Phresh Wear Inc. was conceived in 2003, incorporated in 2004, and hit the golf apparel world with a Spring 2005 collection.  The mastermind of former competitive golfer Tim Tochor, the line targets the needs of the modern demanding youthful demographic.  Tochor’s background was as a college golfer in Southern California. 

It was during this time he noticed that a younger and less traditional golfer was rapidly becoming a more abundant presence on the course.  Golf apparel, on the other hand, was stuck in a time warp and still catering to the older, more conservative set.  He knew this absolutely had to change.  Recently I had the opportunity to interview Tim about golf and Prhesh.

How long did you play golf competitively?  Who were some of the players that you played alongside?

I played competitively for only 2 years.  I started very late and just wanted to see how great I could get. I played Golden State, Tear Drop Tour, and Cascade mini tours for about 6 months then realized that this was not the life for me.  I was at a course where the Leadbetter Academy was located and was fortunate to play some rounds with some touring pros at the time.  The person I played the most with was Gabriel Hjertstedt.

What did you bring with you from the course that you apply to your developmnt of Phresh?

Individualism, style, and fun were things I wanted to bring with the Phresh brand. The name really speaks for itself.


Do you consider yourself a bit of a non-conformist?

In the beginning I think we were perceived as being non-conformist, however, that was not our goal. Today we seem fairly mainstream with all the color and performance fabrics available under every label. Our line can truly be worn by male and female, any size and style.

When did you realize that your skills would be better utilized servicing the golf industry rather than playing competitively?

I think that it wasn’t as much as realizing I would better serve the golf industry as an apparel brand as much as it was the expectations I had of becoming a touring pro. I really did not have the passion to play competitively when I got there. It truly is an individual sport, extremely competitive and can get very lonely out there on your own.

What types of golfers do you envision in your line?  Is it more of a piece of clothing, a statement, or an attitude?

Phresh is for every golfer, every age and every size. We see it as more of a life style. Some of our customers wear the color to make a statement or give them a certain attitude. Others wear it for comfort and style. All of our apparel you can wear on a golf course, casual dining, or relaxing around the cottage or home.


What niche is Phresh meant to fill?

We really try to have European type design and color with North American fit and price points. There are so many great golf lines out there and fit and value is the most important to everyone. 

How much of your line will be tailored to women in the future?

We first started our collection in men’s styles only. This was more or less the walk before you run approach. I think it is very important to build and grow within your limits in order to have a solid base to maintain longevity. We introduced our women’s line last year and it has been very successful.  We see our women’s line growing in the future to the same size as our men’s, currently we are about a 75/25 split men’s to women’s styles. However, I see it being a 50/50 split by Spring 2011

Is it more difficult to produce golf clothing for women?  What about juniors?  Will you expand to juniors in the future?

I think the most difficult challenge for women’s wear is fit. Many women are not brand conscientious. They are more concerned with fit and look. We really focus on fit and also size range to allow every woman to look and feel great in our line. That is why we size from 2 – 16 on bottoms and s – 1X for tops. I actually have several juniors that wear our line in the smalls. They seem to really love the individualism so you see them purchase the brightest colors and have fun with it.

Where do you see the Phresh line in the next few years?

It is a very exciting future for Phresh, we do see a full collection in men’s and ladies within the next few years. As we grow we will add to the line not only with our accessories but also with more styles for more seasons

How often do you get out to play now?  How’s your handicap?

I actually get out and play about 10 – 15 rounds per year. Since leaving California 10 years ago I really had golf burn out and had no desire to get out and play. In the past few years I actually just started to have fun playing again and have no expectations on my game.

Ouch, you have to ask my handicap? Okay the best way for me to give you a handicap is I am a 14 off the tee and a 4 if I can find my tee shot.

What does Phresh bring to the average golfer that they can’t find in another line?

For the average player, we try to bring some individualism to the apparel without losing the tradition of the game. We like the stories of the 4 buddies going out to the golf course and teeing off with orange pants, pink shirts, and smoking their cigars. It seems to be accepted within their group to have fun with their clothing on the golf course.

Is your style acceptable at the most conservative locations or is that what you are not trying to do?

All our styles are acceptable at all locations, private, traditional, and public facilities. We have developed our line that way in fit and style.

What can we expect from Phresh in the future?

As mentioned the collection will definitely be growing over the years and you will see us grow with the every changing fabric whether it be polyester, cotton, eco friendly, and dare I say a little cashmere.

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