Rory supports Marshawn Lynch’s interview tactics


    Well, that was awkward. If you’ve seen a Marshawn Lynch interview before, however, you’re not surprised — he openly dislikes the media.

    Lynch is the starting running back for the defending NFL Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, who beat the Carolina Panthers 31-17 on Saturday to advance to the NFC Championship.

    While Lynch is a key component to the Seahawks’ success, he hasn’t been quite as successful dealing with scribes. He was fined $100K earlier this season for his unwillingness to cooperate with the media in post-game interviews, often answering questions with one-word answers like “yeah,” or “maybe.”

    What does this have to do with golf? Rory McIlroy Tweeted his support of Lynch’s media tactics on Sunday.

    Expectedly, the statement sparked a conversation about the relationship between sports stars and the media. At the frontline of the Twitter war was Matt Cleary, contributor to The Guardian, Australia’s Inside Golf, and other outlets.

    Luckily for golf fans, Rory has always been open with the media, which is why it’s weird he took this stance on the athlete-media dynamic. It’s just another case of Rory’s affinity of commenting on hot topics — and his willingness to be honest.

    Thank goodness our sport has more McIlroys than Marshawns.

    On a side note: Can I get Matt Cleary’s “Quid pro quo bro” made into a t-shirt or something?

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    Andrew Tursky is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team while earning a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


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    1. It’s the post-game interviews he seems to despise most. Before and during the games he is much more in the moment. After the games he’s probably just tired and wants to go home, and all these twits are asking him stupid questions about what we all just saw. It’s not like he doesn’t enjoy talking about his sport, or discussing the latest game, he just doesn’t want to talk right then. Go watch his pre-Superbowl discussion with PrimeTime… he was just fine, because Sanders is a fellow player not looking for anything other than to talk about the Superbowl and the sport.

      And here’s a hint for the two-bit reporters that get sent to the locker rooms after games… he’s never going to give you a real interview, ever, regardless of the measly fines they throw at him, so stop trying… you’re just making yourself look stupid by continuously asking pointless, irrelevant questions.

      Personally, I think it’s awesome that he’s sticking to his guns in spite of other overpaid millionaires trying to force him to bend to their wishes. It’s not a “quid pro quo bro” situation either, sports will happen with or without sports reporters, but sports reporters do not have a job without the sport. And don’t confuse reporters with coverage of a sporting event, not the same thing at all.

    2. Answering questions is part of being a professional… Rory comfortable? I am seeing a pretty big ego from his comments. I hope we are not getting another Tiger Woods with Rory

      • and you have nailed it. Marshawn has to do it even if he does not want to = arrogant. Rory is happy to do interviews = arrogant. well if you have an opportunity to talk to media on global basis you can judge… can you judge?

    3. Rory love your golf but like the guy to know you by the media look smart and gentyl for me it is important to here wath you think by th media .RORY sometime it is you know waht i mean nike $$$$$$$ and the money you make wen you win it is becaus of the fans!!!!!!! AND ((((TIGER)))) KEEP the good relation you and the fan

    4. Marshawn Lynch is contractually obligated to speak to the Media. You signed on the line, you live up to the deal or you GTFO of professional sports. Second, the NFL, like the PGA ( Which is beyond BS ) is a Non-Profit Business, the largest retail based business on the planet is non-profit. It receives subsidies, it receives preferential treatment but the FCC and the IRS. It receives billions of dollars from tax payers to build stadiums and pay salaries, football has become such an institution you should see the benefits packages of COLLEGE coaches. Most of whim are State employees therefore it is us again paying. So the fact is Marshawn Lynch… Rory…. Every other Athlete who’s existent, who’s EXTRAVAGANT existence is funded and subsidized by THE FANS of your sport… If you can’t look at your Ferarri and think you might just owe ALL the people who runs your lifestyle 5 minutes of honesty and attention.., you don’t deserve any of it and should be ashamed.

    5. Some of Y’all touched on it already but these guys don’t have any profound perspective to mention. Their play speaks for itself. Yeah we might not know some of the technicalities of the sport but similarly to this article, I don’t give a hoot about what Rory thinks about an athlete in a polar opposite sport or what Marshawn has to say. That’s crap that he gets fined. Just my opinion.

    6. Honestly- I don’t think Marshawn has anything to say that is worth knowing about. He doesn’t seem all that intelligent to me. He runs away from pursuers holding a football….what does he have to say? “I got caught or I got away?” Either way we saw it live with 100 replays from every angle so the truth is its more fun to watch him trying to avoid the media than anything he has to mumble about. BORING-

    7. After game/round interviews are always the same anyhow, as seen in Bull Durham. Marshawn is just tired of the stupidity and how writers take a comment and put it out of context. I mean Tiger talks, but he just has 100 ways of saying the same thing. “My swing feels good, I just couldn’t get the putts to fall, I just gotta play’em 1 at a time and just stay focused.” Its totally ridiculous.

    8. Guess what, my employment agreement (in a corporate office) doesn’t require me to talk to anyone either. But I’m pretty sure if I refused to talk to people I’d be fired. Grow up and offer your 2 cents to the people who watch you play. No need to act like a child..Just lost some respect for Rory for supporting this idiot.

      • I like Rory now!!,And would love to have Marshawn on the Detroit Lions to go along with Suh.Then have continued battles against the NFL/Goodelle.Goodelle made $44 million last year,The Occupy movement should protest Goodelle\Nfl

    9. Kudos to Lynch and Rory. I pay to watch them play on the field. I don’t pay to hear what they say when someone jams a microphone in their face in the locker room. I disagree with what Mr. Cleary said about the players speaking to the fans through the media. That’s what social media is. That is the players speaking directly to the fans… without a third party (ahem… media). I like to read and hear the analysis of games by professionals. I don’t need a quote by Marshawn saying, “The OLine did a great job blocking for me today.” to enhance that. Now if Marshawn wanted to say, “Kuechly was really plugging the A gap well today, and their 5 technique was pulling some nasty stunts. So we blah blah blah….”. THAT would add to an interview… but again, that’s what analysts are for.

    10. I’d prefer more play coverage than the cookie cutter interviews:

      “Just gonna take it shot-by-shot and hope that’s good enough to come out on top”

      — can only be rephrased so many ways.

    11. If the quality of the interviews were better and less oriented to the no sport part of their life, maybe some players would answer more easily.
      It’s the same with on course coverage, some channels have very low grade professional analysts. I wish to ear more sport journalists and less social bloggers.

    12. As a paying customer, all I care about is that the player gives his full effort on the field. He doesn’t owe me anything beyond that.

      The media can whine about this all they want, but they have brought this on themselves.

      If Lynch wants to come off looking a little better, he could take a lesson from Tiger. Tiger is the master at giving answers that sound polite but have no content whatsoever.

    13. Go Marshawn,

      Not a Seahawks fan, but respect that he doesn’t want to talk to the media.
      I think he should adopt a WWE personna and just say “Oh yeah!!!” and “Can you smell whats cooking?” quotes. Dont forget to thank Jesus too.

    14. The purpose of all those locker room interviews, is to get the scoop, gossip and slip of the tongues from players that will give a reporter his 5 minutes of fame. If you want really want to get to know the player, sit down with a one-on-one interview.

    15. I love sports, but honestly could care less about the post game interviews. All they are looking for is sound bites that will get them clicks on their webpage or ratings on their news shows. And actually, could care less about what athletes think about any given topic. Sports “news” is the worst… might as well be tabloid news.

      And the “sports need media for fans” argument is a silly one. I can watch the game/tourny just fine without reading the articles before and after.

      • Amen. agree totally. The so-called media has too much time and space to fill and ratings to get, so they ask questions, often baiting, that have no bearing on anything with the hope that the athlete will say something stupid, they can put it online and the athlete goes in the dunking booth.
        I really don’t care what they have to say, the event speaks for itself. How many times can you hear “how did you feel out there today”. GAG.

      • The only people who care about it are the media.

        Unfortunately, like I said, they’re the only ones who write about it, so it seems like the general public are upset about this.

        Look in the comment section of any article on this topic. It’s just like this one. Fans 10-1 don’t care about this.

        The media does because if they don’t get a quote from a guy, they think to themselves, “oh, I’m just a schmuck writing about sports. Anyone can do that.”

        But, if they get a quote, now they have ACCESS. Their opinion of the game is more important than yours or mine because they have ACCESS. They’re able to get more INSIGHT than we could get at home.

        That’s what really bothers the media. Now, they’re just like the rest of us. They try to make it about “these players make money because of what we do.” Sure.

    16. This ongoing story about Marshawn Lynch will never get fair treatment because the people who do 100% of the reporting are the people getting shafted by Lynch.

      This idea that they’re all making money because of the media is specious, at best. The MEDIA is going to put football games and Golf tournaments on TV because THE MEDIA makes money from that.

      The media NEED the games.

      The media WANT access to the athletes. They want to believe that inserting “after the game so-and-so said such-and-such” to their articles adds to fans enjoyment. It doesn’t. Maybe twice a year during football season will someone say, “did you hear what Coach X said after the game?”

      The televising of games isn’t going away if athletes stop talking to the press. The reporters just aren’t going to be able to continue to crap out their plug-and-play stories.

      Sure, I’m glad that Rory and others will talk to the press sometimes, but they shouldn’t be REQUIRED to, and that’s all Rory was saying.

      Nothing of interest ever comes out of those interviews and the media acts like thee interviews are the lifeblood of golf coverage. Please. Get over yourselves.

      Let’s hear someone ask a question about DJ’s drug use. Let’s hear someone ask a question about Tiger’s time off because of his “back”. I hear more interesting golf discussions after Tuesday night twilight league than I do from these stiffs in a year.

    17. For the amount of money these guys take in, I would do a lot of things I didn’t want to in order to be in that position. One being speak to the media. I like Rory, but this reminds me of his “toothache” withdraw situation. These people should be more greatful. We all have to do things we don’t want to do because of work. These people play games for a living. Dealing with media obligations is part of the job description.

      • Yep, when Marshawn signed his contract it said, “Will talk to the media”. Now, I’m cool with him and his agent getting a contract that says the opposite. It’s about the action, boss.