The golf ball that I purchased the most this past 2007 golf season was the Bridgestone e5.

The e5 is or was an excellent golf ball, well priced and about the only thing it could not do well is spin enough when you really needed it to. The original e5 was really quite comparable off the driver with any other premium golf ball on the market and better yet, at half their price. Its durability was unsurpassed as well; certainly better than many of the so-called premium golfballs. The lack of spin and consistency around the greens was it’s only real downfall.Enter the new and improved (maybe) two-piece Bridgestone e5+. According to Bridgestone, “the new e5+ provides superior performance with longer carry distance and tour caliber spin with its advanced with its advanced urethane cover construction and explosive large core.”

I promptly bought a dozen of the new e5+ and teed them up while golfing in Pinehurst this past weekend. Upon first swing, it was readily apparent that the e5+ is nothing like it’s predecessor, the e5. Where the e5 is literally a rocket ship off the tee, the new e5+ somewhat flames out. I really felt that the new e5+ offers a consistent loss of distance off the driver. I was somewhat disappointed with its performance off the tee. Although just a theory, if your swing speed is high you might be able to get the desired distance out of this ball. The e5+ played extremely similar to the Titleist NXT Tour, in fact I almost could not tell the distance between the two on full iron shots. I had several NXT Tours in my bag and played a second ball after a few e5+ iron shots and they were almost dead on. Of course, the Bridgestone e5+ is $5.00 cheaper per dozen.

The e5+ displayed classy manners on and around the greens compared to the previous version e5. They really shine here, but I am not so sure that it is enough to compensate for the perception or feel of decreased tee shot distance. Furthermore, I have a hard time believing that anyone actually purchased the original e5 for its ability to spin; it was purchased for a higher ball flight and distance off the tee. I likened the original e5 to the poor man’s Nike One Platinum. The same cannot be said for the new e5+ and that’s too bad.

The e5+ is a seamless ball and the quality control looks to be first rate. The same alignment aid was carried over with the addition of a small “+” sign after the e5. One can easily tell that Bridgestone golf balls are well constructed and of high quality.

Overall, the e5+ is a very good golf ball and well worth the price ($24.95). Buy these over the Titleist NXT Tour and save yourself a few dollars at the same time.  If you really enjoyed playing the old Bridgestone e5, go out and buy a bunch right now while you still can, they are on sale everywhere for $19.95. Remember the old adage, you never realize what you had until its gone? It rings so true here. If you played the old e5 and really liked it, you’ll be missing it soon enough.


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  1. Picked up a couple dozen e5’s at the end of the 2011 golf season and like them very much. I do not see too many e5+’s any more. Have they discontinued them. I see this year (2012) the e5 has a double dimple, but again I do not see e5+ in stores. Maybe e-line has settled on one ball for each series.

  2. I enjoyed reading your review of this ball which tempted me to buy a box and try them out. I found the distance was comparable, neither better or worse, than the Taylormade Black off the driver. The ball however, seemed to jump off the irons and was about a half-club longer than the Black. Putting was quite good as were my sand touch shots around the green. The Bridgestone RX has better overall feel (in my opinion) and was the same from a performance standpoint. I suspect it’s also a little longer with a driver.

    The only negative I can point to is the lack of feel with the driver, but this is not so objectionable that it should deter the interested golfer from trying them. The $20.00 dollar savings makes up for it.

    My handicap index is 5.7 and I’ve been playing for about 25 years at a private club.

  3. Golf Magizine . Feb. 2008 Ball review. Reports

    that the E5+ Distance is 252.2 yards ( Pro v is 249 & pro V 1x is 250.4 Nxt tour is 254, taylormade burner tP is 255, wilsonZip is 252, the Longest balls are the taylormade Black and Red. at 259 for the black &258 for the Red. and they have very high spin.

    SPIN.. e5+ 12,140
    Pro V1 11,914
    ProV 1X 12,299
    taylor blk 12,062
    taylor red 11,872
    Bridgestone 330S 11,866
    Calloway tour I 10,473 the Wilson TX4 12,454 spin and 252 Distance. so this is a very High spin ball.

    I sent e-Mail to Bridgestone on E5+ ball. and they said the spin facts are correct. the Urathane cover gives it great spin ( Only two piece ball made with urathane cover )

    Lots to think about, Eh””””””””””””

  4. I have played two rounds with the e5+ and have been very impressed with the balls attributes around the greens; something that distance balls unilaterally have been left wanting. Prior to this, I have been playing with Titleist’s NXT Tour. The NXT’s are good distance balls, but never checked or spun like the more expensive Pro V1. Despite the fact that Pro V’s are great around the greens, I could never compress it enough with my long irons to get the most out of them. The e5+, for me, is the best of both worlds. As a two piece ball, I can compress and elevate the ball with my long irons. Mid irons check and spin much more noticeably than the NXTs. And with the short irons? They spin almost too much. Though I am enjoying the action on the greens, this is a facet of the game that I am not familiar with. There were a couple times yesterday where I had hit it pin high, only to watch in delight as the ball spun back, then in horror upon the realization that my putt was twice as long. I guess that’s what they call a “high class problem.” For many of us who have been searching for the holy grail that marries the attributes of the NXT/Pro V1, I think this may be it…I think. At $24.95, it’s worth a try.

    Now if Titleist would only put a urethane cover on the NXT, then they’d have me for life.

  5. I have just finished a w/end with the e5+ and I must say I was very impressed. I have played with the e5 several times and I distinctly notice maybe 10 or 15 yards longer in my drive with the e5+. Maybe the conditions have been right but I would happily use the e5+ over the e5. My short game feels better, more control and consistency, back spin feels more natural.

  6. I played the new E5+ recently and had a great experience with it. Having played the E5 for several months, I found it a good ball, except with durability, especially with 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges, as it scars easily with a “pure” shot. The new E5+ offers more durability during play, as I recently played 18 holes with just 2 balls, instead of 5-6 of the regular E5 balls. It also offers good distance off the tee and great feel and spin, both around the greens and off the mid-to-long irons. I have a 1.2 handicap index per the USGA and am a member of the club at The Woodlands, TX, so no slouch on easy courses here. I also played on the teams in high school and college, so I do know the difference in feel and distance in a good ball. I would definitely encourage anyone to play the new E5+ ball, as it offers a distinct advantage in price over the Callaway HX Tour, Titleist Pro V1, and Nike One, while still retaining the distance and feel of a great ball.

  7. Temperatures were in the high 50’s, not sure if that would be cold enough to make a difference. If so, then the e5 should have went shorter, not farther. I played both balls simultaneously and really felt the old e5 was better off the tee only. I’ll try again in the spring!

  8. I couldn’t disagree more about the distance off the tee. Perhaps the conditions you were playing in account more for the lack of distance off the tee than the ball itself. The e5+ has consistently proven time and again in robot testing and in consumer feedback that it is longer off the tee than the previous iteration. I concur on the points about better feel over its predecessor. It is really surpising for a $25 per dozen ball, to have such good spin and feel.