TOUR B330-RX Technology

Tour Performance optimized for amateur swing speeds under 105 mph with a preference for maximum TOUR DISTANCE.

The NEW Tour B330-RX offers a reformulated mantle layer and Dual Dimple Technology. The reformulated mantle reduces spin on full shots and promotes a higher launch, resulting in greater accuracy and distance. The Dual Dimple pattern offers superior aerodynamics and enhanced wind performance. The B330-RX continues to feature a soft core design that allows maximum compression for moderate swing speed players.

2012 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal Winner


-The RX is designed for players who prefer maximum Tour distance & accuracy.
-Soft gradational compression core for longer and straighter distance.
-Reengineered mantle for reduced spin and greater accuracy.
-Tour proven Urethane cover for excellent greenside control
-330 dual dimple technology for a consistent flight


-Also available in Optic Yellow for enhanced visibility

Dual Dimple Technology

Based on the 2012 Golf Digest Hotlist:

Price: $43/dozen

Performance: 4.5 stars
Innovation: 5 stars
Feel: 4.5 stars
Demand: 3 stars

Tech Talk: As of this year, all four models use a dual-dimple design aimed at reducing drag at launch (for more speed) and increasing lift later in flight (for longer carry). The B330 and B330-S use a softer, thinner urethane cover to improve feel and distance; the RX models feature a softer ionomer blend in the mantle layer designed to reduce sidespin.

Verdict: Bridgestone still makes the best case for using non-tour-speed balls (not that its elite balls are slouches, though). Still, even our fastest swingers liked the feel of the RXS best.

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  1. I normally play Pro V1x balls. My 3 wood swing speed can reach 115 mph and my driver well over that. I found a new B330-RX ball and played 2 rounds with it. I am impressed. On approach shots, the ball backs up to it’s pitch mark, which is exactly what I want. My Pro V1s were spinning back 30 feet sometimes. Sidespin off the tee is much less with the B330-RX. The Pro V1x is longer off my driver, but not so with my 3 wood. I’ve hit multiple tee shots 290 to 300 with my 3 wood and the B330-RX. It also feels very soft around the greens and runs out like a Pro V1x on chips for me. I’m seriously considering using a B330-RX at the next NGA event I play.

  2. The RXS ball plays very similarily to the Srixon Z star except spin on shots played around the green. The RXS has less than a Z star, but I rarely need that much spin honestly. The RXS is the softest feeling “hard” ball I have ever played – very similar to the old balatas.

  3. Personally, I was very disappointed in the B330-RSX’s spin on the greens. I play a course that has greens called tift-angel or something like that, and they simply did not hold the greens as well as the Titleist Pro-series, the Taylor Pentas, or the old Callaway Tour-56 balls that I still carry and play. Even the Top Flite Gamer holds these greens better than the B330-RSX. Why should I pay a premium price for these when a really inexpensive ball such as the Gamer performs better?