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Product Information from Odyssey:
The new Flip Face Putters are an adjustable masterpiece unlike anything else in golf. Golfers now have the ability to own two putters in one, with one side of the Face featuring the new Metal-X insert and the other side featuring the White Ice Insert. The different inserts let you quickly customize your putter and fine-tune performance on the course by giving you great feel differential, ball speed differential and roll differential all in one putter. Putter lengths are 33”, 34” and 35”. Head weight is 345 grams.

The new Metal X aluminum insert puts a good roll on the ball quickly. Milled pieces with satin chrome finish make up the putter head. Lamkin 3Gen grip is a nice touch on the putter. Comes with an adjustment wrench attached to a divot tool that stores neatly in the putter cover.

Adjustment/divot tool are one and can be lost. The small screw that is loosened to open the putter and Flip the Face has no retention component and can get lost. $350.00 price tag.

Bottom Line:
A blade style putter that has that look of the Newport 2 or Anser 2. Nice look due to the milled putter head components, but does not have that milled putter feel.

Thanks to GolfWRX and Odyssey for having an awesome giveaway. This is one of three models of the giveaway. The No.5 and the No. 9 were the other models. I did not have to write this review, but I wanted to give the community some feedback on this new putter since buying a Flip Face Putter would be such a big investment.

This putter is constructed from 14 different components. It does not look like it and Odyssey did a great job in putting the No.1 together. The pieces that make up most of the putter head are milled and have a satin chrome finish. So, there can be some glare if the sun hits it right. There is a hole in the putter behind the flip-face. This may be distracting to some, but it did not bother me at all. Like most Newport/Anser 2 style putters, there is a simple black line behind the putter Face on the flange that serves as an alignment guide.

I knew that the White Ice Insert looked like from other Odyssey putters. But the Metal-X aluminum insert just looked like it belongs on a $350 putter. The Metal-X insert is an aluminum insert that has a grater-pattern with a rough texture to help put a roll on the ball. It reminds me of the Alu-insert in the G-Field Putter I once owned long ago.

If not aligned properly before you lock it down, the flip-face can be off alignment with the two sides that open and close.

Being one who plays a Newport2, the Flip Face No. 1 has that familiar look I’m used to. Nothing really changes on how I set up and putt with it. Call it a comfort zone. But weighing in at 345 grams, the putter does feel light in my hands. It felt even lighter when I cut the putter down to fit me.

Out of curiosity, I did the tap-the-ball-on-the putter-face test to see where the sweet spot is located on both inserts. Right in the center and slightly off center, with both inserts.

While I have no really love for the White Ice Insert, I have no hate for it either. I just don’t prefer putters with cushy inserts. The White Ice Insert has a soft feel, sometimes too soft of a feel. Since I don’t normally use a putter with a polyurethane insert, I was leaving my putts short when using the White Ice Insert.

Undo the screw, open the putter, Flip the face, close the putter and tighten the screw. I now have a putter with the Metal-X insert. Now this feels better…..but, just not that true milled putter feeling. The ball feels clicky off the Metal-X insert. No buttery feeling, probably because it’s manufactured by having several pieces assembled together instead of being milled from one block of metal. The ball does roll true with the Metal-X insert, so Odyssey was successful with that accomplishment. The ball does jump off the Face of the Metal-X insert (like the original Nike Method). Further reading on the Odyssey website noted that the Metal-X insert does have a urethane insert behind the aluminum face. I was having problems dialing in the distance when I first starting using the putter.

Overall Bottom Line:
I have, on occasion, gamed this putter. But I only play it with the Metal-X insert.

Recommendations for Future Versions:
Odyssey created a technological wonder. But for the future there are some things that Odyssey needs to do to make this putter better:

  1.  Offer the putter in different head weights. The Black Series had different head weights for 35”, 34” and 33” putters, why can’t the Flip Face line have it too.
  2. The screw that holds the putter head together needs a retention system to keep it from falling out. I can’t stress the importance of this since the screw is small and can get lost if the person is not careful.
  3. Tighter tolerances on how the flipping Face aligns with the two sides.
  4. The bottom of one Face is the top line of the other. Using one Face too long will result in brush marks to the top line of the other. So, if you Flip it around, the top line will then have brush marks. The two sides that open and close need to have flanges on the sole to keep the flipping Face off the green/grass.
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  1. I just bought the Flip Face on sale at a top golf retailer. Marked down to $129.00.I asked for and got an additional $20 off andthey thru in the putter condom with tool which stores in the zippered pouch.

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