Now available at your local golf equipment supply is the Precept LADY iQ PLUS.  You can pick up a dozen of these babies in sharp white or bright pink for about $30 per dozen.  These are touted to be the “softest ladies ball ever” (according to the smiling Paula Creamer on the box).  I tried out both colors recently out on the course. 

When Bridgestone Golf, Inc. introduced The LADY iQ PLUS they claimed that it is “the softest women’s golf ball on the market that was developed for higher flight and more distance at slower swing speeds.  It boasts an even softer core than its predecessor (Lady iQ 180) and continues to utilize Bridgestone’s patented Gradational Compression Technology.  This technology produces greater ball deformation at impact which results in increased distance with all clubs.  In addition, Precept’s softest core ever continues to reduce excessive sidespin for straighter, more accurate ball-flight, while the new 5% softer cover provides better greenside control than any other Precept Lady golf ball in history.    


The new LADY iQ PLUS boasts Bridgestone’s popular 330-dimple design cover with patented Seamless Cover TechnologyTM providing a consistently higher trajectory and more carry, than the previous iteration’s 342-dimple design cover.”  

As one who always seems to manage to play with a ball that is designed for men I was excited to try these out.  I’m not some amazing “big hitter” but I do use all men’s R flex clubs (for real) and have a respectable swing speed.  I often forget how much difference the right ball could make and these did not disappoint.  It was quite nice to get proper ball flight and have that solid feel like I really nailed the ball with my driver or 3-wood.  On short iron and chip shots the ball also had a nice, soft feel without feeling too “hollow” or flimsy.

I did get concerned for a moment since I usually don’t use a women’s ball and thought that I might be giving these too much credit.  To solve this, I did test out another model of women’s ball and hit it for a few holes to get the right feel and frame of mind back.  After a few holes, I tried out the new Precept again.  I was right – they’ve definitely got a great feel to them.  I’ll be gaming these for a while for sure. 

I know the bright pink isn’t for everyone but I didn’t mind it at all.  It was easy to spot my ball when it landed a bit outside of the fairway into the rough.  It also prevents those “cool guys” on the course from running up to you because they think you are stealing their badly-shanked ball. 

You can find more information about this new ball on the Bridgestone Golf website here.

Overall, I would recommend these to my fellow lady golfers that are looking for a ball that performs well off the tee and around the green.

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