by Will Peoples

UST Mamiya redid their whole line up this year and we finally heard the details, here is what we found out.

They still have the VTS (THANK GOD!) however the Tour SPX has a new look, its Matte black. This is to differentiate between the tour shafts and the retail ones. They are also making the VTS a stock option in many clubs coming out this year; however it’s not the TOUR SPX version. The white and red one is basically a watered down TOUR SPX shaft, still a good shaft but much more affordable than and not as rare as the Tour Ones are. They also dropped the price of the VTS Wood shaft from $363(MSRP) to $207 (MSRP). The hybrids are down from $225(MSRP) to 138(MSRP). It’s still the same great shaft and I have heard it’s still getting a ton of play on tour. These still come in three different color/torque options. Black which is low torque, Silver which is mid torque, and Red which is high torque.

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New Shafts

The most popular one is the Attas Elements, the MSRP on these is $345. This shaft was developed through extensive testing of characteristics, torque, kickpoint, flex, etc. They were trying to determine what makes shafts perform better. What they found was the biggest thing is the mid section. The more stable the mid section the more ball speed & performance. Based on their testing they stabilized the mid section and widened it. This resulted in less droop, more consistent shots, and amazing performance. Oh yeah and its great looking, ill snap some pictures of my personal one this week. This shaft is going to be huge on tour this year. These are amazing shafts.

They also brought out a Iron Shaft, it’s the Mamiya IS-900. This shafted is based on two years of development through tour testing. It’s an ion plated graphite shaft. It comes in wedge and iron shafts with a MSRP of $125. I was told it has performance of steel with the feel of graphite. It also has much more spin. It’s being used to counter the new groove rule. This shaft has been around for a while on tour and there are several threads on here about it. These are also really good shafts.

The last is Attas 3, this is a premium high launching shaft, the MSRP on this one is $621. This one is built and developed by UST Mamiya Japan, it’s bigger in the Japan market, especially at this high price point but is a very good shaft and well worth the money.

Click here to read the discussion int he forums

This is going to be a huge year for UST shafts.

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  1. They have a new shaft on tour in Japan already called the Attas 4U hit it yesterday and just a wonderful feeling shaft… bit more stable in the tip area than the other Attas series shafts I have. Will try and get a picture today