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Mizuno JPX-800 Irons, 4 to GW, Project X 5.0 Shafts

About Me:
I am 41 years old, playing to a 15~16 HC. I get out about twice a month during the golfing season. But since the driving range is down the street from work, I get to hit a bucket or two during lunch twice or more a week. Thanks for GolfWRX and Mizuno for this testing opportunity.

Product Information from Mizuno: Recommended Handicap Range is 8 to 20.
A serious looking iron designed to be amazingly forgiving and explosively long, the JPX-800™ is the first model to bring Mizuno’s Global JPX technology platform to the United States. The unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons is achieved by combining MAX COR Technology, Hot Metal™ Face construction, and an exotic pocket cavity to hit the maximum allowable limits for energy transfer. Hot Metal™ construction utilizes a new manufacturing process that increases the material’s natural strength to create an ultra-thin and multi-thickness face for maximum, consistent ball speed, while the innovative pocket cavity with external power bar design expands and extends the sweet area and lowers the center of gravity for unsurpassed forgiveness. An aggressive triple cut sole ensures solid ball striking from all types of lies, and a multi-material cavity badge provides tuned impact sound with enhanced feel and sharp looks. Simply put, the JPX-800 irons utilize the world’s most advanced Game Improvement technologies to help the serious mid- to high-handicap player score like never before!


  • 4-7 irons utilize MAX COR construction which delivers the highest allowable COR and low deep Center of Gravity for amazing distance and forgiveness.
  • 8-PW utilize deep pocket cavity design for maximum forgiveness and increased accuracy.
  • GW & SW utilize a solid power bar design for greater control and pinpoint accuracy.
  • A multi-level, multi-thickness exotic pocket cavity™ (4 – 7 iron) creates the largest MOI for the most forgiving iron in MIZUNO’s award-winning line-up.
  • Massive external Power Bar design expands and extends the sweet area for maximum forgiveness across the face.
  • Multi-material badge to enhance feel and deliver aggressive styling.
  • Aggressive Triple Cut sole for consistent forgiveness from all types of lies and playing conditions.
  • Durable double nickel chrome plated finish.
  • Modified U-grooves, which conform to the Condition of Competition 2010, produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.

Easy to hit. Long distance. Versatile from any lie. Long distance. Clean looking design. Can I say distance again.

No 3 iron. 8, 9 and PW can get a little “jumpy”. Lacks that Mizuno forged feel.

The Bottom Line:
Versatile set that Mizuno has made for the masses.


Thanks to GolfWRX and Mizuno for allowing me to test and review the the JPX-800 irons. Well I got out to play three 18-hole rounds and some range sessions in between the rains for the JPX-800s. I will say that the JPX-800 iron is versatile and easy to hit. The JPX-800 are cast, not forged. So they lack that forged feel and feedback that Mizuno irons are known for. About five years ago, I bagged the MX-900 iron set for 1-1/2 years and love that set. If my memory serves me right, the JPX-800 irons are just as easy to hit as the MX-900, but lack the forged feel. I used a 7 iron to get to 150 yards with the MX-900. With the JPX-800 irons, I can easily get to 150 yards with an 8 iron. So the JPX-800s are easily one club longer than the MX-900s. The test set came with Project X 5.0 steel shafts to help lower the height of the shots a bit.

Classic chrome and satin finish that the Mizuno irons are known for. The badge is silver with blue trim. Not to outrageous as some of the irons in the market today. Quality is top notch. The set came with matching serial numbers and the Mizuno M-21 grips.

The JPX-800s have a thick top line. That doesn’t bother me. The hitting area frames well at address. The bottom flanges can be seen in the 4, 5 and 6 irons at address.
The finish of the iron heads held up well through 3 full rounds of golf and some range sessions.


The JPX-800 irons are advertised and built for distance. If that is what you’re looking for in an iron, then the JPX-800s is your set. The 4 and 5 irons really excel off tee shots as driving irons. This really made me wish that the 3 iron was made available for this set. The triple cut sole helps with hitting the irons out of the rough. There was little distance loss from well stuck shots out of the rough. I hit a 5 iron from the rough 175 yards. For me that was awesome. From the fairway, the JPX-800s are superb.

On full shots, the JPX-800s deliver the goods. The set I tested had Project X shafts in them. The shafts are a little stouter and help with accuracy. If the swing is true, the ball will go where aimed.

I found these irons to be very forgiving……much more forgiving than they look. If you are looking for the most forgiving iron that doesn’t look like a shovel, then this is definitely your set.

I found that the hot faces of the JPX-800 irons make partial and finesse shots with the 8, 9 and PW were hard to dial in. The 8, 9 and PW have a cavity cut. The GW is easier to dial in with partial and finesse shots as wells as chipping and pitching. The GW does not have a cavity cut, and is probably the reason why it’s not as “lively”.

The Max-COR construction that makes the JPX-800s lively, also minimizes distance loss from off center hits. If the ball is struck in the hitting area of the face, the ball will get there.

The GW is 49*. (I guess this is the new norm for Game-Improvement irons in the industry.) From my previous experience, I found a good deal on 54* and 60* Mizuno T-11 wedges to match the set.


This is not a forged Mizuno set. If you are looking for that sweet forged feel, it’s not here. The JPX-800s feel different. It doesn’t feel like a run of the mill GI iron set either. The JPX-800s have a “pseudo-forged” feel on well struck shots. But the Max-COR lively face makes it hard to differentiate from off-center hits. A really bad miss (thin shot, off the heel or toe, etc.) can still be felt though.

Bottom Line:
This is Mizuno’s iron for the masses. The masses love distance and the JPX-800s will deliver on that end. But the iron is still versatile for a mid-handicapper to use. Personally, I believe that the JPX-800s are THE perfect set of irons to use for scramble format tournaments where the premium is place on distance. I will be bringing these irons to play in scramble tournaments for work.

Personally, it’s a shame I cannot get a 3 iron for the JPX-800s. With the forgiveness built-in to the JPX-800, I think that the 3 iron would have been one awesome driving iron.

To address the “liveliness” issues in the short irons, get the 8 iron, 9 iron and PW in the JPX-800 Pros. But get Mizuno to make the JPX-800 Pros in the specs of the JPX-800s to make sure that there is no gapping within the set.


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