holly sonders

Holly Sonders joined Golf Channel in January 2011, providing tournament and news updates on the popular show Morning Drive. Here she is at the range of this weeks Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow.

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  1. Not trying to take anything away from Holly’s golf talent but why the surgery, why the skirts so short, and why the general sexual overtones all the time?? It’s sad that woman feel they must resort to this in order to be successful. Seems like that’s the Golf Channel’s uniform for the women accept for Annika(she has nothing more to prove). Let’s hope Paige’s skirts don’t get shorter! Wear some pant’s – they’re more practical!!

  2. I have never figured out why people making post to social networks make such nasty comments. It shows lack of class, vocabulary, and brains. IMO Holly made a contribution to the Golf Channel and has always been pleasant, and plays good golf.

    I will miss her.

  3. If not her, Golf Channel would have found someone else just like her. That’s America. What’s AMAZING about her is not her looks or background but that she gets a parade of instruction from Martin Hall, most of which doesn’t apply to her, yet she maintains her own thumbprint on her swing.

  4. Holly is smart, has wonderful presence and happens to have a desire to take care of herself. Even if she has had cosmetic enhancements, so do over 300,000 ladies a year. It is what our shallow society responds to. Holly is a great golf journalist, golf player and golf analyst. Just because you naysayers will never have her is no reason to degrade her success because she is pleasing to the eye. Grow up!

    • Sorry, ma’am, but the character flaw in people like her that equate fakery with authenticity makes her highly suspect as self-absorbed narcissist.

      And ALL those 300,000 highly insecure ‘ladies’ each year.

      I have never known one woman who has had implants (but for those who have had mastecomies) that is not neurotic, bordering on psychotic, and STILL very insecure. And planning on the next enhancement when something wrinkles or sags. It’s like watching Dorian Grey in reverse.

  5. This is awesome to see! Being a female golfer myself, so great to see such talent from the female side of things! On a side note, has anyone ever played at DragonRidge in Las Vegas? I was about to enter a contest to win a free golf package there, but had never heard of them. Wasn’t sure if it was worth my time. LOL

  6. I agree with the critics up to a point (and I’d like some proof on the Kuselias accusation – last I heard she was happily married). But all this misses the point, which is that a serious advancement in golf research has been achieved here: Fuzzy Zoeller was wrong, they don’t get in the way!

  7. It’s sad that this passes for ‘journalism’. Yes, she’s hot and I appreciate a beautiful woman as much as the next guy, but that photo gallery was just cheap.
    Did she wear the short skirt on purpose? Of course – and power to her if that’s how she wants to dress. But 60 photos worth of mostly different angles of her bending over? Lame.

  8. Wow, not sure you can almost smell Eric Kuselias’ “colon” … oooph… that’s nasty even if you didn’t mean it…

    C’mon…She’s decent looking, good for a weekend bout but please… without the enhancements this photo gallery wouldn’t exist. Some of these comments obviously were made by guys who have befriended their hand and their hand alone…That face wouldn’t launch 1000 ships either…. She’s always sticking her chest out on the Golf Channel on those teaching lessons with Martin Hall..kind of humorous. He probably tees off to her after the show..! She’s decent looking, not smoking.

  9. She is engaged to Erik Kuselias. He is living the dream. She should have settled for C-cups instead of going for the Full DD treatment, which makes her look a tad freakish. I’m sure Erik enjoys the show at home.

  10. She is hot, but c’mon man, is that outfit appropriate?

    After I heard that she had hooked up with kuselias, well, I got nothing but disdain. Kuselias is a dog, so she may not be as bright as she appears to be on T.V..

  11. this is what i love… she is just the best… i love her on that show with martin hall. #1. she is so beautiful and HOT. #2. she can actually hit the ball – well. #3. she is not stupid. when she co-host’s the show(s), i get the feeling she is really running the show. i like her a lot and think whatever she’s doing is good for golf.. uh hem… the skirts are a bonus. i’d like to see her n*ked. oh yeah!!