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Keegan Bradley signs apparel deal with Travis Mathew



A flat-brim hat, “Air Keegan” spikes and Travis Mathew apparel will be Keegan Bradley’s uniform for the 2014-2015 season. The company announced on Monday that Bradley has signed an apparel deal with Team Travis Mathew.

[youtube id=”3eX6j3pWdkI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Bradley is ranked No. 28 in the Official World Golf Rankings, but he’s near the top of the fashion rankings on the PGA Tour, especially now that he’s on board Team Travis Mathew. The younger, hipper Southern-California brand should blend better with Bradley’s Air Jordan golf spikes and flat-brim hat.

“We are excited to welcome Keegan Bradley to the Travis Mathew family.” said Travis Mathew CEO Travis Brasher. “He is a perfect fit for our brand and exemplifies the Travis Mathew culture both on and off the course.”

Bradley previously wore Tommy Hilfiger apparel.


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He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. Pat M

    May 16, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    KB and Pepsi are idiots.

  2. Rich

    Jan 23, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Keegan Bradley is possibly the biggest dork of all time. Nothing will change that, especially not those stupid air Keegan shoes he wears.

  3. RG

    Dec 18, 2014 at 5:43 am

    So in a game where grown men use stuffed animals for headcovers and put neon colors on their clubs people in this forum are commenting that flat billed hats and MJ shoes are ridiculous??!! I’ve got news for you mental defectives, Golf is ridiculous!

  4. The Hammer

    Dec 17, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Its the style these days, look at 3/4 of younger golfers and they are wearing flat bills and snapbacks, its the current trend! Everyone thats saying that they look stupid are just jealous they cant get paid to wear trendy clothes and play golf for a living…bottom line. Plus the Jordans look sweet, its no different that someone wearing yellow nike shoes or any other crazy colored shoes. All these comments are just people hating that he has style and they dont. Thats it.

  5. theFairwayMole

    Dec 17, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Best part of the clip: 0:07 – 0:09.

  6. TheBrokenTee

    Dec 17, 2014 at 2:04 am

    Just wondering, is there any way to buy air jordans?

  7. tom

    Dec 16, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    This guy is really looking for attention wearing Jordans on the golf course. Ridiculous.

    • Beacher50

      Dec 17, 2014 at 1:22 am

      Naw, he’s just being paid well to look ridiculous.

  8. Carlos Danger

    Dec 16, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Flat bill hats are the “Bluetooth” of golf.

    I dont care what clothing company he signs with, a tall dorky white dude in high tops and a flat bill hat looks horrible. Maybe if he was working at one of the cell phone kiosks at the mall it would be acceptable, but not golfing.

    Did someone tell Rory he looks like a character out of the Hobbit movies (more than usual) in his flat bill hat?

    • Beacher50

      Dec 17, 2014 at 1:27 am

      Everyone looks dorky in those hats, and one day they will realize it to. A young coworker wears a flat billed hat, to work even sometimes, and he has upward ambitions, I told him the first thing he needs to do is ditch the hat. Not one executive is going to take him serious when he wears a hat like that to a golf outing, much less to the office. Facts are facts, and unless you’re a rapper your not going to get far with the traditional business man when dressed like a punk.

      • RG

        Dec 18, 2014 at 5:39 am

        This comment brought to you by bias and stupidity.

  9. Supermangolf

    Dec 16, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Awesome sign for both sides! TM gets one of the greatest players in regards to raw talent and intensity, I mean we all know Keegan for his impressive Ryder Cup debut. And Keeg wins with one of the best companies in the industry, really nothing to complain about with anything TM designs. Maybe less stripes though, stay with the clean cut solid colors and bold collars, that gray hat he has on in the video looks awesome.

  10. Brodie Hock

    Dec 16, 2014 at 9:15 am

    I am less likely to wear TM now…

  11. Beacher50

    Dec 16, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Flat brimmed hats should be banned…and ears tucked in, talk about dorky looking.

    I have to think one day (like those of use who had long hair and wore bell bottoms back in the day)that those wearing flat brims with their ears tucked in well say “what were we thinking!!!”

    • Billy

      Dec 16, 2014 at 1:16 am

      Idiotic comment. It’s just a hat.

    • Ben

      Dec 16, 2014 at 8:15 am

      Oh Beacher… stop being an old fuddy duddy. I can assure you the guys who like flat brim hats talk about you too. How can you still wear saddle shoes to play golf?

      • Beacher50

        Dec 17, 2014 at 1:20 am

        Talk to me in 10 years, even an ol fuddy duddy like me will be around yet.

    • RG

      Dec 18, 2014 at 5:33 am

      Of course they will…it’s the cycle of life. This generation is entitled to it’s own look. Let’s try and keep our underwear in our pants though.

  12. Conservative White Guy

    Dec 16, 2014 at 12:30 am

    Kb is a perfect TM type and those Jordans are awesome!

  13. RAT

    Dec 15, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Keegan is not the Travis Type and the Air Jordan’s suck!

  14. Kasey

    Dec 15, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    So happy to see him join TM. What a great move for both. LOVE the Jordans too. Keegs is paving his own way, like Rickie did a few years ago. It will do nothing but good things for him. The stuffy, middle-aged may not like his clothing or shoe choices, but their opinions don’t matter much. #gokeegs

    • Pat

      Dec 15, 2014 at 8:38 pm

      LOL. And most people don’t take kids like you seriously either. The hipster look is only appealing to teenagers and kids in their early to mid 20’s which is a tiny segment of the population.

      • kess

        Dec 15, 2014 at 10:10 pm

        His look doesn’t quite qualify as hipster. I see the dirty little hipsters all over DC. But a young look is fine and appealing to the 18-34 demographic is the Mecca for marketing.

      • JustTrying2BAwesome

        Dec 15, 2014 at 10:21 pm

        And though the under 30 are a smaller segment, they also spend tons of money to look good. Old people in general could care less if they look good, or fashionable, especially on the golf course. Also, the old people are only getting older. At some point, and probably relatively soon, will stop being able to play altogether. The under 30 crowd is the future of the game, and if it’s going to thrive, there has to be an excitement to get kids into it. If flashy clothes and/or clubs do it, then flash it up kids. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

      • Conservative White Guy

        Dec 16, 2014 at 12:29 am

        You call that hipster?!? that’s about as hipster as Arnold Palmer on a Sunday.

        This signing is a perfect match and those shoes are sweet looking. MJ is as old as a goat now and yet still moves the needle.

    • other paul

      Dec 16, 2014 at 12:08 am

      Who is going to carry golf forward when old people die? Young people. The next generation of old men playing are going to look great doing it. But first we need the old people to teach us young ones to play. Best short game lesson I ever got was from an 83 year old man who couldn’t hit the ball 100 yards but chipped it inside 10′ on every hole (drove me nuts)

      • Beacher50

        Dec 16, 2014 at 12:33 am

        Young people turn into old people….yup you can’t fence time, and your thoughts on what looks good and acceptable will change as well.

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Morning 9: Adler: Phil knows better | Up-and-down day for TW | New USGA prez



By Ben Alberstadt
Email me at and find me at @benalberstadt on Instagram and golfwrxEIC on Twitter.

December 5, 2019

Good Thursday morning, golf fans.  
**We’re looking for advertisers for 2020. Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about getting your message in front of the M9 readership.** 


1. Good news for Team USA? Reed, Woodland lead
BBC report on round one from Albany...”Gary Woodland and fellow American Patrick Reed share the lead after the first round of the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.”
  • “The pair managed six-under rounds of 66 as Tiger Woods was one of those to struggle in windy conditions.”
  • “The 15-time Major champion closed with a bogey and double bogey to slip to level par for his opening round.”
  • “England’s Justin Rose is one of four players three shots off the lead and one behind second-placed Chez Reavie.”

Full piece.

2. Tiger opens with 72
Bad bookends a slow start make for captain Woods…
ESPN’s Bob Harig…”A good bit of work to get himself back in the tournament was blown away on the final two holes, as Woods finished with a bogey and double-bogey to shoot even-par 72 and finish 6 strokes back of leaders Patrick Reed and Gary Woodland and tied for 11th in the 18-player field.”
  • “I didn’t putt that well today, but my short game was great and I drove it really well,” Woods said. “Just hit a couple poor iron shots that cost me a few shots. Got myself kind of right there in the mix and then bad shots on 17, 18.”
  • “Playing for the first time since his October victory at the Zozo Championship in Japan, Woods simply appeared a bit off, not giving himself very many birdie opportunities, bogeying two par-5s and struggling on a particularly windy day in the Bahamas.”
  • “But after playing the front nine in 2 over par, he rebounded by playing a five-hole stretch in 5 under par, including chipping in for an eagle at the par-5 15th hole. That got him to 2 under par, only to give it back on the last two holes.”

Full piece.

3. Adler: Phil knows better
Scathing stuff from Golf Digest’s Max Adler on Phil Mickelson’s decision to tee it up in KSA…
“Phil’s so smart, there’s no doubt he knows the definition of chiasmus. You know, “a rhetorical or literary figure in which words, grammatical constructions, or concepts are repeated in reverse order, in the same or modified form.” Phil being Phil is the chiasmic distilled essence of his being. Whether it’s putting two drivers in the bag or none, wheeling through a Krispy Kreme drive-thru in a green jacket, or smacking down Jake Owen on the dance floor with a wad of cash, the world recognizes “Phil being Phil” when we see it. And so does Phil. He wielded the technique Monday on Twitter in response to criticism for entering the Saudi International amid the human rights turmoil going on in that nation. “You do you booboo cuz ima do me” Mickelson replied to Guardian golf writer Ewan Murray.”
“Now, there are other prominent American golfers likely banking large appearance fees for participating in the second edition of the Saudi European Tour event-like Patrick Reed, Dustin Johnson, Tony Finau, and Brooks Koepka-but the heat is on Phil because presumably he should know better. A worldly man on the cusp of 50, knowledgeable on subjects as wide ranging as wine, dinosaurs and subcutaneous fat (and really almost any topic you care to bring up, many golfers say), should know that the staging of a popular western sport in a country whose values are so antithetical to our own comes with certain dilemmas that cannot be quickly dismissed. See the uproar between China and the NBA that’s now lasted over a month. Just last year Saudi Arabia directed the assassination of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, and so hosting a professional golf tournament is a stunt to rehabilitate its global image that the New York Times calls “Sportswashing”. Phil has to be aware of all this.”
4. Tiger on the pursuit of speed
Interesting stuff via Geoff Shackelford for Golfweek. “While Tiger has transformed professional golf in many ways, nowhere is his influence more substantial in encouraging a power game. This holds true even as the 43-year-old has transitioned away from using power to silence a field in his two 2019 victories.”
  • “While Woods doesn’t say he regrets pushing his body to extremes, he does expect more injuries in golf as more strive for power.”
  • “There’s going to be added wear and tear on different parts of the body that traditionally there hasn’t been…”Now people are doing PiYos, Olympic lifts, all the different things because they know how important ground is to create power,” Woods said of modern swings that emphasize rotation over the old reverse C moves of the 1970s. “Now you’re going to start to see, I’m sure, some wear and tear injuries that traditionally hasn’t been the case. We’ll see how that goes.”
5. New USGA prez
USGA media release…”J. Stuart Francis, of Hillsborough, California, has been nominated to serve as the 66th president of the United States Golf Association (USGA).”
  • …”Francis has been a member of the USGA Executive Committee for five years and has served on the Compensation, Equipment Standards and Governance committees in addition to four years as chair of the Championship Committee. An accomplished amateur golfer, Francis has competed in three US Amateur Championships, two NCAA Championships and three Canadian Amateur Championships. Francis earned his B.A. from Princeton University, where he was named First Team All-Ivy League and All-American as co-captain of the men’s golf team. Francis, who also earned an MBA from Stanford University, is currently a senior managing director for Evercore, a global investment banking advisory firm, where he leads the Silicon Valley technology practice.”

Full piece.

6. Looking for a look in the eye
Golf Channel’s Will Gray…”After choosing himself with a pick, Woods is required to play in a minimum of two matches including a singles match on the final day. Els is playing this week in the Australian Open along with six International Team members, and he told that he’ll assess some intangible factors when weighing which players might be best-suited to go up against the reigning Masters champ.”
“I’ll analyze how the guys are playing and see who’s really got the look in the eye,” Els said. “There are a lot of guys who have put their hands up to want to play Tiger … but I will not put a guy in there that’s going to feel overwhelmed.”
…”The youngsters look up at him, but they definitely want to have a piece of him,” Els said. “So, we’ll see who I think can really play against Tiger the best and get the best result.”
7. No turtle polo for Bryson!
Golfweek’s Forecaddie…”But it’s the design that may turn a few heads, with the light blue-themed collection including the Slow Play Polo, Slow Play Tee and the Predators Polo. A turtle logo adorns the Slow Play Polo. Get it. Turtle. Slow.”
  • …”As Gary Woodland and Rickie Fowler debuted different versions of the turtle-infused line, the field’s other Puma player was not quite ready to embrace the golfing turtle.”
  • “It’s an awesome collection,” Bryson DeChambeau said as The Man Out Front trailed him in a quick course departure following an opening 76. “They had the turtle one …” he said, and before the Forecaddie could ask if it would make his repertoire.
  • “That’s not going to happen,” DeChambeau said.
8. Leaney leads 
Golfweek’s Todd Kelly…”Stephen Leaney shot a second-round 66 on Wednesday to take a four-shot lead at the PGA Tour Champions Qualifying Tournament Final Stage.”
  • “Leaney had six birdies and a bogey in his round at TPC Scottsdale in Arizona.”
  • “Todd Fischer, who also shot a second-round 66, joins Paul Stankowski an Frank Esposito in second. All four golfers have shot in the 60s in the first two rounds.”

Full piece.

9. Tiger outdrives Thomas…jabs the needle
Via the Golf Channel Digital team…”Well for the most part, it looked like Woods had a blast with buddy Justin Thomas on Wednesday, but it was particularly evident on the 11th hole, when the 44-year-old tournament host outdrove the 26-year-old Thomas by a mile, and then made sure to let him know it.”
  • “While walking down the fairway, Tiger strolled over to JT’s ball just to “make sure” it wasn’t his, bringing a big smile to the face of the player 18 years his junior.”


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Morning 9: Woods turned down Saudi tourney, $3 mil payout | CBS shakeup continues | Bulked up Bryson



By Ben Alberstadt
Email me at and find me at @benalberstadt on Instagram and golfwrxEIC on Twitter.

December 4, 2019

Good Wednesday morning, golf fans.  
**We’re looking for advertisers for 2020. Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about getting your message in front of the M9 readership.** 


1. CBS shakeup continues 
Via Golf Digest’s Joel Beall…”Michelle Wie and Trevor Immelman are joining CBS Sports, as the network continues to retool its coverage for 2020.”
  • “CBS announced a flurry of moves on Tuesday morning, weeks after parting ways with mainstays Peter Kostis and Gary McCord, and adding Davis Love III, with Wie the biggest name in the announcement. Though her role is vague-a statement said Wie “will contribute to CBS Sports’ multimedia golf coverage this season, including the Masters”-Wie’s transition to media has been expected, as mounting injuries have sidelined her playing career. During the Solheim Cup in September, Wie appeared on Golf Channel as a guest analyst in the network’s Orlando studio.”

Full piece.

2. Woods passes on Saudi tourney 
ESPN’s Bob Harig with TW’s explanation...””Woods, who begins play in the Hero World Challenge on Wednesday at Albany Golf Club, was offered in the neighborhood of $3 million to play the tournament each of the last two years. He declined.”
  • “I just don’t want to go over there,” Woods told ESPN. “It’s a long way.”
  • …”I understand the politics behind it,” Woods said Tuesday of the controversy. “But also the game of golf can help heal a lot of that, too. It can help grow it. And also a lot of top players are going to be playing there that particular week.
  • “It’s traditionally not a golf hotbed, the Middle East. But it has grown quite a bit. I remember going to Dubai for my very first time and seeing maybe two or three buildings in the skyline. Now there is a New York City skyline. Again, golf has grown. There were only a few courses when I went to Dubai and now they’re everywhere. Same with Abu Dhabi, and maybe eventually in Saudi Arabia.”

Full piece.

3. Bulked up Bryson
Golf Digest’s Brian Wacker...”Two months ago, Bryson DeChambeau weighed just under 200 pounds and struggled to do 10 arm raises with a 10-pound weight. Now he’s up to 25-pound weights, and tips the scale at a brawny 225.”
  • “The gains haven’t been limited to his gym routine or sudden beefiness, either. The 26-year-old five-time PGA Tour winner says he has picked up 12 mph of ball speed – up to 185 – and another 6 mph in clubhead speed in recent weeks. During a breezy pro-am round at the Hero World Challenge on Tuesday, he blasted a few drives north of 350 yards.”
  • “More distance,” DeChambeau said when asked what prompted him to pack on the pounds. “People are gonna say what they’re going to say.”

Full piece.

4. Reed’s mysterious irons
Andrew Tursky at with some recon (stay tuned to GolfWRX, as I believe we know “the company” and are in the process of confirming).
“When Patrick Reed came to the 2019 Hero World Challenge this week, he did so with a set of never-before-seen custom irons in the bag. As photos of the irons began to circulate on social media, equipment fans were left guessing as to who exactly designed the irons. The irons are stamped with his foundation’s logo, the word “Forged” and “Patrick Reed,” but what’s glaringly absent is a company name.”
  • …”They’re custom-made,” Reed told PGATOUR.COM. “We made them with a company. We worked for 12-14 months on them and we finally got them to where I feel like we need them to be.”
  • “While the irons are listed on the USGA Conforming Clubs List as being manufactured by Emery JPN Co., that doesn’t necessarily mean Emery is the company who designed the irons, it’s just the company’s facility they were manufactured in.”
Full piece (and see one of the clubs below…photo via Andrew Tursky)


5. Phoenix Open, understandably, disappointed 
Via Josh Weinfuss at…“The tournament chairman of the Waste Management Phoenix Open is “disappointed” that Phil Mickelson became the most recent PGA Tour golfer to decide to play in the controversial Saudi Invitational instead of the Arizona event, in which he participated for 30 years.”
  • “Phoenix Open chairman Tim Woods said he’s not concerned about a “mass exodus” of tour players forgoing the event, which is traditionally played on Super Bowl weekend, in exchange for the seven-figure appearance fee that comes with playing in Saudi Arabia.”
  • “It’s on our radar,” Woods said at the tournament’s Tee-Off Luncheon at Chase Field on Tuesday. “We’re actively exploring ways to fight back against it and will continue to do so. But I’m not concerned that it’s going to be a negative ultimately.”

Full piece.

6. Who else? 
Via…“Rahm was selected by a panel comprising members of the golfing media as the winner of the prestigious annual award after a superb season in which he won two Rolex Series events, defended his national Open title and became the first Spaniard since Severiano Ballesteros to finish the year as European Number One after sealing the Race to Dubai title in a dramatic finale to the 2019 campaign.”
  • “The 25-year-old finished tied ninth at The Masters, tied third in the U.S. Open and was runner-up at the Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucia Valderrama Masters before securing his first European Tour title of the year at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.”
7. Tiger’s ball testing process
If you’ve ever wondered how Tiger Woods tests golf balls, the ever-fortunate E. Michael Johnson got the exclusive to Tiger’s Bridgestone Tour B XS testing
  • He writes…”I was fortunate enough to have exclusive access to one of the earliest sessions, in February 2019, at Woods’ home course at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Fla. Having attended a similar testing session with Woods and Nike in 2003, I was eager to see if his approach had changed. As it turned out, it had remained pretty much intact, with an emphasis on short-game performance, flight windows and spin rates.”
  • “Five white boxes of prototype balls were presented to Woods. All of them without Bridgestone’s branding except for assorted Sharpie marks so Bridgestone’s staff, including Andrew Troutner, the company’s R&D test-site manager, could tell which ball was which. According to Elliot Mellow, Bridgestone’s marketing manager, each of the balls Woods was testing had a variation of the company’s urethane cover material, meaning there should be noticeable differences in feel and performance.”

Full piece.

8. Ohoopee! 
Golf Digest’s Ron Whitten on one of the two selections for Best New Course: the eminently unique Ohoopee Match Club.
  • “Last winter, after I compiled the list of nominees for Golf Digest’s 2019 Best New Courses survey, I privately handicapped the chances of each course, just for my amusement. I gave long odds to Gil Hanse’s entry in the private category, Ohoopee Match Club, an exclusive course in rural Georgia designed to cater to match play, with a total of 22 holes in two routings. Though it sounded like a fascinating concept, I figured that because our evaluation criteria seems tailored toward stroke-play competition, panelists would struggle to fit our square pegs into Ohoopee’s offbeat golf holes.
  • “…Needless to say, Ohoopee Match Club has won in the balloting. It’s Golf Digest’s Best New Private Course of 2019, finishing ahead of The Summit Club, a Tom Fazio design in Las Vegas. TPC Colorado, an Art Schaupeter design in Berthoud, north of Denver, finished third, and Pete Dye’s final full design, Links at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Md., is fourth. In fifth place is Aberdeen Golf & Country Club in Boynton Beach, Fla., a design by Jim Fazio, Tom’s brother, that replaces a controversial layout by Desmond Muirhead.”

Full piece.

9. The part of Jon Rahm’s wedding day Jon Rahm is most looking forward to is…exactly what you think it is…
Crack work by Brentley Romine to ask the hard questions!
  • Golfweek’s Forecaddie…”Current World No. 3 Jon Rahm became engaged to longtime college girlfriend Kelley Cahill in August of 2018, and now the Hero World Challenge defending champion has finally cleared space on his calendar to marry Cahill in the coming weeks.”
  • “…Asked by’s Brentley Romine what part of his wedding day he’s most looking forward to, Rahm’s expression changed and he paused briefly.”
  • “Part of the day?” he said. “What part, I mean, it’s pretty self explanatory, right?”


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Morning 9: Woods: “I have to do everything right” to catch Jack | Mickelson heading to Saudi Arabia…responds to controversy



By Ben Alberstadt
Email me at and find me at @benalberstadt on Instagram and golfwrxEIC on Twitter.

December 3, 2019

Good Tuesday morning, golf fans.  
**We’re looking for advertisers for 2020. Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about getting your message in front of the M9 readership.** 
1. Van Dam defends
In case you missed it over the weekend…
Julie Williams at Golfweek...”It was an impressive display of golf in the final round, particularly because van Dam had to overtake her Danish friend Nanna Koerstz Madsen to win her second title in this event. Interestingly, even Spaniard Miguel Angel Jimenez made an appearance in the gallery for the final round.”
  • “Madsen had a three-shot lead after three rounds at Aloha Golf Club in Marbella, Spain. She holed out for eagle at the par-4 ninth and was still two shots ahead at the start of the back nine. She was down to a one-shot lead on the 18th tee.”
  • “Madsen made a double-bogey there after dumping her drive left in the water. It was her third double-bogey in a final-round 74.”
  • “Van Dam played to her length and placed her tee shot in the middle of the fairway with a 4-iron. She won with a seemingly easy par for a final-round 70 and a 13-under total. She said she didn’t expect to see Madsen’s final hole unfold the way it did.”

Full piece.

2. Mickelson to play in Saudi Arabia 
Never one to pull punches, Geoff Shackelford quotes Alex Myers’ report and added a bit of his own spice…
  • “As Alex Myers notes, Phil Mickelson has made 30 Phoenix Open starts, including 27 in a row, but the ASU great will end that run this year to play the second ever European Tour event in Saudi Arabia. The event is the brainchild of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, attempting to westernize the image of Saudi Arabia while regularly attacking journalists, including arresting more just last week on top of likely ordering the Jamal Koshaggi murder and dismemberment.”
  • “I am really looking forward to playing in Saudi Arabia in January,”  Mickelson told the Saudi Gazette. “I watched Dustin win the title last  year and thought the course looked like an interesting challenge. Having  so many talented players on show also made it look like a much more established tournament than one in its inaugural year. I have enjoyed my  previous visits to the Middle East and am looking forward to playing in a new country and doing my bit to grow the game in the Kingdom.”
Shackelford then referred to the left-hander as “too enlightened, worldly and successful to be falling back on the “grow the game” sham.”
3. …and Phil responds
…via Twitter of course…
  • @PhilMickelson: Given that I turn 50 this year, there’s a good chance I’ve played my last Phoenix Open. We’ll see.
  • @brianmflaherty: You’re better than taking the money grab from a corrupt regime.  Come on, Phil.
  • @PhilMickelson: After turning down opportunities to go to the Middle East for many years, I’m excited to go play and see a place in the world I’ve never been. I understand those who are upset or disappointed. You’ll be ok. I’m excited to experience this for the first time.
4. Hero Shot
Golf Channel’s Jason Crook…”Woods kicked off his Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas by claiming the inaugural Hero Shot at Baha Mar, an event where he topped some marquee names hitting shots at a floating target from 130 yards away.”
  • “Woods, who took home his record-tying 82nd PGA Tour title the last time he teed it up at the Zozo Championship in October, outlasted Jordan Spieth, Bryson DeChambeau, Jon Rahm, Henrik Stenson and Gary Woodland in the exhibition, and he did it in typical Tiger fashion.”

Full piece.

5. Tiger: “I have to do everything right” to catch Jack
Cassandra Negley at Yahoo Sports“But when asked directly, he does think the record of 18 major titles held by Jack Nicklaus is attainable.”
  • “I think it is. I think it is,” Woods said Monday morning on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive. “Obviously I have to do everything right like I did at Augusta and I have to have all of the pieces come together.”
  • …Woods trailed on the leaderboard heading into the final round at Augusta, and with four holes to go there were still five golfers – four of whom have won majors – tied for the lead.
  • “I was, what, 14-1 when either leading outright or tied for the lead going into Sunday [at a major]?” Woods said on Morning Drive. “I finally broke that snide and came from behind. Who knows if I can come from behind [again]? I’ve done it different ways.
  • “I’ve won tournaments in different ways and I finally have won a major and done that in different ways,” Woods said. “So, who knows what the future holds?”

Full piece.

6. Appreciate the GOATs
Perspective from Randall Mell at Golf Channel looking ahead to Saturday’s viewing schedule…
It’s a full day of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods playing live golf on Golf Channel and NBC.
  • …Yes, Father Time’s ruthless pull separated  the magic from the Golden Bear’s swing a long time ago, but if you’re a golf fan, there’s a sweet reminiscence seeing Nicklaus inside the ropes again. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hitting a ceremonial opening tee shot at the Masters, playing the Par 3 Contest at Augusta National or playing alongside his grandson, G.T., in the PNC Father-Son Challenge”

And Woods? He seemed to escape Father Time’s 

Full piece.

7. Tiger’s back-to-back stretch 
ESPN’s Bob Harig on what Woods faces over the next fortnight…
  • “Now ranked seventh in the world, playing again this week for the first time since winning his 82nd PGA Tour title at the Zozo Championship in October, Woods gets back to work with the other 10 members of the Presidents Cup team he will captain just over a week from now in Australia.”
  • “And therein lies the next question for Woods, who will not only play competitive golf in consecutive weeks for one of the rare times this year, but he also has hosting duties this week in the Bahamas, captain duties next week at Royal Melbourne and duties of simply the everyday issues of being … Tiger Woods.”
  • “The last time Woods played consecutive weeks didn’t go so well. And it really wasn’t all that much golf. Woods withdrew following the first round of the Northern Trust in early August, citing an oblique injury. The following week he competed in the BMW Championship — he played just nine holes in the pro-am — and tied for 37th to end his season and miss qualifying for the Tour Championship.”

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8. Woods finally watches Masters win 
More from Harig…”Some six months after winning the Masters, Tiger Woods finally sat down with his caddie, Joe LaCava, to watch the final round and relive the tense moments leading to his 15th major title on April 14.”
  • “LaCava visited Woods recently at his South Florida home for some promotional work and they decided it would be a good time to see how it all transpired. “We spoke about the conversations we had over each shot,” Woods said Monday at Albany Golf Club, where he is playing in the Hero World Challenge that begins Wednesday. “Some of our friends and family who were there were like, “Oh my God, you guys really talked about that?’
  • “But that’s what we were talking about, that’s what was going on. We were running through all the scenarios, Joe looking at the (score)boards, I am looking at the boards. We were trying to figure out what was going on; who birdied what, who was making a move.”

Full piece.

9. Chamblee heading to Q-School
Golf Digest’s Alex Myers...”Thirty-four years after going to Q School for the first time, Brandel Chamblee is headed back. This time around, though, he’s got a pretty good day job to fall back on.”
“The Golf Channel analyst will be in the field at TPC Scottsdale when the final stage of PGA Tour Champions Q School starts on Tuesday. Chamblee will be one of 78 golfers playing for five spots on the senior circuit in 2020.”
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