The KBS TOUR Shaft incorporates an all-new player driven design offering a unique combination of improved performance and feel for golfers everywhere. Incorporating shaft technologies that maximize energy transfer within a firm total shaft profile; the KBS TOUR shaft produces a more piercing trajectory, maximum distance and all-around smooth feel preferred by many of the best players on the planet.

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Advanced Shaft Technology- AST

Utilizing feedback from the PGA TOUR, the KBS TOUR® Series incorporates an advanced mix of shaft technologies that improve club performance by maximizing energy transfer while maintaining a firm total shaft flex.

Where improved energy transfer contributes to distance gains and smoother feel through impact; KBS shafts also deliver enhanced shot control by maintaining a firm shaft flex. Combined with other design features; a properly fit set of KBS shafts produces a more piercing trajectory for better ball flight and distance control.

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Progressive Weight & Flex

The KBS TOUR® Series optimizes player performance offering a unique integration of shaft weight and flex; where as the shaft weight increases, the shaft flex stiffens in a corresponding fashion. The Progressive Weight & Flex system works in 5 gram increments, moving from 95g to 130g. And is designed on the premise of Cycle per Minute (CPM) matching which KBS shaft designer Kim Braly helped pioneer.

Progressive Weight & Flex serves two major benefits: First, it ensures players are fit with a shaft weight and flex that optimizes their performance based on swing speed. Second, it ensures each set of KBS shafts is precisely matched in flex and weight for more consistent performance. Within this system, slower swing speeds will have a tendency to fit into lighter weight KBS shafts while faster swing speeds will move into heavier weight options. This ensures peak playability and performance for every caliber of player.

See all the video reviews of all the KBS offerings here

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  1. I was just wondering what shaft would you recommend with swing speed of 82 to 85 mph.
    I’m currently using KBS Tour c-Taper 120 s in 2 iron