I would first like to thank Golf WRX for the opportunity to test these balls. I received a 3 pack last week and was able to play 36 holes with them. For comparison purposes my balls of choice are the Precept U-tri tour, Taylormade TP Red, Pro V1, B-330S, and Top Flite D2 feel so those are what I’ll be comparing them to.

Lower spin off the driver compared to the aforementioned balls. Seemed to hit a lot of high knucklers. Not so much that they didn’t seem to carry in fact they carried very well. Seemed to be a bit of side spin reduction as well. Seemed very much like a Pro V1X or a B-330 . Very happy with their performance off the driver. On approach shots they spin very well. They didn’t zip back on me with shorter irons and wedges( which is why I don’t use the Pro V1 unless I find one). More of a drop and stop….usually right next to its pitch mark. A couple of 215-220 yard approaches with a 20* hybrid stopped within 5 feet of its pitch mark. On shots around the green they spun a decent amount but not as much as a Pro V1. but much better than a Top Flite D2 feel.

Off the driver they went pretty much the same distance as the balls I normally use, even with the lower spin. Really no difference. The major difference for me was that they seem to be one club longer off the irons…I flew greens on at least 5 occasions and it had me double checking my yardages just to make sure. By the second round I was taking one club less and was spot on. If you’re looking for more distance from your irons this ball seems to do that.

Surprisingly soft…One of the reasons I like the U-tri tour and the D2 feel is how soft they feel. Especially off the putter. They remind me of the old Titleist balatas that I played in my youth in that the ball just seems to melt into the putter head. The NXT tour has that same soft feel.

Durability: This seems to be the only gripe I had with the NXT tour. If you use wedges with aggressive grooves (i.e. spin milled, TM y-cutters, etc,) they will shred. They didn’t shred as bad as TM TP reds, or the older model Pro V1, but I definitely raised a few hairs on them each and every time I used the spin milled or y cutter from outside of 30 yards. Durability is a big thing with me as I love a ball that I can get 36 holes out of which is why the U-tri tour is always my ball of choice. I used 1 NXT tour for 18 holes and would not have put it back in play after that as it had 4 or 5 noticeable scuffs, all from wedge shots. I would add that the paint/color held up much better than the Pro V1 or TP red does for me as those balls seem to lose their luster very quickly for me while the NXT tour did not.

It was interesting to note that I had one of my best rounds of the year with this ball. I would highly recommend this ball for players that want to reduce driver spin, hit their irons a bit longer, love a soft feel, and tend not to shred balls with wedge shots. I feel its a very good ball if you like the Pro V1 but don’t like the price. Its performance and durability is very close to the Pro V1 without the uncontrollable spin I sometimes get with the Pro V1. Thanks again Golf WRX………..

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  1. I’ve been playing the Penta TP ball, but found it too unpredictable. I suppose if my clubs were a bit more dialed in for spin rates I wouldn’t have as many issues. In any case I tried the NXT tour ball and found it to be much more predictable and controllable. It also feels amazing off the putter face, even more so than the Penta. I’m going to set my ego aside and switch to the NXT tour. It just plain performs.