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I’ve played Iomic sticky 2.3’s for several seasons now and really, really liked them. That said, they did have a couple faults. First, they seemed to wear fairly quickly. I also disliked the black cap and how they mark up the white area fairly quickly when pulling and inserting clubs into the bag. Probably, their biggest fault is wet weather performance. I’ve been caught a few times in the rain w/ them and was very close to losing contact altogether. Just making firm contact with the ball was a huge struggle.

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Since my grips were pretty worn, I was ready for a whole new set, but discovered that No.1 finally released a white grip and decided to give them a try. They come in 42, 48, and 50 series. Each series comes in white, but with different cap and logo colors. I already had my sights set on the 48 and was really happy to see they had the green combo, which I love. I had to go two wraps of tape to get them to feel similar in diameter to the 2.3’s. I should also note that these currently only come in ribbed form so I had to go logo up although I normally prefer it down. I could hardly feel the rib at all though. For anyone that wants a slightly larger grip, you can go w/ the 50 series, but I hear they are a bit squishier feeling, which I don’t like. I understand KJ and YE both play 50 series FWIW.

I was able to test them out tonight and the first thing I noticed was the tackiness. These things are super, super tacky. With the iomics, I would notice a little slippage at contact with off center shots. This was non-existent with the No.1’s. The No 1’s have a very distinct feel to them that is hard to explain. They feel very different from the iomics. You will see in the pics below that the dimple pattern on both grips are somewhat similar, but the No 1’s are noticeably deeper and in a straight line. I think this has a lot to do with why they are also supposed to really perform and keep their tack in wetness.

W/out further ado, I shot some quick picks w/ comparisons of the dimple depth and patter below. Feel free to shoot any questions my way. I’m really happy with them after just one range session. If they are as durable as the rep says they are, these will be my new grips in place of iomics.

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  1. I came across a distributor of No.1’s this past Saturday @ The Philadelphia Golf Show. The black grip had a great tacky feeling. Does this last for several seasons? I use Golf Pride Tour Wraps and wash grips every other round. I was quoted $12.99/grip. It was mentioned they were initially expensive however durable 4/5 seasons. Your experience…??