I am a really big fan of the Nike Pro Platinum ball, but not a big fan of the price.  I recently gave the Nike Tour Accuracy 2/SPN ball a go and at $14.99 a dozen I figured they would at least be worth a try. 

The Nike TA2/SPN was priced 50% off which makes one assume that they are probably being discontinued and are on their way out to make way for newer offerings. In fact, the Nike TA2/SPN is no longer listed on Nike golf’s website.

This is definitely one of best, if not the best, ball you can play at this price point. The Nike TA2/SPN offers nice, explosive distance off both the driver and the irons and ample spin on wedge shots. I had no problem holding the greens at Tobacco Road (NC) with full wedge and 9 iron shots into the greens. These will even bite and back up a bit on command. They even felt pretty good while putting, a firm ball, but not at all considered hard. I could definitely place the TA2/SPN into play, especially during warmer temperatures. These golf balls are what the old Bridgestone e5 really strives to be. They were just as durable as the e5 as well, which is saying a lot. The old e5 may have been ever so slightly longer off the tee, but the TA2 SPN really performed much better inside 100 yards and was superb around the greens where the e5 has it’s shortcomings.

According to Nike, “they built the TA2 SPN ball for players who want to sustain optimum length and exploit scoring opportunities with higher spin and control. The TA2 SPN offers a spin mix of length and action, adding accuracy to tee shots, shaping ability with the irons, and soft action around the greens.” The TA2/SPN offered an accurate ball flight and was very predictable, no surprises here.

If you are willing to give up a slight amount of distance in order to keep from lightening up your wallet when buying a dozen Nike Pro Platinums, try some of the TA2/SPN balls while they are still available.

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  1. Kinda the good thing/bad thing about golf these days. You can find wonderful products at discount prices if you’re willing to buy year or two old stuff. Bad thing is if you buy new clubs, they’re worth less than half six months later. Wish I could find some old Titleist Wound Balls like the Prestige or Professional; or better yet, the original Maxfli Revolution–what a great ball that was. Hope I didn’t just date myself too much.

  2. I love the Nike One Platinums as well, but since I don’t mind playing used one – I get them at LGB for less than $20 a dozen and get the ball I love for a price that won’t break the bank.

  3. I agree, at the price point they are great balls. However, for $24.95 the Bridgestone 330-S is being closed out and that is my favorite ball under $35…… second place isn’t even close.

    Once over $35 I’ll do the ProV1X for sure. Just a matter of taste.

    Here’s a gone one for you: The Precept Extreme laddie @ !9.99 for 2 dozen is a total still. Soft enough to play in winter, great driver distance, very accurate with irons, and putts great too.

    This is no junkie low priced ball, it’s a ball that was in the mid 20s a few years ago…….. now they’re bundling them 2 2 dozen boxes for $19.99, I’ve even seen them a couple places for $14.99.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  4. these golf balls were in play for some of the pros for quite a while i believe…all the way up until the nike one golf balls came out…but i totally agree with you and i have actually been looking for a dozen, just to see the looks on some of the guys faces i play with…lol… but i still think for sure that the nike TA2 spn and the TA2 lng wer super golf balls and now for such an awesome price…Great find and enjoy those golf balls…