Pros: This is how hybrids should look. Both models are exceptionally consistent, and two of the longest of 2015.

Cons: None.

Who are they for?: The 915H and 915Hd will work well for a wide range of golfers.

The Review

Titleist’s 915 hybrids make choosing the right hybrid rather simple, and once you do, it’s just as easy to dial in the look and ball flight you need to play your best.

Simplicity has been a strongpoint of Titleist hybrids since 2011, when the company gave them Sure-Fit adjustable hosel that allowed golfers to tweak the loft, lie angle of face angle of the hybrids for their exact needs.

Not every golfer utilizes an adjustable hosel, but everyone who upgrades from a previous Titleist hybrid to the 915H or 915Hd model will see a nice jump in performance thanks to the new technologies in the clubs.


The most visible change to the hybrids (and all the 915 metal woods) is the addition of Titleist’s Active Recoil Channel, a deep slot that is positioned behind the face of the hybrids. It makes the front of the club heads more flexible at impact, and works with the new 455 stainless steel club faces to create a lot more ball speed, a lot less spin, and a slightly higher launch angle. It also makes them more forgiving.

Our Testing

In our testing at the Launch Pad at Carl’s Golfland in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., we saw the 915H and 915Hd fly as much as one club farther than the 913H and 913Hd hybrids. Ok, that sounds a bit too much like a claim you might here in a new club commercial, so let me explain.


With the same shaft, the 20.5-degree 915Hd carried and rolled the same distance for me as the 913Hd — at 18 degrees. The 915H actually carried 7 yards farther and rolled 1 yard farther.

Not all golfers will see that much improvement, but they will likely see at least some improvement if they’re currently playing an older Titleist hybrid.

Compared to their competitors, the 915H and 915Hd have also proven to be as long, if not longer, and offer one of the best blends of distance and consistency that we’ve seen in our 2015 Gear Trials testing. And both models tend to fly very straight in their neutral setting, with no noticeable draw or fade bias.

915H or 915Hd?

The 915Hd (left) and 915H at address.

Compared to each other, the 915H and 915Hd performed quite similarly. Titleist says 915Hd is about 0.7 degrees lower launching and 120 rpm lower spinning than the 915H, which again, isn’t a lot.

The fact that both clubs are great performers will free golfers up to do what comes natural to them — pick the one that looks and feels the best.

If you’re not able to see the hybrids in person, here’s what you need to know.

The 915H (118cc) has a larger, rounder appearance than the 915Hd (107cc). Both hybrids are pear shaped, but the 915Hd has a noticeable amount of offset that makes it look a bit more iron-like than the 915H.

The Takeaway

The 915H Hybrids are available in lofts of 18, 21, 24 and 27 degrees. The 915Hd hybrids are available in lofts of 17.5, 20.5 and 23.5 degrees. As long as you get the right shaft, which is easy to do with the five available stock options, you can’t go wrong with either.

Titleist’s stock shaft options includes:

  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana M+ (50 and 60)
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ 70
  • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ 90
  • Aldila Rogue Black 85

Both the 915H and 915Hd have an MSRP of $269.

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  1. The stock shafts offered in the 915 line are all legit. For example check the specs of the Diamana S+ 70 on Mitsubishi’s website…then compare these to the specs listed on Titleist’s website, they are identical. As explained to me by an official Titleist fitter, Titleist buys large numbers of the shafts so are able to offer these shafts at a discounted price to the consumer…it operates much like Walmart…buy bulk, get deals, (sometimes) pass savings on to consumer.

  2. So, No cons? $250-270 for a hybrid isn’t a con? $250 for “made-for” shafts and technology borrowed straight from TM and Nike? What are you paying for, the lawsuits? Certainly isn’t any R&D, and that price would be high even if they WERE legit shafts (and no, they’re not).

    • actually, the slot technology was patented by Titleist almost six years ago. The reason they haven’t released it until recently was because engineers had to figure out a way to get the smash factor limit down to a legal limit, and now they finally found a way to get the limit to the USGA regulation by making the center of the face thicker, and thinning out the edges of the club face.

      • They didn’t figure it out until other companies did. Typical titleist fan. They may have patented the idea, but they waited on other companies to to try and succeed, before they tried.

  3. If they want to make a longer hybrid, why did god give us 14 clubs.They will be making a longer putter next. How about making a club that goes straight all the time, i’ll buy one of those in fact i’ll buy 13 of them.

    • Ooops. You missed the point of longer. Toe shots are longer that they were with previous generation through the use of technology. So when you are hitting them all over the face when you’re in over your head in a money game, you won’t suffer as much and have a panic attack and leave the course crying.

  4. Who cares how those compare to previous model as long thise will appear your eye, ear and badget. I had a choice between the 913 and 915 hybrid and I chose the 915 H 18*. Love the looks and technology. Sure I could save 100$ buying the 913 but I don’t want to make compromises as this club will be in the bag for couple of years. Just go with what gives you confidence.

  5. You guys can complain all you want, call them Taylor Made, etc… But the Titleist 21° 915h which i uses is one of the best performing golf clubs in my bag. It replaced my 913h 19* which was also great, but the 21* goes as high and straight (and far) as my previous 19*. So adding loft and i still get the same carry. It’s not shaft length because the shafts are NOT longer. GREAT quality clubs which goes where you are thinking, and bias very straight.

  6. This site used to be exciting and informative. Now I just feel like I’m being suckered in to OEM marketing b.s and I think half of the comments are posted by marketers from the OEM’s just pumping their products.

  7. I love and enjoy all of the 915’s that found a spot in my bag. The only question, besides appearance which I believe was hard to differentiate unless both were sitting side-by-side in front of you, and it was still minimal at Most. My question is why would you create a 2 clubs so similar where one spins 120 RPMs less (I’m guessing robot average?), nothing really else is too much different. Is that a big enough difference to make two different clubs? Or is it just based more on visual comfort.

  8. Since we use hybrids to fill in distance gaps between woods and our longest iron, adding a clubs length in distance just means if we upgrade then we need a different loft. So be careful buying. I built my set for my style.
    Driver 270
    3wood 250
    2hybrid 230
    4 iron195
    Longer hybrid means everything else needs change as well.

    • Wow, your carry is just longer than the average touring pro. This is the internet, I’m sure you could have gone longer–just add a few more yards. This site has become ridiculous…

    • Honestly, I tried both the 913hd and 915hd. Ball flight, distance etc were all about the same, forgiveness was the same too. Save your money and pick up the 913 line and have a nice steak dinner after the round with your savings. I wasn’t impressed. Seems like all the reviews on here, year after year say the same thing. Boring.

      • ummm epic fail on this comment ^^^^^

        Easily 10 yards longer with the same shaft…I have a 24* I carry exactly 235 yards and that was the distance with my 21* 913.

        The only con that they should have included was the cleaning of the recoil channel…not a deal killer but a pain nonetheless.

  9. These bad boys are amazing. I am not sure how to compare it to the 913 models since I went from the 910 hybrid to the 915 now; however, I absolutely love mine. I have the 21* model with the Aldila Rogue Black and it’s money.