First, what happened: On the 10th hole of the WGC-HSBC Champions, Patrick Reed rolled a putt past the hole. In the process of tapping in his third putt on the green he chastised himself saying, fairly audibly, “”Nice f**kin’ three-putt you f**kin’ fa**ot.”

You can see video of the incident here.

Second, what’s happened since: The 3-time PGA Tour winner and 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup Team member was lambasted on Twitter. James Ridyard, a golf performance coach, made the connection that many are likely to make.

Sam Weinman of Golf Digest wrote a pretty vanilla piece about the incident, and the news, which was originally reported by Deadspin, is being syndicated seemingly everywhere.

Reed himself tweeted: “I’m sorry for using offensive language today in China. My passion to play well got the best of me and my word choice was unacceptable.”

And the PGA Tour, for its part, released the following statement about the incident: “The PGA Tour Conduct Unbecoming regulations prohibit the use of obscene language on the golf course. The PGA Tour will deal with this matter internally in accordance with its regulations.”

And as we’ll never know what “dealing with matter internally” actually translated into in terms of a fine, since the Tour doesn’t make that information public, this could be the material end of the matter. Or a media firestorm could ensue, given the post-Donald Sterling climate in the sports world and the recent dismissal of PGA President Ted Bishop for calling Ian Poulter a “lil girl” via Twitter.

Regardless of what happens, here’s the bottom line: No matter of how much you might identify with Patrick Reed blowing up at himself, no matter the streams of unrepeatable vulgarity you may have uttered or heard uttered on the golf course, and no matter what you have personally heard a professional athlete say to him/herself on the field of play, what Patrick Reed said was unacceptable.

Fortunately, as Reed tweeted, he acknowledges that his choice of words (particular the use of a slur used to refer to homosexual men) was entirely unacceptable. Certainly, Reed knows that it doesn’t matter if he was talking to himself — he should not use that word in public discourse. And as a professional golfer competing in front of fans on live television, his every word is for public consumption, like it or not.

Such is the reality of our “cameras-everywhere-incendiary-news-items-go-viral” world. It’s no revolutionary thought that the reality of culture and civilization is that there are certain things people shouldn’t say and shouldn’t want to — but that’s another conversation. Neither is it revolutionary to say that in the present era of sensitivity, political correctness and desire for scapegoats, there’s a pretty clearly defined list of banned terms.

Patrick Reed used one of those terms. I strongly doubt that he is a homophobe, but that doesn’t matter. Nor does the fact that the 24-year-old likely grew up in the same elementary and high school environment as many males in America did, where boys casually threw the taboo word around in much the same spirit as “idiot” or “moron.” As he surely knows, though, the term he used isn’t synonymous with “idiot” or “moron:” It’s a slur, and it’s not acceptable in any context.

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  1. Several years ago I remember Tiger being interviewed after a poor round (back in the days when that was unusual) and he said he putted like a spastic. I don’t remember much of a backlash over that despite it being said during an interview where in typical Tiger style he didn’t say anything without giving it due consideration. Yet Reed says something in the heat of the moment and gets pilloried over it.

  2. We live in a world where there are children starving to death by the thousand due to poverty and corruption and we are plagued by war over beliefs, greed, resources, and the almighty sense of being powerful over our fellow man…….yet we do nothing. PR mutters the word fa**ot and watch out we are all up in arms about it calling for him to be punished. Seems like a legit gripe…….

  3. I think it is a joke that anyone “right of liberal politically correct” has to begin their opinions by saying “let me say this first”. We live in a society that liberals and the PC liberal media get to define what’s wrong and right which is wrong in itself. You can make fun of Christians, straight people, conservatives, etc and that’s acceptable but cross that fence and all of a sudden you are a “hater, homophobe, close minded, etc”
    Reed’s comments to himself could have been stated much better and wiser but I’m tired of listening and reading all of these self-righteous PC individuals that act like they’ve never regretted anything they have said and now they are the new moral police.

  4. Not sure what the fuss is about. What is wrong with referring to oneself as a traditional English dish made from pig’s heart, liver and belly fat, minced together with bacon, herbs and breadcrumbs!

  5. Gentlemen. I’m a broadcaster. And whether we like it or not, or agree or not, it’s a different world we live in; and that word “today” is not acceptable anywhere. On a daily basis there’s a lot of salty notes from different offices in a broadcast facility. But – not that word. I hear women f’bombing all the time – but the word that Patrick used is just never used. Where has anyone heard that word lately? If you think about – you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who uses that language. The F’bomb is used a lot – but there’s a few choice words in our language that are quickly disappearing. That’s one of them. Good on Patrick for apologizing.

    • First make no mistake…the choice of words Reed used were just plain poor and dumb. He was wrong and the public apology he made was required.

      Beyond that help me understand the justification for the over blown coverage this is receiving. I cannot help but feel that society as a whole in an effort to wash the blood from its own hands, has become too focused on the word and nearly enough on the intention and the nature of the deed. Can the mere use of single word in an isolated incident so define someone as to preclude any possibility that just maybe such indiscretion was in no way definitive of who they really are? In the end this is plainly and simply just one more kind of intolerance and it is no different than any other and it is wrong. Moreover for the media to aggrandize such events on every occasion to do so is nothing short of irresponsible.

  6. So he cursed at himself big deal. The word he used has no meaning unless you give it one. PC is going to be end of us all.

    I think that’s what our enemies are going to hurl at us going forward during battle non PC confirming cuss words and our soldiers are all going to drop down. People mad at Patrick Reed have lost their minds.

    • Your “example” of PC wording is exactly the mental attitude that keeps racism, homophobia, and other unacceptable thoughts and attitudes from exiting our society. Reed slipped mentally, overall no big deal true enough. But don’t you DARE compare this to the police murder of Eric Garner!!

      • Unintentionally causing a death isn’t murder. Ambushing two cops in a car, burying an axe in a cops head, dragging a truck driver out of his rig and bashing his head in with a cinder block…thats murder.

  7. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it, and if he did, so what. This is still America and there is a thing called freedom of speech. I understand the new thing now a days is to jump on the band wagon and defend whatever the issue of the day is. Especially when you can hide behind your computer and act like the perfect human being. Besides, at some point in your lives most of you have said something that has offended someone or their beliefs, but no one was around to hear it other than your friends. Personally, I’m getting tired of all you band wagon, hide behind your computer, righteous folks. So again, get over it already.

    • Just so we’re clear, freedom of speech is guaranteed by the government that the govt can’t restrict what you say. In no way does it mean you can say whatever you want and there are no consequences – you sound like a real idiot when you make that argument.

    • Ever heard of professional behaviour and responsibility. Reed displayed neither of these qualities required by a true professional. Reed is not as good as he thinks he is and can’t take the heat. Don’t try and turn this into free speech rubbish. Reed must pay the price and if he can’t hack it go and do something else.

  8. What offends me most is the sheer number of comments this article has generated. I sincerely apologized to all the fa**ots I offended by using the word “fa**ot”. What are they, are bunch of pu$$ies or something??

  9. Ridiculous comparison. Reed is a professional athlete working piecework. He earns what he makes and is only as “status” as his personal performance & popularity allows him to be.

    The President of the PGA is an elected position that is given, and comes with a guaranteed status and designated “power” as granted by having the title.

    The PGA President should be held to a higher standard. It’s not like Reed has made 100s of millions off endorsements living a lie like someone else who wears red on Sundays.

  10. Reed’s an ass – plain and simple. Is he good? Yes. But he’s arrogant and I just don’t care for him at all.

    I’m not really offended by his comment as we all say things on the course that shouldn’t be broadcast, but he’s in a position where he knows he’s on television and the microphone’s can pick up the slightest whisper. Most other PGA players manage themselves very well, he should too.

  11. Call myself a ‘big girls blouse’ on a regular basis, especially when i leave a put short, is that offensive to Girls?

    The media take things out of context to make so called news. Storm in a teacup but good on Patrick for apologising if it did offend anybody, in most cases it probably didn’t apart from the politically correctness police :-)

    • It’s funny how you can say that it probably didn’t offend many people when it’s been one of the biggest stories in golf lately. The reason we’re even discussing this right now is because it offended a lot of people. Do you seriously not see that?

      • The sad part of this is “it’s one of the biggest stories in golf lately”. Was it offensive? Yes. Should he have said it? No. But he has publicly apologized and has been reprimanded. To continually drag his name through the dirt for an honest mistake seems excessive. If hockey arenas and football stadiums were quieter and you were able to hear everything they said, the majority of players would be fined on a regular basis. We need to focus on the golf not on the drama and politics that surround it. If it becomes a continual issue with him then I understand there being an uproar, but until then let it go.

  12. One of the top fighter aces of WWII used to cuss like a drunken sailor. Then someone pointed out that he was not being a classy guy, more of a low rent guy. He saw the light and adopted one single curse word to fit all occasions of anger based expletives. The new curse word? His own first name. It’s a pretty adult concept.

    That being said, there really is validity to the concept that angrily demeaning anyone else or any other group as a form of public self flagellation is about as low class as one can get. There is no rationalization or defense that justifies such conduct.

  13. The part which is laughable is that he called himself those degrading terms…in the past I’m not sure we’ve seen so many PC police rise to the occasion for self directed insults. Poor choice of words.

    • I think I’ve been there. I’m so pissed off I just call myself the most hateful thing I can think of. Frankly, Reed’s word choice might be similar to mine. Its not pretty and it doesn’t make it right, but I think its meaningfully distinguishable from directing that hate at others. I’m a pretty open minded guy who wouldn’t actually direct that slur at another person but I’m pretty sure I’ve called myself that under my breath in a fit of rage before on the golf course. Sad thing is I think a lot of people dislike Reed for his somewhat boastful comments when he started winning this year(I really don’t think he was getting his due during the season) so this is just more ammo for his haters.

  14. This is a joke , big deal. whats wrong with our world these days. boo hooo he said fa**ot. Also saying fa**ot isn’t a homophobic term. Our world is becoming to soft. Thats the sad thing, not what he said.

    • I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean bundle of sticks bud. Got to disagree with you that its not a homophobic term. That being said, I’ve commented above that I think someone calling themselves that in a fit of rage is distinguishable from directing that at another person in a fit of rage. Sometimes you’re just so piping mad that you call yourself the most hateful thing you can think of. Its almost a recognition of the terms vitriol. But your opinion that the terms is not really that bad is probably a bit old fashioned. Not something to convene the UN about but not something people are going to let go without saying something along the lines of “you shouldn’t say that” which Reed has acknowledged so now we can all move on.

  15. The word “fa**ot” is completely unacceptable but magazines, music, tv and movies that objectify women and glorify casual sex, violence and drugs are ok. What’s wrong with this world?

  16. I for one think the author’s comments are way off the mark – he can’t compare the words of the former PGA president who made a conscious decision to go onto social media to have a pop at Ian Poulter to some self-denigrating words Patrick Reed made to himself which I’m sure he didn’t mean to be heard by Joe Public. Sure, his choice of self-recrimination could have been more politically correct, but then who hasn’t called themselves a few choice things when three-putting – my playing partners usually beat me to it anyway, enquiring about my sexuality if I leave a birdie putt short (and one of them is homosexual, before you ask!). Yours in golf

  17. Lol, and your telling me all the people who make the call on what happens next have never cursed or cursed at themselves on golf course or in life?…..These athletes are held to standards that no one upholds in their own lives……total bs imo….no one is perfect under every circumstance….He was talking to himself he has right to say whatever he wants……people need to be more realistic and honest with themselves b4 pointing fingers

  18. On one hand I see it as immature and crude, on the other hand I see telling the journalists and other speech control auxiliary patrol members to go blank themselves.

  19. Guess what people…. Patrick reed has the RIGHT to free speech!! You do not have the right to be sheltered from offensive remarks… Get over it and focus on things that actually matter

  20. Wow, this sure did create a lot comments! I guess if I made it to the tour, I would create quite a slur….

    Good to see that most WRX’ers believe this is ridiculous.

  21. Lets face it, Reed will recieve a ” stern talking too” and a 5000 dollar fine. I think james ridyard hit it on the head. This is a chance for for the PGA to set the tone with how they handle player language. Its likely they will do nothing even close to what happened Bishop, but the PGA really needs to get some of the language from the players on and off social media under control

    • Oh my goodness!

      We should immediately start reviewing the reviewers of non politically correct expressions…
      You know what is unacceptable? Violence, and we cope with it everywhere…
      Instead of being upset about this short of things, use the energy and creativity to make others laugh hard.

      Cheer up!

    • When will The PGA set a tone for players going to steroid doctors like Dr. Anthony Gallea who had to plea bargain a felony. Blatant cheating seems more serious than someone swaering under their breath to themselves.

      • I think you can say whatever you want under your breath or to yourself but if you get caught saying something to yourself that you would never say in public, well then you gotta face the consequences.

  22. I see that the post I wrote last night was removed or not approved for posting. However, I do wish to insert my two cents by suggesting that Ben Alberstadt’s article, above, was well written, well titled and correct in its thesis. Reed is a public figure under media scrutiny, paid millions of dollars to project a certain image. He contractually must comport himself according to certain boundaries (ask John Daly the consequences of just”doing it my way”).

    The group of fellows with whom I play regularly are well educated and reasonably well to do. We enjoy a fine time together and we laugh a lot without resorting to the use of slurs. We often express frustration without using slurs about ourselves or each other. I am sure if we can do it, a pampered multi millionaire kid can do it, too.

      • Your good clean golf behavior will be what saves you when the pale horse upon which death rides commences judgement day.

        Young Mr Reed was just doing his part to educate all the sodomites, sinners and Obama voters. Thank Heavens for white Christian Texans. You know these hippies want to let the blacks golf? Whats next, jews?

    • Congratulations on your vanilla round of golf. Is it possible that people may want to do things differently than you? Or, do we all need to live and act like Shortgame85? Get over yourself…

      • I do not suggest or imply that people may not wish to do “things” different from me or the fellows with whom I choose to hang around. People choose to act in boorish, unattractive ways all the time. Their choices are my concern only when they impact my life, which is rare. However, racial, gender or sexual slurs remain some of the most insensitive, abusive and unfortunate choices of phrases some people may choose to utter. Not wishing to use those kinds of phrases does not constitute a certain arrogance that might suggest the use of the words, “Get over yourself.” It does constitute a conscious choice to not engage in a type of behavior that reinforces societal stereotypes or promote a greater divide among different groups of people. Historically, societal stereotypes, reinforced by angry or ignorant people, have often been used to unfortunate ends.

        By the way, my group includes two physicians, a retired St. Louis Cardinal baseball player, and a retired farm implement executive. All are smart and successful. All cuss a bit and all engage in a bit of trash talk. And, these fellows play a very good game of golf. If that’s what you call “vanilla” golf and, if that’s the behavior and style of play for which you wish to congratulate me, Sboss, I shall accept your expression as a compliment I am pleased to receive. Thank you.

  23. Believing in God doesn’t mean he’s supposed to be perfect. It means that he’s reached a level of self-enlightenment to understand that he’s not a perfect person and needs spiritual help and guidance. Would you say this same thing if Patrick identified himself as a muslim or a Jew?

  24. I’m sure u have said equally offensive things whilst three-putting. Difference being these guys make big bucks and are always within range of a mic. I like his fire, but he has to realize that he is in a privileged position, and should act like it.

  25. Everyone should have a mic near them at all times and I think everyone would realize this is common, not ideal, language for people. An extremely skilled, professional, competitive athlete made a mistake and expressed himself (also a right). I don’t agree with people comparing them to him regarding, “When I play I call myself worse.” While that happens YOU are not putting a 10 footer for a million dollars. If you messed up at your profession or made a silly error you would say something that MAY offend someone. Again, lets all have microphones and cameras on us so we can display our clean living 24/7…c’mon man!!!

  26. People that kill another person get less crap from it than someone that says something they shouldn’t. Anyone ever listen to rap music? There are plenty of slurs in it. I don’t see anyone going after them for it. Basketball players make comments like this on the court. Again, no one goes after them in this manner. Is it because he is white? Tiger isn’t shy about the F bomb but no one says much. What’s next, can we not call ourselves an idiot either?

  27. I don’t understand this tendency to try to excuse someone’s bad behavior by saying, “But Person X is doing something so much worse!” That doesn’t make it OK. And as other commenters have rightly pointed out, the word “fa**ot” is not akin to “f**k” or other expletives. It is not simply a “bad word”; it is a derogatory word. There’s certainly a difference.

  28. “Regardless of what happens, here’s the bottom line: […] what Patrick Reed said was unacceptable.”

    Sorry – that’s not the bottom line. The bottom line is what, if anything, should happen to PR. Slap on the wrist, fine, suspension, sponsor-flight…?

    If the author has nothing to say on that subject, he should leave it alone. The facts were stated in the first 50 words – the rest of the article is just trying to look like journalism, and in so doing, stoking a firestorm of indignation.

    Exploiting the politics of sexual orientation for a few web-hits is no better than what PR muttered in the heat of the moment.

    • “…had enough of pandering to homosexuals over offensive language. Like we are in the wrong?”

      Are you kidding? I’m at a loss to think of any situation where offensive language (your assessment) is acceptable. The answer to your question (although it reads more like a statement) is YES — YOU ARE IN THE WRONG! Please inform as to when public denegration of individuals for their sexual preferences (or gender, race, religious group membership, etc) became widely acceptable.

      • Barclay…will you agree to having a microphone on you for the next two weeks and record everything you say? Especially while golfing? And then release that audio to the world so every special interest group imaginable can dissect it and find a way to be offended by something you said?

        The day we move on from this fear mob, blackmail, bullying mentality of chastising people for pretty much anything they say is the day we will be able to move on from this “PC Police” obsessed world (which I assume 95% of the world hates)…however its so much fun for everyone to chime in on how they are offended by something someone said that I dont see that happening.

        Is saying the N word or the word PR said crude, inappropriate, and gross and certainly not words I chose to say? Yes. But its a word. Its not an action. We are willing in this society to chastise and punish people for words just as much as actions…which is a very scary thought. At what point will we start to say that Jerk, Moron, Idiot, etc…are offensive?

        • Carlos,

          You just don’t get it. Your attitude is why we still kill and go to war, and why we still hate and disrespect each other around the world, instead of reaching out and shaking hands and becoming friends and having mutually beneficial agreements.

          I can dream, can’t I? Ask MLK Jr.

          • Yes you are right. I am causing war.

            And by the way, your reply offended me. Im not sure how yet…but I will figure something out and get really outraged by it. Maybe I will tell WRX that if they dont remove your post and revoke your username from the website that I will protest, stop coming to the site, and start a petition with sponsor companies to drop off of WRX because of how much you offended me and their unwillingness to remove you. Does that sound about right?

            Quite the contrary Mass. There are people in the middle east who are killing each other (war) for simply saying or believing the wrong thing. Thats an environment where your words can get you killed. We used to be able to say whatever we want but now you are fired, chastised, threatened, etc…for SPEAKING WORDS. I would never go to war with someone who said the wrong thing…because I dont care what people say, I care about their actions. If you care enough about someones words that you would have them fired, lose a sponsor, threatened, etc…then arent you the one “causing wars?” I mean, if we are going to throw around the “causing wars” term so lightly I guess I will just throw it back at ya.

          • His is basically saying there is no reason to take offense where none is meant and you believe that is why people and countries fight? In reality it is your attitude, seeking offense in words and not intent, that causes conflict.

          • This Political Correctness comes down to one person saying a word that someone else found to be disrespectful or hurtful or out of line. That is an opinion. That’s all it is. One person’s opinion and beliefs against the next. And yes, peoples’ opinions and beliefs are the exact reason why “we still kill and go to war”.

        • Perfectly said! But I’m sure no one is listening as usual. I say get rid of the mic’s, let the announcers do their job and enjoy the golf we wish we could play. I really hate this “PC” world!

    • Well said Andy, if he had said it to someone else fair enough. He was having a word with himself, people are to quick to jump on the bandwagon and I bet when they play they mutter a few choice words hypocrites that’s all they are.

  29. “I’m sorry for using offensive language today in China. My passion to play well got the best of me and my word choice was unacceptable.”

    He knows it was wrong. He admitted it and apologized for it. I believe he learned his lesson. No point crucifying him for it now. Hopefully, he is a little more mature now so that he won’t repeat the that and other offensive language in the future. That would be a sign of maturity, not a sign of weakness.

  30. Hey Ben, terrible article in my opinion. the term he used i don’t think is very insulting to any community of any sexual orientation whatsoever. i have 6 gay relatives , 4 are male and none of them seem to associate themselves with the term Reed used. the term in this day and age is used to define week or scared. and that was the context in which it was used.
    i think by you associating that term with being homophobic shines a light on how you personally took the term. and i don’t think any community takes ownership of the said term. lets remember that these are athletes blowing off steam when they are frustrated, with a microphone in there face. in the grand scheme of things its not worth much thought. just my opinion.

    • Gay male here.

      What drugs are you on? The term faggot literally comes from the fact that they used to burn homosexual at the stake, and you’re saying that using this in anger is okay?

      Let me ask you this. What do you have to lose by simply not saying faggot? Why are you all hanging on to this hateful term with such desperation?

  31. Is this the same PGA Tour that stayed mum about its policies and punishments every time Tiger Woods audibly used the very same obscenities and widely offensive vanities of the name of Jesus Christ? Reed should be fined and Tiger reportedly was too, but the Tour never seemed to care much about making big statements in Tiger’s case.

  32. Golf is politically correct.
    A balls game is sexually incorrect.
    Golf is a balls game.
    So a sexually incorrect golf game is politically correct.

    PR, you have nothing to worry about, trust me…

  33. There’s a big difference between what the sitting President of the PGA of America does, on twitter no less, and what a 25 year old kid says after missing a putt. Says to himself no less.

    The Crack team at golf channel really couldn’t edit that bit out of the broadcast? Rather than edit that soundbite out and ignore it they pointed to it and tweeted about it. For the good of the game? Kids make mistakes, especially with language. They can’t or shouldn’t be judged as harshly as say, presidents of large orginazations.

  34. absolutely ridiculous that this is news. look what is going on around you every day, and if this still upsets you have major problems. we really have become so soft and pathetic. leave the guy alone, he was in the heat of battle and pissed off. So what he called himself a f@#$t, listen to the lyrics of some of these songs on the radio that our kids are listening to and reciting and worry about that.

    • Absolutely right, Pat. What’s next: Is the PGA going to monitor what player’s say in their dreams? Why should we be upset by language we hear or read everyday. Guess the PGA is, once again, worried about it’s already stained image, thanks to the Bishop incident. If the PGA is so worried about what Reed said, maybe they need to ban their players from watching cable TV. The sun will still come up tomorrow, regardless of what Reed said, or the PGA thinks.

    • So, you’re not OK with what our kids are listening to on the radio, but you are OK with our kids learning that using the word “fa**ot” is acceptable? I do look at what is going on around me every day, and the unfortunate reality is that gay people still and lack basic human rights. Just yesterday, the 6th Circuit upheld a ban on same-sex marriage in four states. Maybe you don’t see the connection. Maybe you think we’re being too hard on poor Patrick Reed. But the reality is that as long as words like “fa**ot” are in our vocabulary, we’re contributing to a climate in which gay people are mistreated. Now THAT is a major problem.

    • Yeah, I’m tired of the PC police. Next thing you know I’ll be getting discouraged from telling black folk to sit in the back of the bus or I’ll have someone telling me I can’t call jews kikes. What a terrible world that would be.

      (that was me satirizing you all. Perhaps you’re not the victims here and perhaps you could simply stop saying hateful terms used to describe burning homosexuals alive. If this is “soft”, I’ll take it?)

  35. This is senseless reporting. He already apologized. Why the need to pile on? The moment got the better of him….so what! I am sure that many of the Euro or Asian players drop some foul words/phrases in their native language, but where is the outcry or media hype from the foreign press? Just to play devil’s advocate, what would the response, or news report be if Patrick was homosexual? If Patrick had won the FedEx cup, and had the resources, he should have said ” and, what’s your point?. Next question please.” The late Joan Rivers was known for being offensive to many individuals and groups. Did she apologize? Nope! She said get over it. If you don’t apologize for a simple Human error, then the dust will settle and you will be fine.

  36. see i love the f-word. I love when I hear it. More athletes should use it more often. Additionally I love hearing people use it when they accidentally kick the bed post with a bare foot and drop to the ground.

    • Listening to Katrek and Maginnes On Tap while driving home and a gay golfer called in to basically say that PR 3-putted and was upset with himself when he made the comments. The caller said it was no big deal and he had said worse after a 3-putt.

      I remember a Greek and Latin vocab class from college and the first day we had to write down the 3 worst words we could think of. The professor the read the words and the class repeated. The professors comment was they are just words people.

      Guess I just enjoy being happy rather than letting the overly PC crap get under my skin.

    • Chastising himself by calling himself a “fa**ot,” a term that is offensive and pejorative. The fact that he wasn’t intending to insult anyone else is largely irrelevant. That word shouldn’t even be in our vocabulary.

  37. A sensitive issue … But any group I may be part of is fair game and I’m not supposed to be offended. PC is defined by people ramming it down our throats to an extreme. Co-existence and tolerance are not enough. Acceptance has become the goal. And, from my perspective, this stuff only seems to flow one way. Common sense tells most of us what is acceptable, and this is no hanging offense.

  38. I am just wondering if PR is going to get DQ’ed for signing an incorrect card after not taking full relief from the cart path on hole 8. That would cap off a great day.

  39. Considering the comments made in response to this article and the comments made by the readers of the Ted Bishop commentary written a few days ago, I would think the editors of this blog would wake up to the sensibilities of their readers and quit pandering to the pc crowd. It is clear the writers and editors of GolfWRX have little culturally in common with their readership.

  40. I would like to see every athlete in every sport, every politician, every actor, every singer, every famous person everywhere, decide that for the next month they were going to do their best Steve Carlton impersonation and refuse to have contact with any form of media of any type, including social media.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch what passes for news these days collapse upon itself?

  41. Lets say he made the putt then was extatic and ran over to the hole flipped it upside down ( like it was part of his anatomy) and pretended to pile drive the hole what would we be saying about that. Would we all laugh , i would . FREE SPEECH sirs

  42. Fine him. Drop,it. Just like they did back in the days of Strange, S. Pate, Trevino and others before all of this ” agenda media”. BTW, shame on GC for making it big news this morning.

    Mistake ( I understand), apology ( good move and prompt), apology accepted. Just glad he didn’t say m&@t€r f@@k@r !

  43. Every time I heard Tiger Woods yell the Lord’s name in vain after a blocked tee shot, I was deeply offended. Did it so much make golfwrx and gain national recognition for being offensive and vulgar? Of course not. I am not in favor of anyone yelling profanity, but the double standard is disturbing.

  44. This PC stuff is out of control. People will have to put duct tape over their mouths to stay out of trouble.

    The quote, “Anything you say will be used against you” has never been so true.

    The world is in a very bad way.

  45. this is stupid. Adrian Peterson is getting off easy and will be back in the NFL after beating his kids nutts until they bled, but this guy is getting punishment for something he said about himself…stupid, stupid, stupid

  46. I don’t know one competitive golfer that doesn’t berate him or herself after missing a makeable putt for a birdie or eagle.
    It comes out unconsciously for me. I call myself names that make my friends laugh but god forbid if Jim Nantz heard me say it on National TV. Like someone said before you have to watch out and understand the microphones are on.

    • Are you paid millions to play on TV? Do your kids learn to act like that because they see you, a succesful athlete, acting like a d-bag on TV? Do you use the word F**got in business meetings?

  47. Really? This is why golf is a dying sport. It is long, expensive and hard. And you can’t have emotions have to be a emotionless zombie. He is a pro golfer, not a law maker.

  48. This article is in a long line of similarly awful articles that replicate the sort of faux outrage that the likes of TMZ, Buzzfeed etc etc thrive on.

    Why do we have to throw the book at anyone who doesn’t conform 100% to what is rammed down our throats as being politically correct?

    Better cancel my weekend 4 ball where any short put is met by a tirade of comments that wouldn’t go down well with the PC brigade, funnily enough it doesn’t make us want to resign from our positions.

    Clearly all sense of reason has deserted this world and the author of this article.

  49. I am reminded of a Tommy Bolt story. When being fined $200 for saying a couple of expletives, he ripped off another $300 and said it three more times!

    The f-bomb is a useful word when applied correctly and sparingly. It should not be used in polite conversation nor on national TV in prime time sports. The “slur” is no better or worse than the F-bomb. Reed should be fined per policy, and that should be the end of it.

    I have two adult daughters and a son, and I can tell you first hand that somewhere between the ages of 9-16, girls become incredibly dramatic and boys become stinky and aggressive. It is several thousand years of human biology and sociology.

    We are over the top on PC, as another poster said it will be the downfall of free speech. The leadership of the PGA is a bunch of little girls. Or little boys, which ever is most offensive to them.

  50. A slur is an offensive word that is directed at someone else. If he’s saying this to himself on the course it’s not a slur. Let it go people. If you don’t want to hear cusswords then don’t put a friggin mike on players on the field of play. I have news for you….ALL ATHLETES CUSS LIKE SAILORS. If you’re surprised by this you probably didn’t play sports growing up.

  51. Brought to you by the same author who wrote about Tiger Woods wearing a white belt with jeans… [gasp!]. Write about golf itself and golf equipment…that’s why were all here. Leave the TMZ crap to the new Golf Digest.

  52. Poor choice of words, I’m sure he will learn from it and call himself a more pc name in the future. Shame on the PGA for coming out and making a comment about this and trying to make an example of Reed.”The PGA Tour Conduct Unbecoming regulations prohibit the use of obscene language on the golf course”, I bet Reed wasn’t the only pro to use any obscene language on the course today. Will the PGA Tour keep up with the punishment on every golfer on tour that drops an f-bomb after a bad shot or swears at his caddie?

  53. Why is this country just getting softer and softer who cares what he called himself . Is it right no but it was directed at himself im sure no one at golf wrx has ever said that word . Grow a set and move on

  54. The author of this article should be ashamed of himself and be reprimanded by GolfWRX management. Either that, or whoever is deciding what gets published and what doesn’t. Either way, this website is not about politics or social issues, it’s about golf. Who cares what insults Patrick muttered to HIMSELF. He wasn’t calling anyone else names but himself. This article is nothing more than the trash of the media world like TMZ, Extra, or any supermarket tabloid.

    That being said, the title of this article is inappropriately inaccurate as well. The word Patrick used is not homophobic. The word homophobic literally means fear of homosexuals. I seriously doubt Patrick has a fear of them, and the word he used does not have a fearful meaning or connotation. Yes, it is often used as an insult, but has nothing to do with fear.

    If GolfWRX is going to publish articles like this, at least give it an appropriately accurate title.

    • The other day I muttered some racial slurs in a company meeting, to myself of course. I was just mad, I can’t understand why they fired me.

      Your “realworldperspective” lack any actual reference to the real world. These guys are making a FORTUNE playing golf, and are expected to act in a certain way. This guy represented the US at one point, and he’s a complete embarrassment.

      • So are all words equal now? No one can ever say anything that expresses emotion ever again because someone else COULD be (not IS) offended? Are we supposed to live our lives in fear of what others will think?

        I have to disagree with you on that. Patrick Reed is in no way an embarrassment to the game of golf nor to this great country of the USA. He’s a human being who expressed his frustration through words. Was anyone hurt? Did someone have to go to the hospital to see Dr. Dictionary or Nurse Thesaurus? No they didn’t. Could Patrick have chosen other words? Sure. But at the end of the day, they’re just noises that came out of his mouth and it is seriously disturbing if someone thinks they have been wronged or hurt by him. Everyone on this planet has been self-deprecating at some point in their life, and rightfully so, we’re imperfect human beings and make plenty of mistakes for which to reprimand ourselves. Why should Patrick Reed be precluded that right just because his paycheck is larger than yours?

        • We are ALL denied that “right” by the terms of our employment, regardless of the size of our paychecks. It might be different if he called himself a$$hol3 (which is true btw), but should still carry repercussions.

          Blacks are fired (and rightfully) every day for making racist comments in the workplace, there is no protection from violation of company policy regardless of your color.

      • Bradford, you must not be Black. If you muttered racial slurs in and meeting and were Black, they’d have put you in a protected class and it would have meant NOTHING.

        See, in this PC society of word police, it all depends who says the “offending” word. Same word, different outrage. It’s typical of the liberal media. In fact, if one of their OWN, a loyal member of the cause says something, they’ll will say it was a poor choice of words but give them a pass. They’ll “vouch” for the guys credentials. Somebody outside of their “cause” will be tarred and feathered….

        It all depends WHO says the words in the new liberal PC world.

      • H,

        Have YOU personally ever used poor word choices? Have YOU personally EVER offended somebody with words? YES, YOU HAVE….

        Get off the high horse. You’re no better than anyone else. You commit violations against other people. I love how hypocritical people can be…maybe you never used a homosexual slur. Maybe you have….who knows? But, you’ve slurred other people. 100% chance…

        Only weak people let the words of others offend them.

  55. Only reason any of this is a big deal is because the media makes it a big deal. Political correctness is going to be the downfall of western society. The grievance industry thrives these days with a compliant media that goes looking for things to be upset over. He got upset and said some words that weren’t so great. The intent doesn’t matter though but the words he used do.

    Myself, I can’t think of a worse way to be than someone who spends their time looking for things to be angry or upset over. Someone can call me anything they like. Those words only have an effect if I allow them to have an effect. But, again, these days there is a whole industry devoted to finding offense wherever it can. It’s ridiculous.

    • On our list of problems that includes the worst income inequality since the Great Depression, extremist retaliation against an over-militarized culture, rising global temperatures and sea levels leading to increasingly intense weather patterns, toxic chemicals and radioactive waste finding its way into our drinking water…

      You think political correctness is going to be what brings down the whole house of cards, huh?

      • Damn. Here I thought I could get away from my eyes bleeding from seeing images of obama and Reed on tv. Then I see this article and this comment on GWRX of all places. Put the Kool-Aid down slowly and walk away.

      • Specifically this incident actually! People disapproving of a white christian male golfer using a term to describe burning homosexuals in anger is at least 10000x more offensive than any of the other things you said.

      • Jeremy, when this whole house of cards comes down? It’ll be 100% the actions of people like YOU….

        You’re kind is always on the march. We had the greatest country but it was never perfect. Perfect people never lived in the U.S…now, Jeremy and his ilk our on the march to change it all to fit their distorted and warped views.

        When you change from the most prosperous and powerful country, not a perfect country, you have only one direction you’re changing toward. DOWN.

    • It is infuriating that people categorize something as “PC” simply so they can discount its validity. How is avoiding language and actions that exclude, marginalize or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against a bad thing?

      The whole “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” attitude is so juvenile and so false. Maybe some gay people don’t “allow” themselves to be affected by the use of the word “fa**ot,” but you better believe they’re affected by the fact that the 6th Circuit just upheld a same-sex marriage ban in four states yesterday. And they’re affected by the fact that employers refuse to extend benefits to same-sex couples. And they’re affected by the barrage of discriminatory practices they encounter on a regular basis.

      These things are all interrelated, and to pretend they are not, or to pretend this is all about being PC (as if that’s a bad thing) is incredibly myopic.

  56. Such trolling with the title. Typical media spinning up emotions. The language he used wasn’t homophobic, whatsoever, nor is the term. Is it derogatory? Of course! He shouldn’t be using it in such a forum, but it is his right and his freedom of speech to choose to use the term. It is our choice to be offended by it’s usage. His comment had nothing to do with homosexuals. He was obviously upset with himself, and in a state of frustration used a completely unnecessary, and insensitive term. Given he is a professional golfer, there should be punishment, but to say it should be the end of his career is ignorant.

  57. My son is a few years younger than Reid, and he says similar things to berate himself on the golf course… if comes with expectations, being young, temperamental, and pressure, stress, etc.

    The problem is that Reid is on the PGA Tour and people can hear him …

    I think we’re making much ado about nothing … get him to a psych coach who will tell him that type of self-flagellation only hurts his game, give him a way to deal with it, to accept the shot and it will be OK.

  58. Let’s be frank for just a moment. I would find it hard to believe that he gave a moment’s thought to what self-deprecating term he was going to use under the circumstances. He was incredibly po’d at himself and blurted out the first slur that came to mind. Who can say why it was the first thing. Maybe he has used it a lot in the past. Maybe he grew up hearing it a lot. Maybe any of a number of things as to why it was jumped to his mind. The point is that whatever the reason was those words were the ones he used, it likely was not as as much of a matter of choice as it was a knee jerk reaction.

    Bottom line is yes we can all agree that he needs to exercise more self-control, especially on the course. But I don’t think he was intentionally trying to slur anyone or any group. He targeted himself in an emotional outbreak and nothing more. This event by all rights should go into the stupid but forgivable category.

    I really feel that anyone who does not have this much understanding of what happened or this much tolerance, should be re-examining themselves. I for one am freaking weary of the seemingly wholly intolerant free speech police.

  59. Great article here! Very important to highlight hateful homophobic slurs so that we no which players not to support.
    Patrick Reed should not be banned, but he should not do some public service.

  60. I think it’s entertaining when someone not in the group affected by disrespectful language thinks it is of no concern. There’s going to be a point in time where your mindset will be in the minority.

    There are a few rights people have, and living their life with dignity is one of those rights. And for the record, it isn’t about political correctness. It’s about basic decency, and the way you treat people. For example, if you had a problem with my use of “colorful” language in a conversation, then I’d tone it down out of respect to you. I can always use other words to express myself. It may require more effort, but that’s what is required of rational adults.

    • No, what is required of RATIONAL adults is to MOVE ON! If this is really a big deal fir you I’m sorry but you are pathetically think skinned and SEARCHING for a reason to be offended and irate… Grow up and deal with YOUR life

      • All this talk about the oppressed and basic decency and rights makes me wonder…..Where is the standard for this? If it is based on feelings and what offends me (What is true for me), then were does it end? If I say I am offended that you are offended will that make someone shut up and not be offended? I haven’t heard of anyone using any real standard by which to measure “offenses” so this type of garbage will continue until we do.

        • Here’s the answer: everyone offends, everyone gets offended. Folks should turn their brains on when talking and not make derogatory statements toward groups of people, and people need to quit hiding behind free speech and their personal rights. This stuff won’t end because this world is still filled with nuts who think it’s okay to perpetuate the degrading of people. These same people apparently love the game of golf…which does not surprise me. It is a game played predominantly by older white men with above average wealth.

        • The standard is the amount of people it offends. The more people you offend, the bigger backlash you’ll receive. It’s really that simple.

          If you say your offended by something, nobody will care unless there are thousands (or millions) who are equally as offended as you. The only reason we’re having these discussions are because of the sheer amount of people offended.

          • I agree with what you are saying, but what I am saying is that everyone acts like there is a standard others should go by but no one identifies that standard. If there is no ultimate standard by which we govern our actions then how can anyone tell anyone else what to do about anything? Why should we get upset about anything unless there is a definite standard to go by? Unless this is answered and dealt with, then the answer to all of these objections is “who says?”.

  61. You’ve gotta be kidding me. This author and everyone else making a big deal of this is out of control and acting like a “lil girl”. The world is way too overly sensitive now and it’s an absolute joke. I’m not and never will be sorry for saying something that might be considered offensive because in most contexts it isn’t meant that way and shouldn’t be taken that way. It is embarrassing that you have to watch what you say every time you talk or else some over sensitive person takes offense to something that literally means nothing but a way of expression

  62. Drop as many f-bombs as you want, but at some point people (all of us) need to leave the negative gender/preference language out of our spoken vocabulary. There is nothing to gain by using the language in a negative way regardless of your beliefs or intentions.

    People look stupid, and when the whole world sees, that becomes instantly associated to you.

    As far as P Reed, seems like an emotional type of guy. Hope he tempers the language, but keeps the fire

  63. I think he said “Fu***** maggot.” Yeah, that was it. But all seriousness aside, is that any different than Tiger calling himself a co**sucker? Did that offend all the co**suckers in the world?

      • *Clapping* Why the have mics next to these players is uncomprehendable. Do they have live mics on the sidelines of football basketball or baseball games, listening to every players word? NO WAY! They may all be different games but there is one thing that makes them common. Competition, and as long as there is competition tempers will flare and all sorts of things will be said and DONE (see Albert Haynesworth head stomp, or Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace beatin the piss outta fans.)
        No live mics next to players, as much as I enjoy it, to much political correctness in the world right now looking to smother others with how they should talk or act.

  64. No, no it is not a big deal. He was not talking to anyone but himself. His comment could be interpreted that he associates homosexuality with unacceptable behavior and therefore the reason for his (vulgar) comment to himself. However on the other hand, it might well have been just a series of curse words aimed at himself. His comment does not demonstrate that he would treat homosexuals differently or mistreat them, you assumed that he might.
    What should be concerning to everyone is the quick kneejerk response to shame, condemn and punish language or thought that isn’t in the current mainstream of groupthink. That is the big deal to me.

  65. What a non-story, golf media (and in turn golf fans) have little to talk about this time of the year.

    Let’s all take a step back and ask ourselves “How was I hurt by this?” Guess what, you weren’t. You may not have appreciated his choice of language, but get over and move on. Life’s too short to complain about other people. Believe it or not, no one has a right not to be offended. If you are offended, it is your problem.

    To boldly state that some phrase or word is “unacceptable in any context” is frankly more concerning that the subject comment itself.

    • It doesn’t matter if I was hurt by this personally. It matters that other people are hurt by it–by similar language, by bigoted attitudes, by discriminatory practices.

  66. They just have to learn to bleep the words as they come out.

    While it is true that we are becoming way too PC as a society (something more to do with $$$ than doing the correct thing), there really is not excuse to saying anything that has a history of being used to abuse and demean any group of people.

    On a lighter note – what if he said “Nice f**kin’ three-putt you f**kin’ idiot.”, I happen to know a LOT of people who should draw offense to that even more.

  67. This article is a JOKE. It actually made me a little angry when I saw it on the homepage. I’m so sick of reading political correctness pieces on our site, how their actions are unacceptable, and SO offensive.

    Get a grip, Alberstadt. He got overheard at the wrong time, talking to himself. I can bet you that a thousand golfers a day use a phrase like this on their home course, in the exact same context.

    Pat’s got some fire in his gut; but nope, let’s dull him down and give him a glazed over, forced behavior.

  68. Someone said that we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. I don’t think that PR had bad intentions and this thoughtless moment will cost him but hopefully no more than a fine and a short suspension.

  69. If Happy Gilmore only got a suspension and fine for beating up Bob Barker… Reed will only get a slap on the wrist (which is all he should get).

    “Common Doug, kick him off the tour” – Shooter McGavin

  70. Good grief, how we’ve become the land of the easily offended. He’s cursing himself…..not someone else. These days he’ll probably lose his card and go to prison for 10 years cause someone can’t get over it.

  71. Jeez… well, in today’s mad PC world he certainly should have muttered it more to himself, but man, when did homosexuals start running from their sexuality? I thought they were “proud” and that is was “normal”. So, I happen to think being straight is normal, so if some homo I was playing golf with muttered to herself, “nice f*ing three putt you f*ing straight” I don’t think I would be that worried about it and wouldn’t take it as a personal attack on my sexuality.

    • Maybe you just don’t know where the term fa**ot came from. Fa**ot is a term for a bunch of kindling wood. In the middle ages, they would burn witches after tying them to a wooden stake. Since homosexuals were viewed as lower than even witches, they weren’t worthy of being tied to a wooden stake and then burnt alive. They would just throw the homosexuals in with the kindling, thus a flaming fa**ot.

      I don’t think Patrick Reed meant it to malign homosexuals. But every gay man has had that term yelled at them either while getting beat up, shamed or even worse.

      I don’t know what the proper side is in this debate, but I do know that just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you should.

  72. I’m curious if Odyssey is going to drop him for the slur or the 3-putt. We all love player models, c’mon Odyssey…re-release the 6 model as the Reed FF. It will sell, you know it.

  73. I’m sure if you were gay and you heard that you would be offended. Just like if he called himself the N-word or any other derogatory term. When people say this country is becoming too sensitive, it mostly comes from folks who have never walked a mile in someone elses shoes. Do i think Patrick Reed is a homophobe? No. But he should think before he blurts out such idiotic stuff on national TV. Just like when i’m sitting in my office, i don’t yell “nice f-ing bleep, you f-ing fa&%*t”.

  74. The precedent on this kind of behavior is set. Curse all you want (yes, Tiger, it’s fine) but any sort of language that disparages a group outside of the one you’re personally identified with (in this case white-straight) is gonna come back to bite you. Get a clue, clean it up, it’s not that difficult.

    • Big difference between a curse word, and a racial or homosexual slur that could personally offend a group and actually offend someone’s lifestyle or the color they were born. Curse words are usually used out of anger or common conversation, and don’t depict a certain group, some of the words he used could be taken personally. That’s the point. As mentioned before, you may kick the bedpost and scream “f***”, but I highly doubt you would turn to a slur along the lines of race or sexual preference. He’s not gay, so why didn’t he say “fat f***” if he was speaking of himself????

  75. The whole PC thing is getting out of hand…a man much wiser than me probably said it best. We should all stop being lil’ girls and just go about our everyday business and now sweat the small stuff.

  76. There is way to much PC going on in the world anymore. The man said it under his own breath to himself. You should see me cursing at myself on a course…granted, I’m not mic’d, or even playing with others when I do it.

    It is still inexcusable from a professionalism standpoint, but in this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have to pay a hefty fine or lose his tour card over this. A fine is alright, but anything more would be pushing it.

  77. Even when he talks to himself he doesn’t say the right thing….maybe when frustrated, he should go back to reciting his accomplishments from high school, and belonging in the top 5 in the world, and so on…wouldn’t want to get his post tournament speech wrong, and at the same time it could keep him from slipping up showing even more truth behind his character. Don’t know him personally, nor do I care to. But as a player, still not a fan…

  78. I just told a guy at work about this and he said “that’s bull s***”. To which I replied “Hey are you racist against cows”. He says “No, but they taste good”

  79. Apples and oranges…… What he said is unacceptable, but he’s not an elected official that represents and speaks for thousands of people like Bishop was. He represents Patrick Reed. It’s up to the PGA Tour to punish him how they see fit and the public to treat him with the respect they think he deserves.

  80. I hear alot of golfers call themselves worse things on the golf course. The truth is that alot of people use terms like this in regular day life. And I doubt any of them care about this. But the real point is that it is a bad example to others and a fine should follow. If they decide to suspend him for a month or two that’s probably okay as well. But don’t end a mans career over it.