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Bettinardi to release 10 new putters for 2015



Don’t think of it as a new putter line. Think of these putters as distinct models that just happen to be released at the same time. That was my takeaway from a conversation about Bettinardi’s new putter line with Sam Bettinardi, vice president of sales and marketing for Bettinardi Golf, and it’s not a hard conclusion to reach.

Last year, Bettinardi took a more conventional strategy with its 2014 line of BB Series putters. It included several different models, and every putter (sans the BB55) had the same finish, face milling, paint fill and headcover.

Demand for Bettinardi’s putters was greater than ever in 2014, which led to the company’s expansion of its Chicago-area production facility from 20,000 to 40,000 square feet. But for 2015, the company wanted to do something different.

“We don’t just want to change the paint fill every year,” Bettinardi says. “We want to be innovative and creative.”


This year, the company will release 10 new putter models, each of which is unique in some way or shape. Putters such as the iNOVAi (pronounced in-o-vey) and Kuchar Model 2 are completely new models, while the others are classic Bettinardi shapes that have been refined for 2015.

The putters will be available through and at select retailers on Jan., 15, 2015.


Bettinardi’s iNOVAi putter has an aluminum body (260 grams) and a stainless steel weight (128 grams) that increases its MOI. Each piece is 100 percent milled.

The iNOVAi is a high-MOI mallet with a 6061 aluminum body and a stainless weight located on the back of the putter that pushes its center of gravity rearward to improve its forgiveness. It’s available in both a standard-length and a counter-balanced model that has a heavier putter head and a longer-length, back-weighted grip to improve overall MOI.


The Kuchar Model 2 (above) was designed specifically for Matt Kuchar, who asked Bettinardi to make him a halfmoon-styled Arm Lock putter that had no offset. The putter is available in a standard-length model, as well as the Arm Lock model used by Kuchar.


A Bettinardi Queen B Model 6 putter with the company’s Savannah Blue PVD finish. 

The Queen B Model 6 and Model 7 putters have the company’s new Savannah Blue PVD finish, which emits hues of purple, orange, yellow, turquoise and aqua, depending on how the light hits it.

The Studio Stock 2 and 16 putters have an Olympic Bronze PVD finish that fits somewhere between chocolate, bronze and oil can.


A Bettinardi Studio Stock 2 putter with the company’s Olympic Bronze finish. 

Several of the putters also have have Bettinardi’s new Super Fly-Mill Face, which offers a slightly different feel than the company’s Honeycomb and F.I.T. Face milling patterns.

[quote_box_center]”All our tour players are using our F.I.T. Face, which has our softest feel,” Bettinardi says. “But people were asking, ‘Can you make something a little firmer?’ The Super Fly-Mill is a nice middle ground between our F.I.T. Face and our firmer Honeycomb Face.”[/quote_box_center]

Face Milling Explanation1 600

Bettinardi’s Signature Series 9 and 10 putters are the most exclusive in the line, limited to 1000 pieces. They’re stamped with the initials of company founder Robert J. Bettinardi, and milled from what the company calls D.A.S.S., or double-aged stainless steel.

To create D.A.S.S., 303 stainless steel is cooked to a temperature of 600 degrees fahrenheit, cooled, and then re-heated to a temperature of 375 degrees. The “double-aging” process creates a softer-feeling putter, Bettinardi says.

The putters will be available through for pre-order starting Dec. 17 and in stores on Jan., 15, 2015.

Learn more about each of Bettinardi’s new putters below, and click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the putters in our forum. 

iNOVAi ($299)


Face Balanced, Super Fly-Mill and F.I.T. Face Milling. Also available in a counter-balanced model ($350). 

  • Weight: 358 grams
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum (body), Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Grip: Black Pure (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: iNOVAi Black
  • Dexterity: RH and LH


Kuchar Model 2 Halfmoon ($375)


1/4 Toe Hang, F.I.T. Face Milling. Also available in an Arm Lock ($375).

  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Meridian Blue
  • Grip: Gray Pure (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Kuchar Signature White/Blue
  • Dexterity: RH and LH


Queen B Model 6 ($375)


 Face Balanced, Micro Honeycomb Face Milling

  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Savannah Blue
  • Grip: White Pure (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Queen B Royal Purple
  • Dexterity: RH Only

4dacbd74291ed3364cdabe8a45e40925a6ea21ced69aae632ab2fcc08804b75ecf594fbb4d1ea5e7830fa3da6972ac2b6b1e04b936b8549ada17c9c7a1e3becd Queen B Model 7 ($375)

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.17.02 PM

1/4 Toe Hang, Micro Honeycomb Face Milling

  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Savannah Blue
  • Grip: White Pure (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Queen B Royal Purple
  • Dexterity: RH Only

Click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the putters in our forum.

Studio Stock 2 ($399)


1/4 Toe Hang, Super Fly-Mill Face

  • Weight: 358 grams
  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Olympic Bronze
  • Grip: Blue Pure (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Studio Stock Legend Blue
  • Dexterity: RH Only


Studio Stock 16 ($399)


Face Balanced, Super Fly-Mill Face

  • Weight: 358 grams
  • Material: Mild Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Olympic Bronze
  • Grip: Blue Pure (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Studio Stock Legend Blue
  • Dexterity: RH Only


Signature Series 9 ($495)


Face Balanced, Super Fly-Mill Face

  • Weight: 348 grams
  • Material: Double-Aged Stainless Steel (D.A.S.S.)
  • Finish: Tour Blast
  • Grip: Red Leather Gripmaster (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Signature Red
  • Dexterity: RH Only


Signature Series 10 ($495)


1/4 Toe Hang, Honeycomb Face Milling

  • Weight: 348 grams
  • Material: Double-Aged Stainless Steel (D.A.S.S.)
  • Finish: Tour Blast
  • Grip: Red Leather Gripmaster (standard or midsize)
  • Headcover: Signature Red
  • Dexterity: RH Only


Click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the putters in our forum.

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  1. FTWPhil

    Dec 18, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Haters gonna hat.

  2. Andy

    Dec 17, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    Putters look amazing, those that are upset are scared Bettinardi is on the up and up. Those new finishes, I mean, how do they get those colors!

  3. T-MAC

    Dec 17, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Need a Newport and/or Newport 2 style head with a flow neck Betti!
    Love the 3 different milling patterns though.

  4. Preston

    Dec 17, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Are these carbon steel or SS? The craftsmanship looks good, but not paying those prices for SS. I don’t even buy new Scottys (thank you ebay)…

  5. John

    Dec 17, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Same old crap being relabeled “New”. Overpriced and poorly marketed.

  6. dot dot

    Dec 17, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    releasing 10 pieces of crap just makes a bigger pile of crap

  7. Bryan

    Dec 17, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Worst looking putters ever lol

  8. Matt

    Dec 17, 2014 at 10:33 am

    Ouch! My wallet!

  9. Bubba Watson

    Dec 17, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Sexy putters. Wish they would help me get the ball home.

  10. Jonny B

    Dec 17, 2014 at 10:09 am

    LOVE. I like how they explain the different feels of the various milling patterns on the face. Reminds me of what Ping has done with their stroke arc fitting based on hosel length/offset – they are aiming at the variety of golfers out there by creating products for individuals, not mass producing one-for-all like many equipment companies do.

  11. Henry

    Dec 17, 2014 at 12:53 am

    Why no flow neck or #9 style!!! You’re killing me Betti

    • Josh

      Dec 17, 2014 at 11:54 am

      Looks like a funky little flow neck on the Queen Bee #7, but I would bet you’re looking for a blade with a flow neck and more toe hang than 1/4?

  12. TheBrokenTee

    Dec 17, 2014 at 12:47 am

    Each one of these putters are starting to really grow on m . They looked funky at first but I’m starting to really like how the iNOVAi looks. Might have to grab tha .

  13. other paul

    Dec 16, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Is the arm lock in LH?

  14. chad ryan

    Dec 16, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Mother of god…..the studio stock will be mine

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Forum Thread of the Day: “A comparison of current blades”



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“Favorite Iron: Honma (Surprise!)
Best Looking: Titleist 620
Best Feel: P7TW
Most Forgiving: PXG 0311t
Least Forgiving: Titleist 620 or P7TW

Ranking of all Irons:
Apex MB
MC 501
620 MB

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  • Z4Z3R: “Very nice write up! Thanks for Sharing! I go back and forth between my Apex MB’s and my P7TW’s. That’s also partly because I have different shafts in each. My first couple of month’s with the TW’s, I thought they were fairly forgiving, but I think I was just swinging it really well. They do feel very good when middled. I started struggling a bit, and everyone in the group knows when you miss it, even if the result doesn’t show. The sound quickly changes to very clicky. The Apex MB’s on the other hand, still sound pretty good/soft on misses which I like. I know when I miss it, but I usually like my playing partners to still think I hit it good!”
  • cflo2382: “Solid write up. Spot on with the Miura MC-501. I’ve gamed them for a year now, and my takeaway is very similar to yours. Miura feel. Easy to hit. Look incredible.. but.. OFFSET. It didn’t bother me so much, but after hitting some of the recent blade offerings and then coming back to these, it’s striking how much it stands out. I keep kicking around the idea of moving into something else or sticking with them for another year. They do perform well (for me), though, that’s for sure.. but the Blueprints and Baby Blades have my attention.”

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Bettinardi unveils 2020 BB Series and Inovai Series putters



Bettinardi Golf has unveiled its 2020 lineup, which includes a refreshed BB Series and completely re-engineered Inovai Series.

The BB Series features the brand’s classic head shapes, improved visual details as well as contours, and an all-new Glacier Black finish and paint scheme for a more glare-resistant appearance.

The company describes the Inovai series as its most advanced MOI mallets to date. The putters are milled in a one-piece 303 stainless steel face with a 6061 aluminum rear piece. The new additions also contain a Cobalt Blue anodized finish with the 303 stainless face in a platinum finish, which aims to offer golfers optimal visual cues while framing the ball at address.

2020 Bettinardi BB Series

Along with the features mentioned above, each putter from the 2020 BB Series is 100 percent milled from one block of soft carbon steel. The four new additions contain a super-fly mill face milling formed by what the company describes as a “less aggressive tool” for ultimate smoothness and response to provide players with maximum feel at impact.

Each addition comes paired with a tour-grade putter shaft with added stability and stiffer structure to promote a constant weight throughout the player’s swing arc, as well as Lamkin’s new SinkFit putter grip.

The BB1 is offered in both right and left-handed options, while all four of the new BB Series putters are weighted at 350 grams with a lie of 70 degrees and three degrees of loft.



The classic BB1 features a plumber’s neck, designed to offer more of a traditional appearance and moderate toe hang, with tighter radiuses along the topline, shoulders, and bumpers. 

BB1 Flow

Back in the lineup for the first time since 2016, the BB1 Flow features a flat topline, softened for a tour-preferred look at address with refined shoulders and bumpers designed for a more contoured appearance. The flow neck position sits at 3/4 shaft offset, which aims to offer players with more arc in their stroke optimal visual cues at setup.

BB8 Wide


Designed for those seeking a traditional blade appearance, Bettinardi milled a wider flange on his classic BB8 head shape aiming to provide a clean looking, squared-off blade with lengthened sightline, compressed shoulders, and flat bumpers.



The BB45 is a mallet-shaped putter, which features an extended flange line, tightly milled radiuses along the shoulders and outer flange, and a slightly thinner top-line designed to provide a player’s preference at address. The putter contains a single bend shaft gently flowing into the spud neck. 

2020 Bettinardi Inovai Series

As well as containing an American 303 stainless steel face and 6061 aluminum rear piece designed for optimal weight distribution to provide greater stability and added forgiveness, the new additions from Bettinardi feature the company’s F.I.T. Face milling, which looks to offer maximum response to golfers at impact.

The series arrives with a tour-grade stiffer putter shaft and Lamkin’s new SinkFit putter grip, and all three new additions are weighted at 358 grams, with a lie of 70-degrees and 2-degrees of loft. The Inovai 6.0 arrives in both right and left-handed options.

Inovai 6.0

According to Bettinardi, the Inovai 6.0 is the “best feeling MOI putter” created to date, offering optimal weight distribution for greater stability and added forgiveness due to the addition of an American 303 Stainless Steel Face, along with a 6061 Aluminum rear piece. TheInovai 6.0 flatstick features a crescent milled neck.

Inovai 6.0 CTR

This center-shaft MOI mallet is designed for players with a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke in mind and contains a one-piece 303 stainless steel face without offset, to provide maximum visuals from the straight shaft appearance.

Inovai 6.0 S

The Inovai 6.0 S features a single bend shaft flowing into the putter head and is targeted at players who prefer minimal toe hang. 

Each addition from the 2020 BB Series retails at $300, while each putter from the Inovai Series costs $400. You can pre-order from November 14th on the company website, with domestic shipping starting on January 14th, 2020. See the rest of the line, including the 2020 Studio Stock and Queen B putters at



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WRX Spotlight: Sense Golf Grips



In putting, just as in the rest of golf, you often hear the term “line up square” for best results. With the all-new Sense S1 and R1 grips, you can now take the idea of lining up square to a whole new level.

Speaking to level, Sense isn’t just creating a square grip either—it’s about an entire grip system designed to help you find the exact feel and weight distribution that allows you to create the most consistent putting stroke possible. They achieve this with their patented S.A.W. (Sliding Adjustable Weight) system that is hidden out of sight inside the grip and the shaft of your putter.

The S.A.W. System comes with different adjustable weights that move up and down a carbon fiber rod under your hands to create different feels for the users. The placement positions are endless since there are no specific looking points and with the option to also purchase addition weights, there is bound to one combo that gives you exactly what you want. The stock kit comes with 30 g, 20 g, and 10 g weights that can all be used at once (or not at all) to fine-tune weight placement and overall balance point of the entire putter.

There have been a lot of great weight-shifting ideas brought to putters over the last couple of years, but many of them involve purchasing a whole new putter to take advantage of the technology. With the Sense Grip you just need the kit and you can try it in any putter you want, which for those people that love their current putter means not having to make a wholesale change.

From Sense: “The S1 & R1 grips are designed to have the sides of the grip parallel to the putter face. This design gives the golfer a heightened sense of where the putter face is at all points of the putting stroke.”

The theory of a square grip has been applied in other sports like ping-pong for a long time. The squared-off shape creates better awareness of the angle of the paddle to help a player direct and spin the ball as desired. It works the same with the Sense Grip but at much slower speeds and with the desire to hit it perfectly straight.

Sense Grips and additional weights can be found directly from their website: SENSEGOLFGRIPS.COM and for a tutorial on how to install one, our very own Brian Knudson shows you how below.


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