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Looking for some interesting and hot looking irons this year? Looking to set yourself apart from the same old irons you might have seen on the course or on TV for the last 30 no 50 years?

Looking for a players set in looks but a technology packed set of irons? Here you go…

The Cobra AMP Forged Irons are a story of a double edge sword. What is good can also be bad.

For instance you will read there is technology in these irons that few irons on the market have but at the same time they can add benefits they can also take some away.

Sort of like your ECT (electronic throttle control) on your car. Helps and at times can hurt if you want to rage.


Pros: Larger chassis will instill confidence, technology packed design helps to move weight low and out to the edges to help tighten dispersion and the ORANGE bling factor is WOWOWOW. These will draw some attention.

Cons: The larger heads that might be loved by some might also be a touch (and we mean a touch) to large for some scratch or lowest of the handicap players. Also we would love to see the number on the toe next time Cobra. Needed to get picky didnt we!?!

Bottom Line: Lovely set of players irons here. Fresh looks will motivate many and also might hold a few back. Puma influences the orange “bling” factor in these designs while the talent of the old Cobra operation maintained a shape and technology story that is very compelling. We have a sweet set of irons here that are chalk full of bells and whistles. Tungsten weight placed in the long irons and milled pockets to help with accuracy and maybe distance and carbon forged heads and urethane insert to maintain the feel that better golfers love. Wow factor on these heads are worth the test and or demo at your local club or retailer.

Full Review:

We will add some facts we received from a press release as well as a video below from Cobra so you can fully understand the tech story. Cobra AMP Forged 4-PW, GW irons feature Advanced Material Placement “AMP” that enables customized distance and accuracy. Multi-alloy design strategically positions weight to provide distance on long irons and consistent short irons. Full cavity TPU layer dampens vibrations and provides great feel. Also built with E9 Face Technology that features a progressive face and cavity design for distance, feel and forgiveness.

Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums

Cobra did a great job with these irons. Designing and building irons in today’s competitive marketplace is hard than it seems. Only so much you can do to an iron head and looks like Cobra did a lot right. Not just moving tungsten weights to the heel and toe, but doing so along with the balance to allow the better player to work the ball is the trick.

This iron set combines forged performance with Advanced Material Placement (AMP) to offer the best of both worlds- playability with forgiveness. Tungsten weights in the heel and toe concentrate weight to the heel and toe to increase forgiveness without sacrificing workability. The Vibration Dampening System, which is an aluminum back plate encased in TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and lightweight TPR insert, provides vibration damping for better feel and sound. Constructed of precision-forged 1020 steel, the AMP forged iron set delivers feel and performance that we love to see here at GolfWRX. The CNC-milled pocket allows up to 26.5 grams of weight to be redistributed to the tungsten weighted areas.

All this technology makes for a fairly high tech set of irons. Now when you take the mass away from the sweet spot and move all that weight away you sacrifice feel. The solid in the hot is replaced with inserts and emblems in an attempt to duplicate that feel. Nice try here but you can still feel in some of the heads more than others there is a dampening effect that is noticeable. The long and mid irons have a milled spot that is filled back with a urethane insert. That insert replaces the solid structure that would be steel. Good and bad here. Good for forgiveness and bad for the feel you might loose by removing the structure behind the hit. Not uncommon in modern day designs. Ping i20 and s56 irons do the same while the Titleist 910 irons did the same they reintroduced the stucture back in the latest 912 ap2 heads.

The V-Skid sole design seems to work well in our early testing through the turf. Wider than the Titleist AP2 and the Mizuno mp-59 and more on par with the Ping i-20 soles.

The overall chassis is a larger than typical footprint and for the first few strikes it took a little getting used to. We like to fit clubs for our misses and the larger head might come in handy for the golfer looking for a little more confidence. The over all designs are wonderful. The transition from top line to neck look like they were ground by an artist. Very subtle transitions and beautiful lines.

Toplines on these irons are also unique. Looks like Cobra needed the width for performance but wanted to make the topline look more thin. So they ground the front side of the topline off to give it the illusion that topline is thinner than it really is. Here is a close up look at it…


Just last week I interviewed a technician from a top 100 club fitter. He wanted to keep his name anonymous. He said the AMP Forged irons made his top 2 for player irons.

Said and I quote… “these are like retuned AP2’s with more ball speed.”

I call that a victory. Sort of like saying it is a retuned Porsche 911 Turbo but faster and more refined. Yum. As a matter of fact during our preparation for the monthly Editors Choice we polled clubfitters and these made the list on 2 of 3 for top irons they are testing.

We also thought it would be nice to shoot some comparison shots of the AMP next to other popular iron in that same category. Click the link to see comparison shots with a few different sets.

Cobra AMP is one the left and the Titleist AP2 is on the right-

One thing that you cant help but to notice is the “bling” factor. These cavities with the day glow orange might not be for everyone but they are for some all they would ever want. Puma is screaming to get out of these designs.

The feel of the heads are great. Not as solid as a blade but the similar “muted” soft feel we see with many multi material constructed forged iron. Seems like the emblem and or the multiple materials coming together makes for a soft yet muted feel. Nothing to complain about and most should never feel anything but soft and solid.

Price: $899, steel (4-GW)

Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums

Here is a cool technical video from Cobra that will first hand explain the technology story…

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  1. Hi, I went to the local golf range to have a look at buying new clubs and eneded up with the AMP’s which I got custom fitted and can I say they are great, my old 7 iron would get me about 140 to 150 yards not with the custom fit etc the AMP 7 iron goes 170 to 185. I only went for the 5 to pw there was no need for the longer irons with the distance I was getting. I would recomend these irons to anyone, but make sure you get custom fitted.

  2. Meant to say the topline has a bit of a “two-toned” look to it. Satin then chrome. I did not like that feature at all but everything else looked darn good at address.

    • You can look all over the Net for golf tips. You Tube has tons (Jeff Ritter seems to have an almost cult filolwong). The Golf Channel\’s website,, there are TONS.You have enough clubs to go out and play some golf, regardless if it\’s 4 holes, 9 holes, 15 holes, 18 holes, 44 holes (THAT\’D be a great day!). Do yourself a favor, though: go out and find out how far you hit each club. If you go to a range or simulator and find out your 3 iron goes 160 yards and every iron after is 10-15 yards shorter, it makes picking the right club on the course that much easier. There\’s no point hitting a 6 iron from the 150 yard marker if you don\’t hit it that far, right? It\’d save you some frustration and wasted shots.I do recommend live lessons, though. Online instruction has its place, but there\’s nothing like getting it in person- immediate feedback and all that. For most instructors, an hour with them is roughly the cost of a round of golf. So, if you get a few live lessons to start out with, it\’ll almost be akin to being out there, only with you gaining solid fundamentals in the process. If that doesn\’t work for you, think of it like an investment in your long-term enjoyment of a great game. It\’s worth it.

  3. I hit these at Golfsmith in Livingston NJ about a week ago and was shocked. They felt really solid. Not a fan of the chunky sole but if you don’t care about that, these felt better to me than the 712 AP2’s and look every bit as good at address. Solid job by Cobra on these.

  4. Just bought a new set of 3-pw with the KBS tour s+ shafts. I am a 8 handicap and total gear junkie. In the last two year I have had: MP62’s, MP58’s, 710cbs, AP2’s. These are by far the best irons I have hit in the mid size players cavity back category. They are crazy long, accurate, still workable, and feel like butter. I was a little concerned with the top line and bounce, while they are a bit bigger than what I typically play, it has not bothered me a bit. I would encourage anyone to hit them at their local shop!

  5. I just picked up the new AMP forged and to say moving from a GI clubs these were slightly different from what I expected.
    Not in a bad way, it was much more thin from the address and the weight. The weight is what is some what of a game changing event going from GI irons (JPX800HD)
    I’m trying fix my swing on the AMP

    I took it out to the range and just with the first swing I knew why forged were a little better for hitting clean and distance!
    Like any other blade the sweet spot only shows itself with a clean center shot… crisp and smooth
    I took some crazy shot trying to muscle it and you will feel the response of a miss hit.

    Over all i still think the weight is the only downfall of these bad boys, , the AP2 I tried out were a little lighter in my opinion…
    Worth every penny

    FYI the orange is hot… girls and some boys couldn’t keep their eyes off of me or the irons i dont know