From Cleveland:
Never Compromise Sub30 Series: More Control On Every Putt
The softest feeling putter in the Never Compromise line, Sub 30 putters also feature superior heel-toe weighting for accuracy, forgiveness and distance control. Golfers who prefer a soft feeling, yet solid putter, will especially appreciate the Sub 30 putters.

  • Models: Type 10 Blade • Type 20 Blade • Type 30 Mallet • Type 40 Mallet • Type 50 CS Mallet • Type 50 Mallet
  • Dual-material face insert of copper-infused aluminum and polymer
  • Two-piece basket construction offers soft responsive feel
  • Provides more control of distance and direction on every putt
  • Taller face insert height minimizes distance loss and maximizes accuracy on high off-center hits
  • More forgiveness and more confident, consistent strokes

Never Compromise Sub 30 – Type 40
Length – 34″
Lie – 70*
Loft – 3*
Weight – 350g

Right out of the box, this is one sexy putter. The headweight is dead on and feels great in your hands. The other knockout is the looks. Some will think its busy, but I really appreciate the design and color combination; the matte black finish is a nice touch.

Cleveland has made the softest feeling putter in the Never Compromise line. Unfortunately for me, the insert felt a little too soft.

Bottom Line:
I think Cleveland hit the nail on the head with their goals on this one. This is a great feeling putter, with sharp looks at an affordable price. ($139-179; full retail)



First thing I noticed was the headcover. Looks awesome to me, the white is bright and the colors pop with a cool design. Is has a velcro closure and I would have preferred magnetic. Cleveland did an amazing job with the matte black finish on this. It looks similar to the matte black of the i20 series. The sole has a high gloss finish and it is again hit with the bright colors and unique Sub 30 design. The face (minus the insert) is milled and although it doesn’t really add any function it looks great. From address you only see the sexy matte black and sight line so for anyone thinking the design is busy, it is not at all distracting.

There are 5 different models in the Sub 30 line so its important to pick one that fits your stroke. I prefer a single sight line and for me the Type 40 Model was really easy for me to line up. There is a fair amount of toe hang so this putter is designed more for an arching stroke as would be expected from a heel shafted putter. The ball rolls well off the club face. I was using GamerV2’s and they started rolling true and were holding their line off the putter face. I purposely mishit a few putter just to see how the putter would react. The face is specially designed taller to aid in forgiveness. There was only a slight distance loss with off center strikes but they still rolled nicely.

As mentioned before the headweight is perfect. You can really feel where the putter head is during the stroke. When I missed a putt left or right I could really tell if it was pushed or pulled without looking at the putt. The response I was getting from the weighting really helped my putting as I was able to make adjustments based on what I could feel through the stroke. Cleveland designed the softest putter in the in the NC line and this was aided with the addition of a copper infused aluminum and copolymer face insert. Soft? Absolutely. Unfortunately for me I felt it was a little too soft. Although the ball rolled nicely, I was having trouble getting much feedback from the actual stroke. I’m used to putting with a one piece, milled face and at times I felt like I could not hit the ball hard enough. I struggled with distance control.


Bottom Line:
This putter deserves a shot. For those who have used the Cleveland Classic you know the type of quality that Cleveland puts out at a price point that is affordable. I’m interested to try other models and see if there is one that better fits my stroke. In my opinion, this is the best looking putter that Cleveland has ever put out. I enjoy the bright colors and it has even caught the attention of my playing partners. I had multiple people asking what I was playing with. If you are used to a firmer feeling face it will take some adjustments. The best thing you can ask for in a putter is a true roll and for the ball to hold its line; both of these are accomplished with the Never Compromise Sub 30 Series.

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