SCOR™ Golf Unveils SCORFIT™ Short Game Fitting Process 

Innovative system lets golfers get the right “prescription” for their scoring clubs

(Victoria, TX: June 5, 2012) – SCOR™ Golf today announced the launch of its “new and improved” version of its proprietary SCORFit™ Short Game Fitting System for the SCOR4161 line of precision scoring clubs.

Designed for golfers of all abilities, the innovative SCOR4161 line of wedges and short irons brings a new level of innovative engineering and design to ensure golfers have the proper wedges and short irons to optimize their short range performance. The proprietary interactive SCORFit process quickly and precisely helps players determine the proper „prescription? of scoring clubs for their particular game, including the right lofts, shafts and specifications for length, lie angle and grip size. The SCORFit process is

backed by a comprehensive database of irons to ensure what SCOR Golf calls a “seamless transition” from middle irons to scoring clubs. The process takes into account the golfer?s current set make-up, swing tempo, typical ball flight, and course conditions. The SCORFit System can be found at

“Very few golfers have the right combination of lofts in their scoring clubs,” said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR™Golf. “They also are not playing the proper shafts to optimize feel, or specifications to improve their shotmaking in the „money range?. The SCORFit process helps each golfer determine his best scoring club make-up to ensure they put the right scoring tools in their bags to lower their scores.”

“SCOR Golf is focused solely on innovative solutions to help golfers improve their performance with their scoring clubs and the SCORFit process represents the most accurate way to achieve that goal,” added Koehler. SCOR4161 scoring clubs are designed to help golfers understand how they should transition from their irons to wedges in order to optimize feel and performance, and control the distance differentials between their scoring clubs. “With the SCORFit System, golfers now have the tools to ensure that they have just the right set of precision scoring clubs that will deliver improved trajectories and better accuracy while offering optimum forgiveness.”

About SCOR™ Golf
SCOR™4161 is the flagship product of SCOR™ Golf, a new division of Eidolon Brands. The product line represents the most comprehensive package of innovative scoring technology in the industry, combining forgiveness, game improvement performance and unmatched precision into the scoring end of the set for golfers of all abilities. The innovative SGC3 progressive weighting design features seven distinct head designs across twenty-one precision lofts from 41-61 degrees to optimize trajectory, spin and distance control for each scoring club, while erasing the dividing line between short irons and wedges. SCOR™4161 also features patented V-SOLE technology, proprietary GENIUS® shafts co-engineered with KBS® and UST Mamiya®, and the company?s own SCOR™ grips. All heads are Tru-Form-Forged™ from 8620 carbon steel to combine the

precision of casting with the feel of forging. Each set of SCOR™4161 scoring clubs is custom built to fit each individual golfer by using the proprietary “SCOR™Fit” fitting process that determines the exact specifications necessary to optimize a golfer?s performance in the scoring zone. More information on SCOR™ Golf and SCOR™4161 can be found at or at 877-726-7670.

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