If you’ve run into me on the course or the practice range you’ll know that I’m the lefty that is married to a righty.This post was written by said righty and is a review of the Hathaway driver:

I had the opportunity to test out the Hathaway V4 interchangeable driver that is now being offered by Harrison Sports.Yes, this is the shaft company.


The driver has an oblong appearance very similar to the R9 and the sole incorporates their 4 X 4 platform technology.The sole could be viewed as a bit busy but once you realize the technology and benefits, looks are not necessarily that important.For a new offering in the club world the quality is up to par with other major OEMs.The Saga 60 shaft and stock grip are a nice feature and will fit a majority of players needs.It offers 4 way adjustability L,U,N,R and the benefit of interchangeable shafts.


For context, I’ll tell you that I was big fan of the old King Cobra 454 sound back in the day. This is not in the same league as far as the sound goes, but this is by no means a quiet driver. My swings did not go unnoticed even while next to a very senior golfer.When the sweet spot was hit it certainly did something for my ego.


The club I tested out was a 9.5 with the stock Harrison Saga 60 at 45.75.I normally play an extra stiff 85 gram shaft with a high kick point (go figure another big hitter on the site).For me, the launch was too high if I did not choke down on the club. The ball still carried very well and had a little bit of roll. Spin seemed on par with my R9 and more forgiving with my misses still staying in the fairway.Tried to tee the ball lower like I normally do but this club is meant to be teed up high where the sweet spot seems to come alive. I caught a few that really took off and without a trackman could not tell just how hot they were coming off the face. They have something with the titanium dual plasma face technology. I would love to add more but would want to re-shaft before I start to compare this to my other drivers. I let a total of five other players hit this club and not one walked away unimpressed.They liked the appearance and found it easy to adjust. It definitely held its own against a G15, 909d2, and Burner TP.


This is a titanium faced club with dual plasma face technology that reminded me a lot of the Exotics line of clubs with the feel of a JDM driver. The ball seems to sit on the driver forever and then just takes off. There are going to be some ball speed numbers coming in the next few weeks and I would be surprised if this driver does not rank near the top with any of the other available offerings.


I would love to get this driver re-shafted and put it through a more thorough testing. This is a nice club and, like many golfers, I am always hesitant to play anything other than the major golf companies. The appearance and quality of this driver are excellent and there is a definite attention to detail. For a club in the price range of $299 I don’t think you will get any better a combo than the stock saga shaft. They have put this together as a club maker’s driver meaning that with an extra adapter and adjustment options you can tailor this to your specific needs.

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  1. I used the V4 Hathaway for the past 3 years and loved it. Two weeks ago the face cracked in the sweet spot. I am looking for another with a 10.5 degree loft. If you know anyone who has one please let me know. I can’t find anything that will compare to the performance of this driver. Thanks.