You just ripped your driver right down the middle of the fairway. And you’re set up perfectly for approach to the green, right on your number. All you have left is a little 8 iron in.

You take aim at the flagstick, and put a nice easy swing on the ball. Hole high, birdie attempt. Right?

Wrong. You flew the green. But you didn’t overcook the shot or mishit it. In fact, you struck the ball perfectly, just the way you wanted. So what happened?

You flew the green because you miscalculated the distance. And even the smallest distance miscalculations can leave you in disastrous positions, staring down the barrel of round killing bogeys and double bogeys.

Enter the revolutionary new Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Rangefinder. It takes distance uncertainty out of the game, and replaces it with absolute yardage confidence.

“It’s smaller, sleeker, and has tons of range,” said Bushnell representative John Novosel.

In addition to incorporating tour proven PinSeeker Technology (PST) and an impressive 6x magnification, the Tour Z6 unleashes new and powerful technologies that are guaranteed to improve your game immediately and inject more fun into it as well.

Vivid Display Technology (VDT) generates enhanced light transmission for dramatically sharper display resolution.

“VDT is amazing,” Novosel said. “Distance readings are HD crisp, and display 3D like lettering. It’s very cool.”

The Z6 has multiple precision intensity settings so users can adjust the vivid red display to their personal preference. Another exciting feature of the new Tour Z6 is the E.S.P (Extreme Speed Precision) Technology, which according to Jordan Vermillion, director of product development, allows for better accuracy and faster processing.

“The Tour Z6 is the most accurate and most compact rangefinder we’ve ever developed,” Vermillion said.

Boasting extraordinary accuracy up to one-half yard, and distance display up to one-tenth of a yard, this powerful and compact rangefinder makes sure you have the best and most dependable distance measurements possible.

“You’re looking at the technology of the Pro 1M packed into a smaller size than the Tour V2,” Novosel said. (The Z6 is about the size of a deck of playing cards. Look for GolfWRX exclusive pictures early this week).

The Tour Z6 is also waterproof, with RainGuard HD lens coating, and features an improved rubber armored metal housing designed to provide maximum protection and unparalleled grip comfort.

Benefiting accomplished golfers and weekend warriors alike, the much anticipated new 2012 Tour Z6 Laser Rangefinder debuts in early April at a retail price of $399.

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