Gatehouse, Pool House and the Pros Cottage. The Pool house is the worst of the three and then the Pros House. The Gate house is an old brick house that has 2 or 3 rooms downstairs another two bedrooms on floor one and two more bdms upstairs. We sleep Sunday night and play the afternoon round Monday. When done with the round we have one of the best showers you can experience under a high volume waterfall. Old school from the top to the bottom. The locker rooms have walls filled with old photos of all the greats that played Oakmont over the years. Old scorecards from past US Opens. Johnny Miller’s victory with a final round 63.

Dinner for guest on outing Monday nights is one of the best dinners you will ever have. Better than the dinner is when the head Pro Bob Ford makes his way by your table to say hello. Touch of class Bob. Touch of class.

Oakmont is a bitch of a track. Never a flat lie in the fairway and the greens…. oh the greens. They run between 11 and 15 for members and the USGA comes in for an Open and they always slow them down for the big tournaments. Now a green at 12 stamp is ok if flat, but if you but the undulations that Oakmont has then your toast. TOAST. I play to a 4 at my home course and won’t even admitt what I scored this last time. But I have had a range from 78 to 94 at this course. The above Pic is my friend Dave’s two boys Nick (left) and Jake (right) just now in the back seat. We are on the long drive home make to Detroit.

Fun times but a humbling experience. Nick the sleeping dog on the left shot a 79 today and we all felt it was a heroic round. 95* with 90% humidity will make this baby even harder.

Old school and pure. Caddies only unless your a checkered flagger.

We played today and now on the way home. Nick and Jake are crashed in the back of the car, and I am up front questioning why my USGA handicap is a 4 and not a freakin 18. When I walked off today I hated the game. But after a long shower, lunch and two hours passed I am starting to warm up to it now. Well warming up enough to post this.

Oakmont…. ouch. That is the hardest course I have ever played. Rich in tradition but devilish to play. I love it and hate it.

But memories with friends always makes it great.

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