Not many items get the GolfWRX forums as excited as the announcement of a new shaft.  I’m a victim of this myself – the promise of better performance, enticing graphics, and something that is more elite than what is off the shelf really gets me quite excited every time.  One day my game might even catch up to my fancy equipment! 

At any rate, the Aldila RIP has been seen in spy pics for several weeks now and has some sweet skull and crossbones graphics.  The shafts have been spotted on Tour (including in winners’ bags like Heath Slocum) and are rumored to be released to everyone else in the near future (maybe). 

The En Fuego shaft series have spicy names and graphics to match.  The buzz info is that the MSRP on these will be $99 and there are three versions:  Habanero – mid to high launch R,S,X; Wasabi – mid launch R,S,X; and Serrano – low to mid launch R,S,X.  These have an early 2010 release date to the masses.  That Habanero looks mighty tasty to me!


Possibly the most interesting thing about these shafts is the amount of chatter that has evolved from the names that Aldila has chosen for the new line.  Now I’ve said it before, as a surfer/skater first and golfer second my gear can have skulls and be named just about anything under the sun and I’ll game it.  Honestly, I am more concerned with performance and improvement in my game.  If something makes me hit the ball with greater accuracy/distance/etc. then the looks and name are secondary as far as I’m concerned.  Not everyone feels this way at all.  In fact, there are some very strong feelings about these shafts:


“Recently Aldila has named their shafts “Voodoo” and now with RIP (with skull picture) etc.  What the heck? Aldila, I am avoiding your SATANIC names.  I only wish you’d use better names because I am very interested to buy more shafts from you.”

“What were they thinking?  Was the Aldila marketing dept walking down the spice aisle at the supermarket when they named theses shafts?”

“Yeah, they walked in the Asian spice store for the Wasabi name but they were in their satanic cult session when they named VooDoo and RIP.  What a bunch of IDIOTS at Aldila! If they think of golfers who are staying away of the shafts because of those evil-sounded names, they will realize how much money they lose in business.  A neutral name equals more businesses just like in any other product.”

“I’d have to say you’re in the minority if you won’t play a shaft because of its name.  I think the idiot comment may be a self-reference not a term to use against a good company?  For your information, RIP stands for “Reverse Interlaminar Positioning” which is the design/processing of the shaft. People have been putting skull and cross bones on golf merchandise way before the VooDoo came out. The VooDoo is supposed to be funny as in the shaft is magically good! Wasabi was so named because it has extra kick!  I think the pepper marketing is funny. Hot, hotter, hottest…It’s not that farfetched.” 

“I appreciate the updates in this thread.  On another note, this thread contained some of the stupidest comments about Aldila’s naming convention. Yes, it’s not “vanilla” naming, but that’s the point, the name is meant to make an impact and formulate a descriptive association for their product. I don’t see these as demonic or devilish.  If we really wanted to nit-pick on devilish names then we could call out Callaway for their “El Diablo” woods…but seriously, who’s really cares. It’s not like your purchase is subsidizing satanic activity!” 

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