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Review: Sunfish Animal Headcovers



Pros: Sunfish’s head covers are 100 percent hand-knit in New Zealand, but you’d think they were hand sewn in your grandmother’s living room. With the look of sock puppets, these playful wool headcovers add more personality than those with a manufacturer’s brand name or logo. The line offers a wide selection of animals and they’ll fit snugly on just about any wood in your bag.

Cons: They’re a little cheesy, but isn’t that kind of the point? The homemade look works great for the lighthearted golfer, but might not be for everyone.

Bottom Line: These high-quality headcovers will add flair to any bag. They also make great gifts and are a practical investment to protect that new $400 driver. You can buy them both as a set or individually, allowing golfers to mix or match their favorites.


Sunfish Golf was started by a couple friends, David Riggs and Alonzo Guess, with a passion and vision to create high quality products with a homemade look. The company makes hand-made wool animal hats, sports scarfs, sports hats, and even Booz Kooz (beer holders), but broke into the golf world with their old school, traditional-looking headcovers featuring pom-poms on top.

After a positive response from its traditional-style head covers, Sunfish has now introduced its zoo creatures into the world of golf. Like the original line, the animal covers will be sold for $29.99 per cover or $79.99 for a three-headcover the set.

Click here to browse Sunfish’s online shop.

The Review


Head covers can often become a nuisance if they are too tight to take on and off, sometimes causing golfers to merely keep them off and leave their club at risk for dents and scratches. A headcover that’s too loose doesn’t help much either, since you’ll be sprinting around the course when you realize it fell off a couple hundred yards back at the tee box. Luckily, these headcovers do not create either of those problems. They provide ample protection because of their thick wool construction and fit snugly, yet not too tightly, around the club head.

The animal headcovers are plenty long to protect club heads and the top of the shaft. The driver covers measures 22 inches, the fairway wood covers measure 17 inches and the hybrid covers measure 14 inches. The hybrid size fits securely on a rescue club, and can be used to protect a smaller utility-iron style club as well. The driver headcover is plenty big enough to fit a 460cc driver, but it will still fit well on a 430cc club head, which is about the smallest size you can buy a driver these days. If you have an much older driver that’s really small, like 300cc or smaller, you might want to consider a fairway wood headcover.


Sunfish’s animal headcovers are practical, protective and easy to use, but most importantly they’re fun to have on your bag. Each animal comes with a smirk instead of a scowl, which couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face. That’s a good thing, especially after a bad swing. And if I was a club thrower, I would be hesitant to launch any club at my bag if I knew it might hit one of these adorable animals in the face.

For my review, I tried out a set of tigers, lions, and monkeys. Tiger Woods fans will likely fancy the tigers, which are a little more playful than the tiger on Mr. Woods’ bag. The lions have gold-and-white pom poms that replicates a mane, and they have black buttons for eyes. The monkeys, which are a personal favorite since they are my favorite animal, will most likely find their way onto my set of woods.


Also available in Sunfish’s animal headcover lineup are lobsters, spotted owls, polar bears, pandas, elephants, koalas, giraffes, gophers, and even deer, pictured here in Joe Daley’s bag. Neither of the three animal covers that I tested fit my clubs better or worse, so it really comes down to preference. With a wide array of species, there should be something for everyone.

The material of these covers provides great flexibility without sacrificing protection, but proper care of wool must be observed, particularly in wet weather. Although wool may fend of a few drops of water, if the covers become soaked, it might not be a good idea to simply throw them in your trunk. The material should be properly dried, or like any wool, it will develop a sheepish smell. The head covers should look like cute animals, but should not smell like a barnyard.

The Takeaway


If you’re looking for the latest in golf head cover technology, or you want to show off what brand of golf club is sitting under the protective cover, Sunfish Golf headcovers may not be for you. These animal covers are for the golfer that likes a little flair and doesn’t take him/herself too seriously, but still wants to protect the safety of their golf clubs.

These high-quality covers have a homemade flavor and they won’t break the bank. And if you’re an animal lover, rejoice. These might be right up your alley.

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He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. christopher

    Sep 26, 2014 at 10:50 am

    I bought myself a sunfish golf headcover and then promptly ordered my father a set. These are high quality and beautiful. Buy with confidence!

  2. Golfraven

    Jul 16, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Not for everyone but like the idea though. Great for kids ????????

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Accessory Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Uther Supply golf towels



Product: Uther Supply golf towels

Pitch: Via Uther: “Uther cart towels use the highest quality material and construction which have been tested to perform season after season…Uther’s unique blend of moisturize wicking, soft microfiber is 3x more absorbent than cotton and 5x more durable…Waffle pattern to easily remove even the most stubborn dirt in club grooves and golf ball dimples…Uther is the creator of the fashionable golf towel. Features unique sublimated prints and designs that make a fun accessory for both men and women golf bags.”

Our take on Uther Supply golf towels

Most golfers have a “logo” towel hanging on their bag today. Typically you’ll see the name of a course the golfer has visited, or an OEM name. Uther Supply towels, however, are different. Uther (pronounced “other”) Supply Founder Dan Erdman described his inspiration for this unique line of golf towels in an interview with GolfWRX a few years back:

“When you work in the back shop and storage facility, you handle a lot of golf bags. I just noticed rows and rows of bags that all look the same and I thought it made a lot of sense to inject some personality into it. You know, people go crazy for how all the pros personalize their wedges and their bags. They buy towels and bag tags from courses like TPC Sawgrass and Pebble Beach to personalize their stuff, but in the end it all kind of blends together… I thought we could really add something to the marketplace.”

They have certainly succeeded in creating a new type of towel in the marketplace. We used them over several rounds of golf, in various conditions to put them to the test.

Meant to be shown off, Uther golf towel designs are creative and clever, with some of the most popular being the “Happy Gilmore inspired” Cart Towel and “90s coffee cup” Tour Towel. There of course, are many others to choose from.

Of course, let’s not forget that the primary function of a towel is to clean your golf equipment. That might seem easy but we at WRX have ordered some custom towels from other manufacturers in the past and were disappointed in the performance. Uther’s towels, however, succeed in both form and function. They’re stylish, but they also are an excellent functional towel. You’re like to be impressed at how light they are as well. These aren’t bath towels, but rather high-quality microfiber blends that Uther says are 3x more absorbent than cotton.

As far as cons, if we’re nitpicking, you may need to find a larger carabiner clip for some golf bags if you want to hang your towel in a more prominent place. These are made to show off, after all.

Prices range from $28-$35 USD and are available for purchase at, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy in the US and Golf Town in Canada.

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WRX Spotlight: Adidas Forgefiber Boa golf shoes



Product: Adidas Forgefiber Boa golf shoes

Pitch: From Adidas: “Designed for protection from the elements, these golf shoes have enhanced cushioning to return energy on every swing. The shoes feature a spikeless outsole that flexes with your foot and has strategically placed lugs for outstanding grip and balance. An innovative closure system is built for micro-adjustments so you get the exact fit you need.”

Our take on Adidas Forgefiber Boa golf shoes

Golf shoes are curious creatures existing in a strange place? No? Finally free of the gravitational pull of traditionalism, shoe styles are finally at a place where form follows function. And while you may pine for the days of saddle shoes aesthetically, your feet (and likely your golf swing) surely do not.

While the shoes are also available in gray/white and black/white colorways, we tested the bolder dark marine variant.

Now, “good” footwear, as we are constantly wont to admit, is highly subjective. As of yet, you can’t test two pairs of kicks on a TrackMan and determine which is superior (rumored featured of TrackMan 5). So leaving aside aesthetics and how you like your shoes to fit, we provide the most valuable information, that is, regarding stability, cushioning, and traction. However, in this case, it’s also worth noting the closure system does allow for a more precise fit (and one that stays in place) than lace-up shoes do.

With respect to comfort, first of all, anything Boost is going to be comfortable, and these shoes are no exception. And whether you refer to the “Forgefiber in the upper features heat-pressed, TPU-coated fibers…stitched in” to the upper (as Adidas does), or merely the sensation that the Forgefiber Boas provide a solid foundation during the swing, the truth is the same: sound, stable here.

A look at the Puremotion outsole showcases some serious spikeless technology that also offers performance on par with the very best in spikeless footwear.

A final word: These shoes are no porous sieve, either, as you might be concerned they could be on first glance. Adidas’ Climastorm technology in the exterior yields a respectable level of water-repellency.

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WRX Spotlight: Swag ball markers and divot tool



Product: Swag ball markers and divot tool

Pitch:  From Swag: “Swag is the brand that isn’t scared to push the limits in a conservative sport that isn’t evolving to meet changing styles. We like to listen to music on the course, we want to be bold, we love having fun, we love golf, and we’re going to express that both on and off the course. We aren’t going to try to sell you on how great our proprietary materials are and we don’t need to rely on clever marketing to sell more. We’re a no BS company. What matters is that our putters feel good and in turn make you feel good when putting. We have some crazy ideas, we love to tinker, and we experiment on how to perfect everything we do.”

Our take on Swag’s ball markers and divot tool

Swag Golf is creating some of the most sought after products on the market right now, with their funky headcovers and putters all being in high demand. Well, the companies ball markers and divot tool are no different, both of which are easily identifiable as coming from this emerging company who create high-quality products.

The Skull is the companies flagship symbol, and their Stainless Steel Skull Marker their most recognizable marker. The skull marker features black and fluorescent paint, with the bright sunglasses on the marker giving it a vibrant look. 100% CNC milled, the tool contains the companies name engraved on the back of the marker.

A variation on the Skull Marker is the companies Rainbow Skull Marker. Just in case the black and fluorescent paint job on the former wasn’t flashy enough for you, Swag’s Rainbow Skull Marker will make sure to get you noticed, containing the same features as their Skull Marker with a Rainbow PVD finish.

Moving away from their Skull Marker’s, Swag’s St Paddy’s Day Cap Marker is more than worthy of a mention. Identical in size to a bottle cap, the St Paddy’s Day inspired marker features a hand polished golden finish, with the word Swag in green written on the front, while on the back the words “Swag Golf Co.” as well as the company’s philosophy “Don’t give a putt” featured.

The company describe their bottle cap/marker as not being the first bottle cap/marker on the market but “the best one” out there. While I can’t confirm how true that statement is, I can certainly say it is an excellent one.

Swag’s first divot tool is the DTF Divot Tool. Get your head out of the gutter, that stands for “Down To Fix”. The device comes in a black and lime paint job, and an impressive weight of 49 Grams which should ensure that it doesn’t go missing on you.

The divot tool, like their ball markers, is 100% CNC milled and made from 303 Stainless Steel. For a Swag product, the writing and branding on the tool is quite minimalist, and it is as clean and sharp looking a divot tool as I’ve seen from the 2019 releases.

As always with Swag products, the only issue is the limited releases and how quickly the items go, which is no surprise considering the unique products as well as the quality provided. They are, however, continuing to create and release more and more products and their website, as well as their social media sites, are all well worth keeping a close eye on if you’re looking to snag some of the companies top gear in the future.


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