Pros: The torque-free, weight-balanced design will free up the release of any stroke. Pixl technology provides golfers with mini sweet spots away from the center of the face; little homes away from home.

Cons: The putters start at $295, which doesn’t include the cost of a fitting, and Edel’s weight changing kit sells for an additional $60.

Who’s it for? Edel E-Series putters are golfers who struggles with pushes, pulls and inconsistent contact. That means just about everyone. Those worred about cost should remember that a custom fit putter may save them money in the long run.


According to David Edel, founder and president of Edel Golf, 80 percent of golfers struggle with the transition of their putting stroke, creating too much tension in the hands. Translation? Most golfers aren’t very consistent with their flat sticks.

That’s why he engineered the new E-Series putters with a “torque-free” and “weight balanced” system to combat those issues. With Edel’s design, the club face won’t wobble open or closed relative to the player’s natural path, he says, as the putter has a toe-up toe hang.

An easy way to measure the toe hang of a putter is to hold the shaft parallel to the ground and balance it on your finger roughly three-quarters of the way down toward face. A normal, anser-style putter has a toe that faces downward (between 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock) and face-balanced putters have a face that points skywards (toe at 3 o’clock).

The E-Series toe points straight toward the sky (12 o’clock), which Edel says will help golfers naturally release the putter face.


Edel carved out portions from the 304 Stainless Steel head, which began as a block of solid metal. He gutted most of the toe area and back portion from the sole and drilled holes in the back of the head. This put the mass of weight directly behind the face and in the heel.

The putters have heads that are on the heavy side, but due to their balanced design they do not feel any heavier. In fact, they actually have a lighter swing weight.

“If you took a similar putter with the same specs and the same head weight, the normal putter would have a swingweight of D6, while the toe up putter would be 6 swing weights lighter,” Edel said. “It has a lighter swing weight, but it’s not actually lighter.”


The face insert utilizes Pixl technology. Each individual pixel is its own sweet spot that diffuses energy outwards, according to Edel, producing a trampoline effect using rebound energy.

Also, Edel’s fitting system measures set up, alignment, lie angle, loft and length, among other specifications. Click to browse Edel fitting events or to find a custom Edel fitter near you. Edel also allows golfers to purchase the E-Series putters “off-the-rack” through its website. The putters start at $295, with additional charges for further customization.

The Review


For my review, I tested an E-2 E-Series model, which I was fit for at the PGA show in January 2014. Since receiving the putter, my lag-putting performance, and putting from 15 feet and in, have noticeably improved.

The balanced weight allows me to LET the club release instead of FORCING it to release. Therefore, the club head and face angle don’t seem to waver during my stroke as much as with my previous gamers, so I feel connected with the putter throughout the stroke.

Also, the Pixl technology claims to help with distance control by reducing the impact of off-center strikes, and it delivers. As long as impact occurs somewhere on the insert, I suffered no distances losses on mis-hits.


Is this the most beautiful looking putter I’ve ever seen? No, it’s not. But its design has helped marry the putter face to my stroke.

I tested the 365-gram putter with a 12-gram weight, making it heavier than the standard 320 or 330 gram putters I’ve used in the past, but again, it doesn’t feel heavier. In that sense, I’ve found Edel’s description of the putter having a “lighter swing weight” than its true mass to be accurate.


Although it is cut from a block of steel, the putter has enough visual design to be flattering. Cut out circular holes on the back of the club head, and sharp cut-outs on the bottom of the putter add imaginative artistry.

The Takeaway

Getting fit will be a smart move, but getting fit into an E-Series putter will allow you to not only have a club matched to your stroke and specs, but to take advantage of impressive engineering.

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Andrew Tursky is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team while earning a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


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  1. These putters are just not for me. They are the least solid feeling putters I have ever hit. They feel light, and impact with them is not at all satisfying. Off-center hits feel just awful–especially anything hit near the toe. I have tried several versions and the technology of the toe-up putter is just not something I see sticking around for long.

    If I remember correctly, there was a “toe up” putter company many years ago back in the 80’s or 90’s that quickly went the way of the dinosaur–and for good reason….

  2. Living in the Midwest with the closes fitting center nearly 250 plus miles away is a disappointing. I would love to try their product but Edel product penatation is very shallow. If their product is that good. Perhaps applying as much effort in reaching new customers as they do in product development, maybe I could have one of these custom putters in my bag.

  3. I really like these edel putters and have a friend who has them i am 13 years old and have a 13 handicap do you think this would be a good purchase? right now i am gaming the new ping anser 5 and i really like it but i feel that a custom putter will be cool and permanent.

  4. Well, you do get a free Edel shag bag with a purchase of an e-series. Ask them about it.

    I would try before you buy with this putter. If you’re spending $300, you should also get a full fitting and customization of an Edel for $100 more; and see what fits.

  5. “The face insert utilizes Pixl technology. Each individual pixel is its own sweet spot that diffuses energy outwards, according to Edel, producing a trampoline effect using rebound energy.”

    “Comprised of 93 individual Pixls, or independent circular components, the PIXL insert turns mis-hits into gimmes by dramatically enhancing putter roll and performance when the golf ball is struck off center.”

    Have read about this Pixl insert multiple times now, still have no idea how or why it supposedly works. It does look cool.