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Miles of Golf: A Top-100 Golf Shop



Miles of Golf Named Top 100 Golf Shop for 13th Consecutive Year. 1999-2012 Golf World Top 100 Golf Shop. Each year, Golf World recognizes the Top 100 Golf Shops in the country. In 2012, Miles of Golf was once again named to the list. That makes it 13 straight years that Miles of Golf has been voted in the Top 100. They have also won other prestigious awards over the years. Here is the list:

-2008 Ping National Club Fitter of the Year. This was the first time an off-course golf shop has won this award.
-1998, 1999, 2006 Ping Regional Club Fitter of the Year.
-2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Titleist Regional Fitting Center. There are only five of these centers in the country.
-1998-2010 GRAA Top 100 Golf Range.

GolfWRX happens to be located near the shop and thought readers would be interested in seeing a closer look at the shop.

Click here to see all the photos and read the discussion in the forums

Equipment- 10,000 square foot golf shop has been a Golf World Best 100 Shop since 1999. The golf shop is a large, high volume, shop that carries all the major club brands plus quality starter and intermediate sets. They also have an extensive inventory of accessories and golf apparel. Having a well-trained and knowledgeable staff in the industry, MOG feel confident that they can assist in your quest to become a better player. MOG does not allow manufacturers to pay our staff to promote their products. They feel this would interfere with their ultimate job – finding the right equipment and golf gear for you.

Club Fitting Cluboratory- they are recognized as one of the elite club fitting shops in the country. thier fitting and testing center, the Cluboratory, is equipped with over $200,000 of demo equipment including 3 TrackMan radar ball flight monitors. The Cluboratory is heated and protected from the elements yet allows the customer and club fitter to see the full flight of the ball. they have fitting systems from every leading golf club manufacturer. The club fitting staff is recognized throughout the industry as one of the very best. MOG staff fits literally thousands of players each year from high handicap players to some of the best players in the Midwest.

Practice Putting Green- The 27 acre practice facility has been named a Top 100 Range since 1996. It has over 100 tees with 42 covered and heated bays for year around use. They have found that excellent practice balls, quality synthetic mats, an excellent putting green (free), and grass tees make a very nice practice experience. For players who want even more in their practice, check out the Players Club and TrackMan the Game.

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Golf Academy School- The Kendall Academy is the largest golf academy in Michigan. There are 8 experienced PGA or LPGA professional instructors who give lessons year around. These instructors have won numerous awards for golf instruction. The teaching studios are heated and protected from the elements yet allow players and instructors to see the full flight of the ball.

The Owner of the Acadamy is Dave Kendall. Here is his bio…

Dave Kendall PGA, Academy Founder- Dave is generally regarded as one of Michigan’s outstanding professionals. The recipient of the Michigan PGA’s 2010 Horton Smith Award for Contributions in PGA Professional Education. Dave was previously honored by the Michigan PGA as 2000 and 2004 Teacher of the year and 1990 and 2006 Golf Professional of the Year. Dave has over 30 years of experience instructing players of all levels. In 2011, Golf Digest ranked Dave #8 in its list of top instructors in Michigan. Golf Range Magazine has included Dave in its Top 50 Instructors in America for the past 8 years. A Class A PGA member since 1981, he is also very highly regarded as a competitive player having won two Michigan Senior Open Championships. In 2007, Dave won the Michigan Senior Open, Michigan Senior PGA Championship and the Michigan PGA Senior Player of the Year Award. The insight he has gained through his many years of teaching experience along with his competitive background has given Dave a very practical approach to golf improvement. Dave currently serves the Michigan PGA Section as its Senior Organization President.

One of Daves teachers is Paul Haase PGA Teaching Professional. Paul has been a Class A PGA member since 1975. He has been with the Kendall Academy since 1998 and is ranked as the 5th best instructor in Michigan by Golf Digest Magazine for 2011. In 2008, Paul was named the Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year. He has had a great number of success stories over his many years of teaching and coaching his students. Prior to turning professional, Paul had a very distinguished record as a collegiate player. He has extensive experience as a competitive player over the years. Most recently, Paul qualified for the PGA Senior Tour’s First of America Classic in 1998. In 2005, he won the Michigan PGA Senior Pro/Senior Am with student Bill Zylstra on 3 occasions. His knowledge of the golf swing and short game techniques, experience in communication, and friendly manner make Paul an outstanding instructor.

Miles of Golf is known for club fitting for many golfers in Michigan and Ohio. Here are some facts that MOG says about fittings.

Cluboratory Fittings-

The normal Cluboratory Fittings are designed to help golfers of all levels make good decisions on purchasing golf equipment and assuring that the clubs will appropriately fit the player. To accomplish this a player will go through a two-step process of testing clubs and then being fit for clubs.

The Testing Process. During the testing, the player determines the model of club that looks, feels, performs best and also meets the player’s price requirements. The testing involves hitting shots with different clubs and comparing the results. Critical to making a good evaluation of clubs is seeing the full flight of the ball. During the testing, a qualified club-fitter will assist you.

The Club-Fitting Process.
This involves precisely fitting the club model the player selected in the testing process to his or her size and golf swing. If the fitting specifications are standard, Miles of Golf stocks these clubs and the player leaves with his or her clubs. If the specifications are not standard, the specifications are then forwarded to the custom club department of the club-maker and the clubs are assembled. The typical delivery time on custom clubs is two weeks. Clubs that must be ordered have a $25 shipping and handling fee.

Cluboratory Iron Fittings.
After testing clubs and choosing the manufacturer and model of iron, the fitting process begins. With irons, the process identifies the correct shaft (length, composition, and flex), grip (size and composition), and the critical relationship between the shaft and the club-head called the lie angle. Also important in fitting irons is determining the clubs the player wants in the set. Custom clubs are ordered by the piece, or club, so if a player does not want a #3 or #4 irons, they are not ordered reducing the price of the set. Testing and fitting irons takes approximately 45 minutes. The testing and fitting fees are fully refundable if clubs are purchased. If they are not, the testing fee is $25 and the fitting fee is $75. In most cases, irons need to be custom ordered. Walk-ins are welcomed but appointments can be scheduled in advance and take precedence over walk-ins.

Cluboratory Metal Wood Fittings. After testing clubs, the process of fitting woods identifies the correct shaft (length, composition, and flex), grip (size and composition), and with drivers the correct loft. Unlike irons, the lie angle on woods is in most instances not a variable that needs to be addressed. The testing and fitting of woods takes 30-45 minutes. The testing and fitting fees are fully refundable if clubs are purchased. If they are not, the testing fee is $25 and the fitting fee is $25. In many cases, woods do not need to be custom ordered and Miles of Golf has them in stock. Walk-ins are welcomed but appointments can be scheduled in advance and take precedence over walk-ins.

Click here to see all the photos and read the discussion in the forums

Cluboratory Fitting Evaluation.
This fitting analyzes a player’s current set to see how well it fits. It performs many of the same tests as the iron and wood fittings. The player receives recommendations on changes that can be made. This usually involves changing the length of shafts and bending loft and lie angles. The cost of this fitting is $25 for woods and the same for irons. The Miles of Golf repair shop can usually make any changes, but the fee does not cover the cost of these changes.

Frequently asked fitting questions:

This sounds great but expensive. Club-makers charge us the same for custom clubs or stock clubs. Therefore, the price of our custom clubs should be close, if not the same, as competitor’s stock clubs. Our staff will spend a fair amount of time helping customers testing and fitting clubs. A fee is incurred only if you do not do not purchase the clubs. If you purchase clubs, these fees in most cases, are completely refundable. Custom irons are from $300 and up. Drivers are from $200 and up.
You’re impatient. The club testing and fitting typically takes an hour or less and is both fun and informative. Delivery time varies with club-makers and the time of the year. The shortest is one-day delivery, and it rarely exceeds two weeks. The benefits of getting quality clubs made specifically for you can be extremely significant to how well they perform. Simply put, it’s well worth the short wait.
What if you’re not the best player? Actually, better golfers probably can adapt to ill-fitting clubs better than do average golfers. Golf becomes easier for everyone with clubs adapted to you instead of you adapting to your clubs.
My long irons all go about the same distance. Part of fitting is selecting which clubs should be in your bag. Stock iron sets come in a standard configuration that may not fit your game. If this is the case, you are paying with clubs you should not be using. When ordering custom clubs, our club-fitters help you determine which clubs you should be carrying. You only pay for what you order.


Maxx Cluboratory Fittings- For the Discerning Player.

Maxx Cluboratory Fittings are designed for the serious player who wants the maximum in club-fitting expertise and technology when making decisions about his or her golf clubs. For players to benefit from our Maxx fittings, they must have the skills to hits shots with relative consistency. Guiding you through the process are our most experienced club-fitting professionals using our most sophisticated ball flight monitor, the TrackMan.

Currently we offer five Maxx fitting options:
Maxx Driver Fitting
Maxx Iron Fitting
Maxx Full Bag Fitting
Maxx Gap Fitting
Maxx Putter Fitting
Titleist Fitting Works Fitting

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a Maxx Fitting right for me?

Although a Maxx fitting can provide useful information for almost anyone who is interested in their launch conditions, it is really most beneficial to golfers who tend to make consistently solid shots. Because severe miss-hits will cause ball speed, launch angle and spin rate to fluctuate greatly, the numbers gathered from these types of shots will do little to provide the fitter with reliable information to make a practical and sound recommendation to the player. This does not mean you need to make perfect contact with every shot to benefit from this fitting. Occasional miss-hits are simply discarded and will not influence the resulting averages for that particular club. You also have the freedom to inform the fitter when you make a bad swing, even if the result is a fairly centered hit, in order to keep such atypical shots from skewing the results.

2. What are the differences between a Cluboratory and a Maxx Cluboratory Fitting?

First of all, both of these fittings are of exception high quality and most golfers will be satisfied with either one. The goals are the same, to help golfers find equipment that will improve their game.

Probably the biggest difference between the two is the use of the TrackMan ball flight monitor throughout the Maxx Fittings. It does give the club-fitters more information to help with the testing and fitting process, but it uses very expensive equipment and is time consuming so therefore more costly. Even with this equipment, the club-fitters will still closely observe the ball in its full flight just as they do with the normal Cluboratory fitting. For an experienced club-fitter, observing the ball flight is critically important to performing their job. The normal Cluboratory fitting takes ball flight measurements to verify that the clubs fit.

Click here to see all the photos and read the discussion in the forums

Golfers who are really into the game and want to thoroughly examine exotic shaft options will love the Maxx Fittings. If you have a less intense interest in the game but still want high quality clubs that fit, the normal Cluboratory fittings are perfect for you.


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  1. Dennis Page

    Aug 12, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    I am looking for a Cobra Pro CB gap wedge that is new or like new condition. I tried to buy one and they sent the S3 but I do not like it. Would be willing to trade the S3 for the Pro CB if interested

  2. terry houseman

    Jul 22, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Thank’s Good Info

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